Chernyavsky, Kositsyn and Zhuravel for scenarios for the development of our football

We learned from the experts how the ban on European competitions and the national team will affect our football, what will happen to our league and the interest of the spectators in it.

Financial stability and our players in Europe

Gleb Cherniavski

The main thing you should not worry about in the near future is the financial stability of the league. The bettors are still doing well and the banks are offering serious amounts for naming. Here’s why I’m sure the RPL will stand on its own two feet.

If we are talking about interest in football in times of crisis, then we can see the RPL games being watched right now: the fans are finally waiting for the restrictions to be lifted for Covid, but we do not see crowded stands. My scenario is that football will become an elite entertainment, but at the same time it will retain an audience: The top clubs will have at least half the stadium, maybe more in the regions. If we manage to solve the problem with the Fan ID and the fans return to the stands, then we will not lose in the company and we can even return to some times before Covid.

Details on the subject

Fan ID is introduced in Russia to go to football. It can threaten empty stands

Fan ID is introduced in Russia to go to football. It can threaten empty stands

How they will affect sports sanctions – a ban on participation in European competitions – is still difficult to judge. Now it is impossible to predict anything, we have to wait until the summer, when we will at least understand the realities in which the upcoming season will take place. If there is no boycott of Russian footballers in Europe, I expect that talented footballers and leaders of their clubs such as Arsen Zakharyan and Alexander Selikhov will definitely leave for foreign leagues. It seems that now is the right time.

Competition for the championship and betting on our players

Roman Kosychin

Stand-up comedian, presenter of the Playground channel on YouTube

I do not believe that in the absence of European cups and matches for the national team, the players will play carefree. Yes, this is an important part of motivation, but I’m sure every athlete wants to win and get better. In addition, many talented players and coaches have never become Russian champions. Well, they will fight for the title.

Unfortunately this does not mean that the quality of football and the level of our players will improve. Some of them will have a chance in relation to the departure of foreign players, but this fact is unlikely to make our football more skilled in general. At the moment, there are good conditions for junior league players to take the opportunity: I think the best players from the FNL will overtake the RPL and the kids from the FNL-2 will take their places, and the FNL-2 – from amateur football.

In my opinion, it is now worth betting on domestic players, so that until the lifting of sports sanctions, each club has a sufficient number of quality players. For me and the team.

If we add a salary cap, then we can have good conditions for the development of young players.

The inability to play in European competitions is of course a problem for the development of football. To be better, you have to compete with the best. However, this is not a condition for our footballers to leave en masse for foreign clubs. Let’s go like this: there are not that many Russians waiting for the top league clubs (even if you do not take into account the amount of transfers and salaries). Most of them are not considered regular players. Hence the question: “Why should I leave?” Replacement or not in the strongest leagues? I do not see much point in that and I do not think our players will go anywhere en masse.

In terms of spectator interest, it is unlikely that interest in football will increase significantly. Yes, TV shows, music and movies will disappear, but only the way content is consumed will change – those who are really interested will find a way to watch what they like.

I have no idea a moviegoer goes to the stage because he can’t watch Batman in the movies.

Football is a very specific thing: you have to like it a lot for a man to go straight to the field. In addition, with the possible introduction of Fan ID, we lose the most loyal audience -fans- for whom going to the stadium is a mandatory type of leisure. The attendance situation could get worse if no compromise is found with the fans.

Possible expulsion from FIFA and growing interest in football

Timur Zuravel

Commentator “Match TV”

All the scenarios we can imagine now, one way or another, lead to a drop in the level of football. Yes, legionnaires will leave and will be replaced by domestic players who did not have the opportunity to play. But this is an artificial measure. Without competing strong legionnaires, their level will be slightly above average.

When the sanctions are lifted and we return to the European competitions, we will lose even more in football.

You can draw a definite parallel with our football in the early 90’s, but there was a clear point from which everything, albeit slowly, developed. Now No one can predict how far back we will go, but difficult scenarios still exist. For example, ban by FIFA and UEFA or ban players from our clubs from playing elsewhere. And then neither our players will be able to prove themselves abroad, nor the legionnaires, with all their desire, will come to the RPL.

I have a theory that under these circumstances, interest in football, on the other hand, may increase. Here again they remember the 90s: the league was low budget, there were almost no foreign players. But by 1995, the crowd was rushing to the stadium and the league was a pretty interesting spectacle.

The viewership of the latest football broadcasts also speaks of an increase in interest – they increased by 20-25%.

People want a break from the news. Therefore, we can not only not lose interest in the championship, the level of which will fall, but also gain a new audience.

We also expect a continuous reduction in the financing of football and, consequently, the salaries of the players, which will only be a benefit. The inflated salaries of domestic footballers are a kind of soap bubble that pops up every time in international matches. And they themselves did not really strive for the top leagues.

The incentive to grow may simply not exist if there is a ban on players from the RPL. Plus, the lack of European cups: if in the 90’s Spartak won all six games in the group stage and the players left for the top leagues, then today there may not be such an opportunity at all. And the lack of matches for the national team is another blow to the best players, which also affects their morale.

Details on the subject

New reforms will complete the RPL along with sanctions. Is our football so bad?

New reforms will complete the RPL along with sanctions. Is our football so bad?

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