Cyprus – Russia – 0: 2, match record, goals by Erokhin and Zhemaletdinov, two assists by Smolov, September 4, 2021, selection for the 2022 World Cup

Dmitry Rosip

Carpin’s first victory at the helm of the national team

Everything! The last whistle sounds! Russia wins an away victory over Cyprus (2: 0) and so far rises to the first place of its group. In less than an hour, Croatia will play Slovakia and in case of victory can push our team back to second place. Good evening to all! I love this game!

Dmitry Rosip

Tiukavin comes on for Smolov. Fedor had a great match today!

Dmitry Rosip

The Cypriots created two dangerous moments, but our children reacted. The agony is still there!

Dmitry Rosip

Carpin made two more changes. Golovin and Miranchuk left and were replaced by Kuzyaev and Bakaev.

Dmitry Rosip

Smolov snatched Panagiota from the shirt and got a worthy yellow card!

Dmitry Rosip

Russia doubles the score

Goool! Zhemaletdinov scores after an elegant combination with Golovin and Smolov – 2: 0! By the way, Fedor has already made two assists.

Dmitry Rosip

Sounds good to our fans on the pitch! They shout: “Forward, Russia”!

Dmitry Rosip

The second half has started! We made a change at the break. Zemaletdinov appeared on the field instead of Cheryshev.

Dmitry Rosip

The whistle for a break! Our team had a good first half, but at times there are implementation problems. The Cypriots are expected to play number two, but they have already done it a couple of times!

Dmitry Rosip

What a moment for our team! Miranchuk made a touch in the lower corner of the goal, but the goalkeeper of the islanders faced the blow. And then Cheryshev tried to finish, but the defenders stopped him.

Dmitry Rosip

Smolov could have scored, but Fedor was about to send the ball in.

Dmitry Rosip

Our children continue to push. At first, Karavaev shot dangerously and then Golovin turned the ball perfectly into nine!

Dmitry Rosip

The Russian team opened an account

Goooool! Smolov famously led Erokhin, who gave a strong blow to the first nine – 1: 0!

Dmitry Rosip

There are Kazan “Rubin” fans in Cyprus, so Yuri Dyupin should be happy!

Dmitry Rosip

Our anthem was heard and the main referee Alejandro Hernandez whistled the start! I am going!

Dmitry Rosip

Our team is already warming up! We start in 20 minutes.

Dmitry Rosip

The Russian National Team will play against Cyprus at the stadium of the Pancyprian Gymnastics Union in Nicosia, with a capacity of approximately 22,000 people. Our children have already arrived at the arena and inspected the grass before the start of the race!

Dmitry Rosip

Our locker rooms are ready and waiting for the players!

Dmitry Rosip

The match Cyprus – Russia will be served by a team of referees from Spain, led by Alejandro Hernandez. Assistants – Jose Naranjo And Teodoro Sobrino. He will act as a substitute referee Cesar Soto. The VAR will be responsible Jose Sanchez.

Dmitry Rosip

The starting lineup of Cyprus

Cyprus: Neophytos, Artymatas, Ioannou, Karo, Kastanos, Katelaris, Loizou, Panagiotiou, Papoulis, Pittas, Psaltis.

Alternates: Abraham, Christofi, Panagi, Antoniadis, Gogic, Dimitris, Zacharias, Elias, Ioannou, Kyriakou, Russia, Sionis.

Dmitry Rosip

Home team of national Russia

Smolov, Cherishev and Erohin are in the attack! Barinov is the captain!

Dmitry Rosip

The game with Cyprus should be lost by Mario Fernandez, who has already received his eighth injury in a year! We say why the Brazilian suffers so often from injuries.

Is Iron Mario surrendered? Eighth injury in a year!

Dmitry Rosip

So our team arrived in Cyprus and held a training session before the match in Nicosia. Look!

Dmitry Rosip

In the meantime, we suggest to remember the crazy failure of Alexander Mostovoy in 1997 in the game with Cyprus, which ended in a draw – 1: 1.

“Many people thought I lost on purpose.” Mostovoi’s strange blow in the match with Cyprus

Dmitry Rosip

Where will you watch the online broadcast of the Cyprus – Russia match

You can watch the live broadcast of the upcoming match on Channel One. The broadcast starts at 18:45 Moscow time.

Oleg Lysenko

So, will there be goals today?

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