Do you know how many wildlife accidents happen on the streets of Estonia every day?

Almost 15 major animal accidents occur daily in Estonia. This is a number that needs to be taken seriously. In most cases, such accidents result in the death of wild animals, but the drivers are seriously injured or even killed.

After an accident, people sometimes do not immediately understand what needs to be done. In the event of an accident with a wild animal and a vehicle, the most important thing is to remember two phone numbers. If someone is injured, call the number immediately 112. An injured animal must be reported by telephone. 1247.

Only then can you deal with the damaged car. If you have Casco insurance, you should contact your insurance company. In addition to car repairs, the insurance company, if needed, provides assistance in transporting both the car and the people.

A wild animal always has a main road

Accidents sometimes happen because the driver tries to rape or frighten a wild animal crossing the road, but this can have the opposite effect. For example, if you give a signal to an animal that is already crossing the road, so to speak, to remove it, the animal may get scared and run back to the already passed path. He does this because no one threatened him on the road he just took. Therefore, the animal can jump back on the road and jump right in front of the car.

In this case, it is advisable stop the car on the side of the road and activate the alarmso that other road users realize that there is a danger. You have to wait until the animal or animals cross the road.

If you are involved in an accident in which a wild animal is injured or if you find a wild animal on the road, do not approach him more than two meters. This should be done by specialists who will arrive after you call 1247.

Last summer, If Kindlustus and the Estonian Hunters’ Association launched an information campaign for drivers: “A wild animal always has a main road”. The campaign has developed a guidebook on how to avoid wildlife accidents and what to do if this happens. It is worthwhile to get acquainted with these materials and, in any case, to keep them with you.

Reflectors can reduce accidents

It is not always possible to avoid a collision with a wild animal. Especially in situations where a wild animal jumps on the road in the dark. Such accidents occur more often at dusk or at night, when the animals move more.

If Kindlustus and the Estonian Hunters’ Association have been investigating for more than a year whether the reflectors on the streets of Estonia help reduce the number of wildlife-related accidents. The reflectors work mainly in the dark, creating a so-called light wall of car headlights that keeps a wild animal away from the road when approached by a vehicle.

More than 30 hitherto very dangerous road sections across Estonia were included in the study, where roadblocks were covered with reflectors. For comparison, the same number of sites with a similar level of risk without reflectors were considered. The first year showed that reflectors reduced wildlife accidents by more than 2.5 times. The study was developed and summarized by Tiit Randveer, Associate Professor at the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

The study will continue for another two years to better understand the usefulness of reflectors in Estonia in general. If reflectors are proven to help prevent accidents in the long run, it is worth considering their wider use.

Comprehensive insurance helps repair the car

If a vehicle is involved in a wildlife accident, the damage to the vehicle is usually quite severe. The average damage from such accidents exceeds 2,500 euros. It often happens that the car even has to be written off, because the damage reaches tens of thousands of euros. In any case, the owner of the vehicle must bear in mind that as a result of such an accident, the car may lose much of its value.

In complete If Kindlustus insurance packages, the discount for wildlife accidents is zero euros. This applies to both car repairs and, if necessary, evacuation costs. You can find out more about comprehensive insurance options here.

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