Football predictions

Football is one of the most popular sports. The World Cup and Champions League finals attract the attention of hundreds of millions of fans around the world. Football tournaments are also interested in betting on bets, which means that there is a demand for football predictions from professionals.

Football events

At club level, the main professional football tournament is the Champions League, because it brings together the best European football clubs and news, broadcasts and detailed analysis are also available in it. Less important, but no less interesting for predictions, are other continental events: Copa Libertadores, Europa League, UEFA Conference League. Analysts are also attracted to national European leagues, such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, Primera, Serie A, Ligue 1, Primeira, Eredivisie, RPL.

Among the international tournaments, the World Cup and the Euro, held every four years, hold the palm of your hand. A little more often – once every two years – they play the UEFA Nations League, where the First Division with the top teams in Europe is interesting. The qualifiers for major tournaments are also interesting for predictions. But friendly matches are less suitable for football predictions, because in these teams they lack any tournament motivation.

Line for forecasts

Predictions for football are made according to the main events of the line: win 1 or 2, draw, handicap and total. Every bookmaker has these events in order and also has the best bets and odds. Among the additional bets on football, such as results and totals per half, bets on intervals, time / match, accurate scores, odds of individual teams and players, both scores, penalties and deductions stand out.

Statistical predictions in football are also common. First of all, these are corners and yellow cards, offside, shots on goal, ball possession percentage in status games. Long-term football predictions are available for both the entire tournament and individual tournament stages. They are interested in a small number of paid specialists, because their outcome has to wait for months.

Factors affecting the prognosis

Quality predictions for football matches take into account:

  • current format. The teams’ results are monitored both in this tournament and in other competitions, including European competitions. National cups, if the team played with representatives of the lower division, should not be considered.

  • Blocks and injuries. The absence of leaders often negatively affects the outcome. Therefore, find out information about staff changes shortly before the race.

  • It fits together. Cappers have been analyzing the statistics of face-to-face meetings for several years. If one of the teams does not beat the other in such a period of time, it is better not to play with its forces in the upcoming match.

  • operational readiness. Playing on multiple fronts has a negative impact even on top teams like Bayern or Manchester City. See the schedule: a tough European Cup match three days before the league game is a reason to refuse to bet on the favorite in the next match.

  • Motivation. Some teams lose their chances of continuing to play in the tournament in advance or have already completed the tournament work. Playing with their strengths is dangerous because they do not care about the result: coaches start experimenting with the composition.

  • Fans. The home game inspires. This is especially true for the average farmer. Therefore, study not only the position in the summary table, but also the results of home and away performance.

  • Characteristics of statistics. When analyzing the statistical indicators of the groups, some patterns can be identified. For example, high odds allow you to bet on a total of over 2.5.

How to find a forecast

Searching for a capper starts with an online resource. A positive example is, a project by Bookmaker Rating with secure payments and verified statistics.

Next, decide on a cap by looking at the passability, number of predictions and average betting odds. If these parameters indicate regular profits from many cappers, compare the financial conditions.

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