Gang on heels: Beauties in St. Petersburg bred men to date in front restaurants with waiters-actors and secular prices

Handsome scammers breed rich men for millions of rubles on fake dates in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Petersburg is white nights, mobile bridges and beautiful girls. The city of dates seems to have been created for romantic meetings and communication in a restaurant. But the luck in finding your loved one may surprise you. Especially if you are rich and free. An unexpected acquaintance, easy virtual flirtation – and now you are already full of hope and in a hurry to go out on a date with a new girlfriend. He meets you in a luxury car with a personal driver.

– Well, is not it luck? the reader will ask. No. Wait running after the dream. You entered the “Truman Show”, and the only thing that surrounds you is the stage and the theater of the clever “swindlers”.


Ivan Belykh (name changed – ed.) Is 32 years old. A hardware store worker moved to conquer the northern capital from Sevastopol. Just a few months on the Internet – and luck appeared for him. Her name is Olga (name changed – ed.)

Despite their young age, the girls skillfully played the role of a rich fatal beauty.  Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS

Despite their young age, the girls skillfully played the role of a rich fatal beauty. Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS

– I was flipping through the dating tape and the sympathy coincided with one of the girls. I thought why not try? Such a girl! I bought an expensive bouquet of flowers to make an impression. I waited for her for over an hour. It was winter, in the cold my brain was completely extinguished during this time. But it finally arrived. In Mercedes with your own driver! But the girl in life was not the same as in the photo. “But still handsome,” Ivan laughs.

The night quickly stopped being dull. While the couple was driving the car, the beauty said she had a rich father and a beautiful life. But she is looking for her simple prince. In addition, the seductress flirted sincerely. And now the couple stops at the restaurant chosen by the young girl. Everything is beautiful and rich – as the oligarch’s young daughter is used to. Ivan himself was literally surprised by the menu prices, but did not show it.

– I wanted to look like a real gentleman, I offered to pay myself. As a result, I gave more than 20 thousand rubles for just three glasses of wine and a plate of cheese! “All this time, my partner smiled sweetly, she showed that she likes me”, Ivan remembers. – The foundation was placed as an elite. Only now I understand that all this is scenic. The girl offered to order something else, as a motive she even said: “Let’s go to my house later”.

In fake restaurants, checks are appropriate.  Photo: courtesy

In fake restaurants, checks are appropriate. Photo: courtesy of “KP”

But instead of a long night, Ivan was disappointed. During dinner, Olga suddenly changed her plans. The beauty had urgent matters and so she quickly said goodbye to her boyfriend and left. And Ivan was left alone with his account for a round sum. He did not argue with the waiters, even though that was his last credit card money.

“I was afraid that the heavy guards would come running and hit me,” admits the failed Romeo.


At that time, Ivan, who was left without money and a passionate beauty, did not realize that he was at the Truman Exhibition in St. Petersburg. And his date, like the restaurant itself, is not real. Ordinary clients are not accepted there and all that surrounded them were just sets and actors who successfully deceived people for a lot of money.

The show was organized by three friends: Dmitry Grushevsky, Pavel Sliapin and Ruslan Bazanov (names changed – ed.). He is between 23 and 25 years old. On social media, young craftsmen were proud of a luxurious life. In the photos, luxury cars with branded clothes and luxury watches show off against a background. At the same time, the children did not hesitate to be in the “Typical Swindler” team at Vkontakte.

One of the founders of the social media network is not shy.  Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS

One of the founders of the social media network is not shy. Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS

And the writing of these criminal geniuses is inventive, like the script for a Netflix series. In the design, the kids have many levels of actors, all of them new guys being hired through commercials. But first first.

The lowest position in the pyramid was held by “scribes”. These are boys and girls who created fake girl accounts in dating apps, looked for a victim there and corresponded with her, finally making an appointment. There were at least eight clerks. The youngest is 13 years old, the oldest is 19. The work of the “pen craftsmen” was supervised by 10 peers.

At the next level were the same beauties. Girls meeting men for dating. Security officials have identified the seven “geishas”. Among them are three minors. The task is simple – make the victim spend as much money as possible over dinner at a fake restaurant and fly at sunset. Three managers coordinated the “consumers”. The drivers were on the same level with them. These are four men in tuxedos who pretended to be the servants of a rich girl, played with her during the trip and skillfully threw a couple in one of the front restaurants. We drove Mercedes, Lexus and BMW.

The managers in the consumer network won at the level of the organizers.  At the age of 18, the guy got everything thousands of boys dream of.  Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS

The managers in the consumer network won at the level of the organizers. At the age of 18, the guy got everything thousands of boys dream of. Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS

The administrators followed. These are seven responsible girls and boys who were responsible for the reception of guests in restaurants, their service and their financial transactions. The highest caste, which could be any active participant in the scheme from below. All of them are over 18 years old.

Trusted men were raised in three restaurants: De Marco on the Griboedov Canal and VERNISSAGE on Sovetskaya 4th Street in St. Petersburg, as well as the CRAB Café on Oktyabrskaya Street in Moscow. In fact, these spaces were rented and did not have a license to sell alcoholic beverages and work in the form of catering. There was not even a kitchen. But the richly decorated environment, the tables and the counter of the bar misled the customers. And the managers wrote the final check by hand.

– On average, deceived men left in such restaurants from 15 to 100 thousand rubles, – says the source of KP-Petersburg. – During a typical working day, up to 25 people fell for the bay.


Reviews of “grateful” customers on the Internet. Photo: “Yandex”


They were elusive. Until one appeared. An Interior Ministry official, who worked as an undercover “consumer”, helped catch the participants in the chain.

Organizers recruited girls through advertisements for non-existent bars and restaurants. The description stated that they needed waitresses or hostesses (people who meet the guests at the entrance and accompany them inside the facility – mtf.). But during the interview, the prospective employers spoke honestly about the real responsibilities. The policeman did not raise an eyebrow and quickly acquired a new profession. Gathering evidence was not difficult for her. The law enforcement officer gained the trust of all the participants in the sly plan and handed over their contacts to colleagues, who after a while detained all the suspects.

It is easy to estimate that in the worst case, three restaurants could receive more than 30 million rubles a month. A case was opened with the discovery of an illegal network. But the organizers were not arrested. They managed to escape abroad. KP-Petersburg managed to contact one of the managers of the consumer network.

Three comrades who organized

Three comrades who organized the “Truman Show” in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS

18-year-old Vladimir is the younger brother of the program organizer, Dmitry Gruevski. For the past two years, the guy has been bragging on the Web about yachts, ATVs, cars, cottages and “little things” like a Vertu gold diamond phone. The young man is sure that his conscience is clear.

According to the young man businessman, under the suspicion of the investigation are now less than a hundred employees of the consumer network. Vladimir makes no predictions about the criminal case, but assures that the top has already erupted for a team of excellent lawyers for the caught boys and girls. The former administrator says directly that the victims are to blame.

The same

The same “elite” restaurants in St. Petersburg. Photo:

– So why did 40-year-old men date girls? Obviously not a family to do. In addition, the girls seemed to be 16 years old, – Vladimir defends his “colleagues” in the business.

In the meantime, the police are going to hand over the materials of the criminal case to their colleagues from the Investigative Committee, among other things due to the fact that many minors were involved in the plan.

Now the police have opened a criminal case with the article “Fraud”.


The officers of the criminal investigation department offer the victims of these actions to call or write to the immediate messengers by phone: + 7- (911) -797-03-60.

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