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Maybe we will create settlement projects that will talk not about the pain of losing his home, but about a new beginning.

We have become a symbol of courage and freedom of the modern world. Ukraine will be discovered by people from all over the world. Therefore, it is important to correct our position not as a country where there is war and which is scary to go to, but as a country of freedom that you want to explore.

1. Country of freedom

After a month of war, our cities became cities of freedom. After the victory, I would like to turn our inner rigidity into a new idea, which, I am sure, will sound very loud. This is freedom tourism.

We travel to feel the spirit of the place. Freedom has been prevalent in Ukraine for a long time and people who want to feel it will travel to our country. What sites can empower and inspire people? There are now many cities in Ukraine that can be called cities of Freedom. You can experience these vibrations only by living this experience.

Before the war, Kyiv was a large music venue with hundreds of concerts. Should Kyiv become the venue for the largest Freedom Festival in the world, as GogolFest has become the largest art festival in Mariupol? Should we create a Freedom Film Festival in Odessa or an Architectural Freedom Festival in Kharkov?

2. Country of brave people

Art always picks up or is a messenger of what is happening. Looking to the future, we must speak correctly about our past, so that people from all over the world remember it and about us.

Imagine that in thirty years we will be connected to the world with bold architecture. The energy, strength and courage of the people who now stop the tank with their bare hands must be transferred to the architecture that will capture these characteristics and moments for future generations. So that they do not have questions about who they are, and doubts in the fight for the truth.

Freedom has been reigning in Ukraine for a long time

In the next thirty years, the courage of our people can become the courage of architecture. We have a large number of abandoned castles and we can offer ourselves and the world a new approach to their restoration. The classic restoration of perfect walls and copies of furniture will destroy the magic of the people who love the freedom that in the past centuries defended their land, as we do now. Yes, and now we are a completely different country. Revolutionary, free, a little wild. When we experiment with the contrast between ruins and modern architecture, we show our freedom.

We can surprise by setting up an underwater Danube peace base, a botanical garden on Dzharylgach Island, a cozy pool under the Vorokhta Viaduct, cyber hotels in Bakota or the Museum of Freedom on the Black Sea coast.

3. Country of nature

Nature is the common denominator for all of us. We love nature, we feel its energy. It fills us, restores us and inspires us.

And, probably, the love for our place has never been so strong. Kyiv Tripillia, Dniester gorges, Carpathian peaks, Bessarabia steppes, Oleskowski sand and Crimean mountains. All this is our Ukraine. And every corner of it deserves to be preserved and presented to the world. We can restore authentic Hutsul houses in the Carpathians, create new modern projects next to nature, build a project that unites the whole of Ukraine. We have all the prerequisites to become a country where people will go to recovery.

National parks are one of the growth providers in Ukraine, as well as retreat centers away from the complex of recreation centers and densely populated resorts.

4. Country of people with a sense of humor

In the most difficult moments, we can find something to laugh about. “Russian Ship” has touched everyone, from tears in the beginning to laughter now. The Odessa people make posters about whether you have arrived on the “Russian ship”, because they are tired of waiting. In the future, we will build a place where this ship arrived, but it is interesting who wants to visit it. We can build our tourism on a sense of humor.

5. Country Phoenix

I’m sure we will soon rise from the ashes like a palm tree. Let our villages become the villages of the future. Maybe we will create new settlement projects for the Ukrainians. They will not talk about the pain of losing their home, but about a new good start.

We are united now and community is the key word in the city and the countryside, which can change a lot. We must maintain the unity we have now, because then we will have to do a lot together. Together we will revive the culture, develop the folk arts, start the craft and look for opportunities.

Build villages of the future, unite in communities, think about how environmentally friendly we should be and whether it will be interesting for tourists to go to such villages. For the further development of local tourism in Opishna, Tustan, Kanev, Parkhomovka and Tripoli.

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