In harmony with nature. In the Perm Territory they discussed how to save the forest

The issues of rational use and protection of forests, as well as the preparation for floods, were discussed at a meeting of the government of the Perm region, which took place in the municipality of Gainskiy, as this land, firstly, is rich in forests, and secondly, suffers often from spring floods.

economic support

The forests of the Kama region are unique in their diversity, covering most of the region, covering an area of ​​12 million hectares. They are an integral part of the region’s economy. Thus, in 2021, thanks to this resource, the regional budget was replenished by 1 billion 800 million rubles. (this is 36% more than in 2020). Another 1 billion 140 million rubles. received from the federal fund, 30 million received by municipalities. These funds are formed from payments for the use of the forest (lease of forest plots, contracts for the sale of forest plantations), fines for violation of the rules of forest use. A separate line is the taxes collected by the budget from the companies in the sector. One of the main goals, as noted at the meeting, is to use the forest as efficiently as possible.

“We must not only deal with the harvesting of wood, but also actively develop the deep processing of wood. The relevant investment projects are implemented in the area by the companies SVEZA Uralsky, Kama and Krasny Oktyabr. Many measures are being taken to encourage investors to invest in deep timber processing. “The process is moving in the right direction,” said Dmitry Mahonin, governor of the Perm region.

Kama (formerly Kama Karton LLC) has built a complex line for the production of bleached chemical thermomechanical pulp from hardwood with an annual output of 142 thousand tons. More than 450 new jobs have been created. SVEZA Uralsky is upgrading its woodworking infrastructure – the project will help employ more than 20 people. Krasny Oktyabr LLC is implementing a project for the production of peeled hardwood veneer.

At the same time, thanks to the forest, the area has huge potential. Attracting investors to the industry is one of the main areas of government work. Thus, the region contributes to the import substitution process, which is so important in the context of sanctions. Currently, plots are being selected in the area to increase the volume of logging. This will help improve the economy in both the region and Russia.

At the same time, no matter how extensive the green areas, the area is obliged to preserve the resource for future generations. Therefore, it is necessary to take timely measures for its proper use and restoration, stressed the head of the region. From 2019, such works are carried out in the area in the framework of the regional project “Forest Conservation” of the national project “Ecology”.

“In the region, the total timber stock is 1.5 billion cubic meters. m. In order not to be exhausted, the annual harvest volume is set – 21.7 million cubic meters. m, is actually 8.4 million cubic meters. m (now the use is made in accordance with 2313 leases for forest plots). At the same time, we must replenish the resource as soon as possible by planting saplings, in order to achieve a 100% balance between logging and restoration, taking into account the composition of the species. As part of the federal project, in 2021 the ministry bought 14 pieces of machinery and equipment for 45.8 million rubles. for reforestation works. The secondary institutions are 100% equipped. The plan for planting forest crops was overfulfilled due to the developed system of nurseries. There are 22 of them in the territory of the region (another one will appear this year). In 2021, almost 22 million seedlings were cultivated, “said Dmitry Belanovic, Minister of Natural Resources, Forestry and Ecology of the Perm Region.

The industry is very important not only for the economy as a whole, but also for the residents. First, it’s 1.5 thousand jobs. Second, it helps provide people with wood for building and repairing houses, firewood. Every year, citizens receive more than 1 million cubic meters. m forest. According to this index, the region is among the top three regions of the Volga Federal District.

save wealth

The biggest threat to forests is fire. The risk is especially high when the summer is hot and dry. This happened in 2021. However, thanks to the measures taken, the Kama region did not become the head of the counter-rating of the areas of the Volga Federal District in terms of the area of ​​fires. Most of the time they started due to dry storms and careless handling of the fire by the residents.

In the territory of the Kama area, a complete four-level fire risk monitoring system has been built (this is ground, aviation, space surveillance, as well as recording by video cameras, the number of which is increasing). Preparations for the new season are in full swing. We have already drafted and approved the Consolidated Plan for extinguishing forest fires, patrol routes, firefighters training schedules. In 2022, more than 4,200 people, 1,900 pieces of equipment, three aviation divisions and 11 forest fire stations will protect forests from fires in 2022.

Prikamye is actively involved in the implementation of the national project “Ecology”. Thanks to him, it is possible to develop and modernize the formations of forest fires. In 2021, the region allocated 61.3 million rubles to equip specialized institutions with machinery and equipment. from the federal budget. Financial support in 2022 increased almost threefold – up to 169.3 million rubles. “Taking into account funds from the regional fund and other sources, 273.6 million rubles are available for the protection of forests,” they said at the meeting.

tame the data

Another important issue discussed at the meeting was flood preparation. The head of the area, Dmitry Mahonin, instructed the municipal authorities to keep the situation under special control. For this, all the necessary forces and means have already been provided.

There are almost 30 thousand rivers in the Kama area and very snowy winters. This means that the threat of flooding of settlements is great every year. The fight against floods requires joint work of the authorities of all levels and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the operation of the hydraulic structures, the deepening and regulation of the riverbeds.

The rivers are expected to open this spring in the first or second decade of April. According to preliminary forecasts of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, an unfavorable situation may develop in the areas of Kungursky, Gainsky, Solikamsky, Krasnovishersky, Kudymkarsky and Berezniki.

With the negative development of events, five settlements with 317 houses will be found in unfavorable conditions only in the Gainsky district. Okrug authorities have already begun preparations for the flood, having budgeted a reserve of financial and material resources of more than 1.1 million rubles. In case of evacuation, residents are scheduled to be placed in school buildings. They are equipped with everything you need. On-site flood preparedness checks are now being carried out.

“In total, this year, during the flood period, a concentration of forces and means of more than 14.6 thousand people was predicted. Nearly 2,500 vehicle equipment units have been prepared, including more than 400 special vehicles, about 170 engineering vehicles, 166 boats and three unmanned aerial vehicles used for monitoring. “To eliminate the consequences of emergencies, including life support for the affected population and emergency rescue operations, 15.9 million rubles were allocated to the reserve fund in the region,” said Viktor Batmazov, Minister of Territorial Security of the Perm Region.

In order to prevent land floods, last year work was carried out in the area to deepen riverbeds in three floodplains in the area – the village of Kukushtan, with. Ust-Kishert, with. Bashkultaevo, completed the works on four plumbing structures in four municipalities. In the Kungur area, part of the river’s dam was rebuilt. Sylvy, inside me. Kultaevo and the village of Atnyauzi repaired the plumbing of the lakes and repaired two sections of the Votkinsk reservoir bank in the village of Uralsky in the Nytvensky district. This helped ensure the safety of 13,000 people and prevent potential damage of more than 1 billion rubles. In the future, similar work will be done in several other settlements. In 2022 alone, 158 million rubles were allocated for these purposes. (82.1 million rubles from the federal budget, 58.5 million rubles from the regional budget, 17.4 million rubles from the local budget).

After examining the issues, the governor instructed the mayors to make sure that the residents of the area register their property rights in time upon receipt of the land. Indeed, otherwise, it is not easy to get compensation for the damage caused by the flood. He also ordered that they be sent for training of employees of the capital construction departments of the municipal administrations, which are responsible for the maintenance, construction and reconstruction of the GTS.

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