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21:23, 29 March 2022, updated 15:24 30 March 2022

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IA Sakh.com co-author sent to the editorial office photos taken near the recently commissioned Limestone landfill. Trees as they were mid-January, stand, “decorated” with packages. That this is likely to happen, warned the Members the Regional Duma, when in October they came to Izvestkovy to see how construction was going.

Remember that the first garbage trucks unloaded at the new landfill in late December, despite not being fully prepared to receive solid waste. This place was to be used only for burying already compacted, briquetted rubbish, as originally planned. In addition, the original plans were to bring here already arranged garbage. Ideally, the sorting station should be located within the city in a completely enclosed space and only then should the garbage be transported to the landfill. In this case, it will not be dispersed either during transport, or during unloading, or by the landfill itself. However, during the construction of Izvestkovy, not everything went smoothly: the building materials became more expensive, there was not enough money, it was not possible to start the stable sorting in time, instead they bought a mobile phone. The landfill hurriedly opened the garbage stacked directly on the ground, promises to sort afterwards, when the mobile waste sorting station starts operating. Then she you wonbut critics in the management of the landfill has not become even smaller.

The head of the Sakhalin Environmental Observatory suggests that when the snow melts, even more debris can be detected in the eye.

“First, the rubbish that was stacked in the landfill all winter without any sorting will thaw and spread much more. “Secondly, the garbage that is now in the forest, while under the snow, will become visible”, says the ecologist.

We add that the waste management department offered to the residents of Sakhalin keep control for the landfill project, however, in Izvestkovy they were not ready in this.

Updated today at 14:29

The Sakhalin Ecological Watch contacted the environmental prosecutor’s office requesting an inspection.

The fact is that according to the information available to environmentalists, according to the approved design and permit documentation, the Asvestolithos landfill is intended only for the disposal of already selected and compacted municipal solid waste that comes to it. It is not designed and intended for storage, as well as for the installation of inseparable and uncompressed, non-packaged ASAs – however, this is exactly what is happening right now.

Updated today at 15:24

Waste Management JSC prepared a comment: “Waste Management JSC employees working in the Izvestkovy landfill, from January 9, 2022 until today, make a tour of the landfill 3 times a day to collect scattered waste (bags, candy wrappers).

At the beginning of the spring season, with the increase of temperatures during the day, the snow melts. In this respect, areas of insignificant accumulation of waste of the light fraction, which were previously covered with snow during the passage of cyclones, are identified daily. Additional workers are sent to clean them.

The management of the regoperator appeals to the residents of the Sakhalin Region with a request to report information on the location of these types of waste for the quick cleaning of a specific area. Information about this can be sent directly to the landfill (in this case, cleaning will start immediately), to the sender at + 7-914-740-49-08 or leave a comment on any post at telegram management channel.

The waste management department has not given up on public control and monitoring. Close cooperation with the public has been established. In February, the parties agreed that in order to ensure public monitoring, visits should be made after the completion of specific stages. As part of the first trip to the Izvestkovy landfill, activists became familiar with the work of the sorting line, installing equipment, talking to landfill workers, and clarifying issues of ensuring order in the area next to the facility.

In connection with the transition of the facility to the stage of gradual increase in the volume of imported waste, a second trip to the landfill is planned in early April. Such meetings will take place regularly. Together with the public, the regional body will discuss the frequency of visits to the landfill “.

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