Learn whether the forecast will be suitable for summer 2022 in Tatarstan

The autumn days in Tatarstan are accompanied by wind, snow springs, snow with rain. On the other hand, Tatar-born surprises were reported in the IA “Tatar-Inform” student KFU.

Meteorological weather starts when the air temperature rises steadily from zero degrees. Ранней, друзой весны уже не Нубится, began with a professor, Doctor of Geographical Sciences KFU Юрий Переведенцев.

Observe the return of the carcass, this happens in March from the change of circulation. The series of cyclones travels across the Atlantic or the Mediterranean Sea: unsteady hits – strong winds with snowy winds, temperature and winding fluctuate.

Капризы погоды происходят не только в Татарстане, во всем мире увеличивается количество стихийных бедствий: раньше Всемирная метеорологическая организация отмечала за год от неблагоприятных метеоявлений гибель около ста пятидесяти тысяч, сегодня благодаря прогнозам, цифра уменьшается, то есть стихийных бедствий больше, а количество человеческих жертв – changes.

Meteorologists note the continued warming of the planet. In winter, the temperature in the region rises, for example, to one degree in ten years.

At such speeds during the last hundred years, winters become ten degrees warmer. The summer period heats me intensely, for example at 0.5 degrees in ten years, Perevedentsev reads.

Late brown meteorologists, climatologists and ecologists atmospheres KFU Timur Aukhadeev also said that in March he remembered the Tatar anomalous anomaly, he was a normal norm for example at 1.5 degrees.

In Kazani, for the first two weeks of March, there was not even a millimeter of saplings, for about a month it burned about 7 mm of saplings, but the height of the snow cover in this year reached 71 cm, the highest climatic norms.

Yuri Perevedentsev talked about the forecast for the vegetation period, which continues for about 150 days. During this period, farmers are allowed to engage in rural agriculture.

Speech about the recent months, the professor pointed out, that the long-term forecast is justified at 60-67 percent.

According to the forecast Rosgidrometa, in the region in the region possible increase of the average monthly temperature to 1.5 degrees. In May, temperatures and temperatures rise above normal. Иьль в регионе будет холодным, fever совивиот чуть выше 20 градусов.

In August, the temperature rises in the range of norms, the order is 17 degrees, the temperature drops to 60 mm. And September is a hot day, the temperature is above the norm, a possible lack of education. The whole temperature in the summer of 2022 is forecasted in the area of ​​climatic norms.

Timur Aukhadeev underlined that when the cold or the winter compensates for the warm winter, the duration of which lasted 122 days at 135 days.

In the coming days in the expert KFU forecast unequivocal: the guess will become inconsistent, possible snowfall and thaw. Atmospheric fronts are constantly passing, creating greater instability, possible winds and snowfalls. On April 1, the temperature will rise. A cyclone with the Mediterranean Sea hit the region and heavy rains were reported.

According to the forecast of Gidrometa RF, in Kazani on the first day of April there will be a lot of heavy rains: for a few days on the city the monthly norm can be observed.

The Institute of Fundamental Biology, Hygiene and General Health of the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology of the KFU, the President of the Kazan Department of the Russian Bird Feed, Professor Iligizar Rahimov’s process He has already seen the blossoming mat-i-machehu. According to phenological indicators, the plant bloomed in its time. Residents of the republics can see the sidewalks on the gravel hill. The cone usually flies out of the nest when it prepares for the autumn pelelet.

Nakanune he observed in the vicinity of the Kazan region, which is grazing to the point where they do not sit on their colonies, which’s moving to a later nest. In Kazani it roars and moves to the nests: in the mountains the temperatures are very high, in the provinces and for the regions.

Rahimov shared an interesting fact. Ййки в этом году прилетели вместе с грачами. And so do friends, vegetables, oats. But not obediently, and the amount of them in Kazani was strongly reduced. Old double-breasted trees are barking, and squatters are not hanging, the bird is nesting somewhere. The ornithologist expressed hope that the skvortsov’s pots would be heard next week.

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