“Maryam” School – a ticket to the future!

A teacher in capital letters

The outcome of any school’s activity depends on which leader is in charge of its administration. And if there is a director at the helm, who combines the necessary qualifications of a leader of a new formation, we can say with confidence that the school is in good hands! A teacher with more than 40 years of experience and an experienced principal, an excellent student of education, the associate professor Nurmatova Bakhytzhan Bimashevna in 1997 formed one of the leading institutions today – the language school-kindergarten “Maryam”, which gives a kind the opportunity to reveal the child’s abilities, to train a flexible personality, ready for later life.

Bakhytzhan Bimashevna is more than just a good teacher and administrator, she is a key figure in education. LMSH “Maryam”, who will turn 21 this year, considers her favorite spiritual child. How much soul and effort was invested! During this period, under its leadership, it acquired the status of advanced pedagogical experience as the best innovative educational institution, which holds a worthy place in the system of public education.

After graduating from kindergarten, more and more children come to the primary school of the same educational complex. As Bakhytzhan Bimashevna is by nature discovered, innovations are in her blood, a kindergarten of the same name operates at Maryam Base, which maintains continuity between preschool and early school education. Such a neighborhood of preschoolers and students makes the transition from one educational level to another more psychologically comfortable for children, because children actively participate in the life of a “big” school and feel part of it. Children do not experience stress when leaving the caregiver to care for a teacher: in fact, they continue their studies in a familiar group.

A modern school principal must have not only professional skills that enable him to be an effective leader, but also personal qualities. Bakhytzhan Bimashevna is an incredibly insightful and open person with unlimited charm. She knows how to formulate and set goals clearly, to try clearly and persistently to achieve them, is able to convince her subordinates of the correctness of their decision, has a developed sense of youth and a creative approach to business. In this woman, austerity towards students is combined with kindness, accuracy with understanding. She puts all her soul and love in children, their education and development.

Today the LMS “Maryam” sets high standards of education. The selection of teachers here is done on a competitive basis. It employs trained, experienced teachers – excellent education students, honorary teachers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Thousands of children receive knowledge thanks to their professionalism and tireless work, dedication to the chosen company. Since the teachers are at school all day, comfortable conditions have been prepared for them here: free three meals a day, access to all the necessary sources of information, there is a recreation and leisure room. For professional development, trainings and advanced courses are provided.

In addition, to support the principal, staff must have innovators who are loyal to innovation, insightful, able to come to the rescue and not be afraid of responsibility teachers. We are talking about Naila Bulatovna Nurmatova, a capable teacher with a lot of experience. She is an effective manager, the person who keeps the financial side of the school. This is the foundation’s second person after the director. Nailya Bulatovna has been involved in strategic planning for many years, managing information systems, controlling costs and reporting, and coordinating the foundation’s activities. It is always full of ideas. An innovative and enthusiastic who loves her job, and most importantly, always finds the key to the hearts of her students. He knows each of them personally. He knows what he lives and what interests him.

In a word, the Maryam ensemble is a harmonic orchestra, where each instrument has its own place, and is conducted by a respected conductor – director Bakhytzhan Bimashevna!

Maryam School is a big family!

First of all, at LMSH “Maryam” the main emphasis in teaching is on English. Classes are held four times a week in high-intensity, intensive mode, which helps each child speak a foreign language with confidence. The second direction of the school is the physical and mathematical sciences, thanks to which children are taught to think logically, to analyze and to solve non-standard problems. And so they stimulate and increase the cognitive activity of students, directing skills in the right direction.

Talented children need a field for self-realization. And for this it is necessary to improve the quality of the educational process and create conditions for the full disclosure of the potential of each child. LMSH “Maryam” is the laboratory where children can fully reveal their creative potential, to feel their self-esteem. This is why studying at Maryam is not only interesting but also prestigious. This school has all the prerequisites for quality education. Within its walls, students spend an entire school day, the classrooms are staffed by 12 people, which makes it possible for the individual approach for each and the lessons themselves are productive and interesting. The moral climate plays a very important role in Maryam. It is possible not to know, not to be able to, not to understand, not to be on time, to make mistakes – no one will put a duo, will not write in the diary. On the contrary, teachers, as true friends and helpers, treat everyone with special fear and attention, put students on the path of learning science, develop a longing for knowledge, teach them to achieve their goals and not be afraid to be themselves. their. They will give practical advice on any issue, they will tell you how to act better in this situation. The relationship between teachers and students is always based on mutual respect.

It is noteworthy that homework in most lessons is done at school with the teacher under the supervision of the class teacher, which makes it possible to consolidate the material covered on site. Students are also provided with knowledge correction – free additional courses. With such support, the child develops faith in success, develops and intensifies interest in new knowledge and skills. Having entered Maryam School, children discover the whole world on their own, begin to express themselves and become free, while understanding the learning space.

Maryam School has a special atmosphere of creativity, inspiration and creation. It is comfortable and somewhat at home. This is a bright, spacious house in which a large family lives. You always want to come here. There are established traditions. For example, all year round, students take a trip to nature and beautiful parts of the city. Here the birthdays of students, teachers and schools are celebrated, many different cultural events and unforgettable holidays take place, where often the children themselves are the inspirers.

The overall development of the child is a priority. To do this, the school has sections and circles such as choreography, dance lessons, choir and vocals, fine arts studios and an embroidery cycle. School plays a huge role in sports. To this end, a large well-equipped sports venue has been set up in Maryam, where children play soccer and other sports.

In a healthy body a healthy mind. And without a proper balanced diet, especially at the age of growth and formation, it is impossible to do. Therefore, the school pays special attention to food and beverages for children. The menu includes only healthy and fresh food, is prepared and approved jointly with the SES, it is four meals a day at a set comfortable time. This takes into account the individual characteristics of each child.

school pride

Each year, Maryam School collects a strong harvest of gold medals in regional and civic competitions. Pride – graduates who show good UNT results and also win prizes at the Olympics. Leaving the walls of the school, the former students enter the best universities at home and abroad and then become successful and important people of the country. After all, the priority task of Maryam School is to help every child pursue their dreams and hobbies, to achieve the best results.

During its years of activity, Maryam School became exemplary, gaining the love and trust of students and parents, who brought here not only their second and third children, but also the children of relatives and friends.

“Maryam” is an amazing school that offers students a variety of experiences and excellent opportunities for quality education, helping the child to become a harmoniously developed personality, caring, open and ready for lifelong learning. “Maryam” school is a real ticket for the future!

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