Nearly 100 Russian footballers play in Europe. How their lives changed due to the military operation in Ukraine – 30.03.2022

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Russian football is going through difficult times. We were deprived of the World Cup, we were deprived of European cups, the legionnaires were allowed to unilaterally suspend their contracts. But Russian football is not just about the league and the Russian team. Many of our players play abroad. In Europe alone there are almost a hundred players with Russian passports.

A source: Sport24

If we take the whole world, then our number abroad exceeds 200 people. It is true that our neighbors – Belarus, Armenia and Kazakhstan – help the statistics here. Although there is our representation even in exotic countries.

A source: Sport24

Following the launch of a special military operation in Ukraine, outbursts of Russophobia began to appear around the world. This does not apply to the countries of the former USSR. But for our kids in the European Championships, it’s a little worrying. It is true that so far the players are not really suffering from this.

One of the most hostile countries for the Russians is Poland. Four of our compatriots are playing there at the same time. Two of them – Ilya Zhigulev and Evgeny Bashkirov represent Zaglembe. And all is well so far. This was told to Sport24 by a source close to the players.

“Within the team, the attitude towards Zhigulev and Bashkirov is normal, but they stopped playing. Eugene was injured and Ilya stopped playing. The club assures that everything corresponds to the beginning of the sport, but three weeks ago the coach was happy with Zhigulev and was counting on the player “, said a source in an interview with Sport24 correspondent Alina Matinyan.

Bayer Leverkusen goalkeeper Andrei Lunev spoke about his condition on his telegraph channel. The goalkeeper himself is not yet playing due to injury.

“There were not even any questions. When the situation started, there were of course jokes. But also from my side. Answer everyone: learn Russian, gentlemen, you will find it useful soon. Sometimes they pointed their middle finger at the road when they saw Russian numbers, but this may be due to their driving style. Georgian staff is served at the restaurant. “They just asked me what I thought of the situation,” Lunev said.

The only Russian in neutral Switzerland, Fyodor Tsalov, also has no problems. This is what Christian Emile’s agent told Sport24: “Fedor is doing well in Basel”.

The most stellar Russian football player in Europe, Alexander Golovin, feels comfortable in Monaco.

“Sasha is doing well in the club. Everyone still treats him well, despite the politics, from the staff to the sports and coaching staff, the president of the club and the owner. As everything was positive, so they remain. He did not face any domestic problems due to the sanctions, all is well. Sasha has always enjoyed participating in the national team. To him, this is not an empty phrase. Always waited for a phone call and drove with great pleasure. Of course he would love to come now, but everyone understands that in the current situation it is difficult. “He will focus on the training process and the games for Monaco, but he will follow the national team and support the children,” said the player’s agent Alexander Klyuev in an interview with Sport24’s correspondent Alina Matinyan.

Let’s move to Spain. Our most notable representatives in this country are Denis Cheryshev from Valencia and Nikita Iosifov from Villarreal. Neither of them was affected by the situation.

“Nikita is doing well in Spain. He was injured, but he will return to football with renewed vigor! The group has good relations with partners, there is no talk of the political situation. Will he return to Russia? We’ll see! “I think Nikita wants to play in Europe until the end of his career and he does not intend to return to Russian clubs,” said Vladimir Parusov, Iosifov’s first coach.

“Dennis is training in operation. In Spain everything goes peacefully. At the club, no one asks Dennis unnecessary questions and that’s the most important thing! He has feelings like any other person. Will Dennis return to Russia? “I will not say anything here, we will do everything gradually,” Cheryshev said in an interview with Sport24 correspondent Ivan Potapov.

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And in Scandinavia everything is calm. Yes, Ikea has left the Russian market. But the Swedes have no complaints from our players. This was stated by Alexander Vasyutin’s agent, Alexander Dubrovin.

“In Sweden, Alexander is generally well. Relations with the partners have not changed due to the political situation, no one is asking questions on this issue. They are already protecting him. Is Vasyutin planning to return to Russia? We’ll see! He has the desire to play where he will be useful. “In general, he does not mind returning to Zenit and there he already depends on the club”, said the agent.

The only one who represented Russia in the Romanian championship, Evgeny Shlyakov, spoke about his condition.

“I’m fine. On the contrary, they say, they understand that football is out of politics and they do not want to worsen the situation within the team. It is clear that the Europeans are covering the situation differently from Russia, as Romania is a NATO – dependent country. there are challenges, everyone in the city knows and loves, so far all is well, thank God.The relationship with the partners was as good as it was.There were questions, of course, asking what was going on.No one knows what happened before, everyone just sees how the Russian army entered Ukraine – for them this is a reason not to notice anything around and just talk about it.

Serder Serderov from Croatian Istria is saved by the fact that his teammates do not get along well with geography.

“I’m fine, I’m training. There is no pressure from teammates due to the political situation, relations with no one have changed. Many guys do not know where Russia and Ukraine are and do not even understand what is happening. They just ask, “How is the family?” Like the parents? “Is everything all right at home?” Now it was 4-5 days off, I wanted to fly to Russia, but so far it did not work out for me. I have a contract here while I’m here. I do not know what will happen next. “We will move according to the situation,” Serderov said in an interview with Sport24 correspondent Ivan Potapov.

One of the main people in the Hungarian Championship at the moment is the former coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov. And he’s fine too.

“Every employee, athlete and manager of Ferencváros believes in peace, because sport and football in particular play an important role in peace. “From this point of view, the Ferencvaros football team does not intend to deal with political issues,” Ferencvaros told Sport24 correspondent Arman Navasardyan.

And all this because Stanislav Salamovich even adopted the word “problem”.

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