Neftekhimik found a diamond again. It remains to be cut into diamonds

Another scorer was found in Nizhnekamsk and rips the FNL

FNL top scorer Alexander Yushin from Neftekhimik grew up in Spartak Moscow. He played in the Armenian Championship, but his team was disbanded. He played under the former coach of “Rubin” in Belarus, but here he was at a failure – his club scandalously jumped from the top division. Rejected by Valery Karpin. He played for amateurs and then shone again in the Belarusian championship and moved to Neftekhimik, where all of Russia heard about him. Realnoe Vremya talks about a man who breaks the first division of the national championship.

IN of active not realSpartacus»

Another scorer appeared in Nizhnekamsk Neftechimik. In the last century, residents of Nizhnekamsk found Vitaly Kakunin in Miass, which was then bought by Rubin. But it turns out that without the brilliant assistant Sergei Budylin, the player is not so good. Then Nizhnekamsk opened Denis Makarov in Russia, who shone a few years ago. And now the club has revealed Alexander Yushin, who managed to score 15 goals in 15 unfinished games. In addition, the newcomer from Nizhnekamsk was not even designed for the role of scorer, as a midfielder – he came to Neftekhimik in the additional application company in February 2020 from the Belarusian Belshina, where he played twice during his career.

Yushin is a graduate of “Spartak” in Moscow, once again we did not see him at Alma Mater. Football fans should know about the release of “Spartak” born in 1995, after its main star Dennis Davidov was advertised by the owner of the “red and whites” Leonid Fedun. Compare the namesake and the namesake of the famous Hussar with Leonel Messi and generally Denis played for the children a year older. And in 1995 it was Ippei Shinozuka, who stood out even without the words of Fedun, after coming to Moscow from Japan. It was Ted Ntirubuza from Voronezh, where the winds of change had brought his father from Burundi. There was Vladimir Oslonovsky, which will be discussed below. I remember Alexander Zuev, Igor Konovalov, Vladislav Panteleev – these guys, who wore a Rubin T-shirt, are a year younger than Yushin, all of them, in their youth, had much more promising careers than the current Nizhnekamsk player . As a result, he left the Spartak Academy and started playing for Yu-M Spartak-2, a kind of analogue of “red and white” hell. It is easy to fall in and extremely difficult to get out. At various times, former KAMAZ coach Yuri Gazaev and his son Valery Chetverik Grigory ended up playing for her. Conversely, the current goalkeeper of the Armenian national team, David Yurchenko, and the former football player of Neftehimik, David Dzakov, who is currently playing in Alanya, started.

Yushin is a graduate of “Spartak” in Moscow, once again we did not see him at Alma Mater. Photo by

As for Yushin, at the age of 18 he severed direct ties with his homeland, but there were rumors that prevented him from making his debut for Teteks, where Yushin came to watch – the Macedonian club did not pay compensation to Spartak. It is strange that Yushin’s partner in both Spartak-1995 and Aventa-2000, Vladimir Oslonovsky, remained at Teteks. By the way, then Kurban Berdyev invited him to try at Rubin, but he was fired and Rinat Bilyaletdinov did not like the guy after a projection match with the base of Neftekhimik. On the other hand, Oslonovsky at that time was the top scorer of Aventa and Yushin closed the top ten.

I did not get to Karpin

Without leaving for Macedonia, 20-year-old Yushin moved to Armenia. The “Odysseus” of Yerevan is the Dinamo-Zenith team founded in 2000, which was in the juice of the Armenian championship for ten years, until it won in 2011. Then, for a few years, it was one of the strongest, playing in European competitions, where she played, in particular, with the impressive Sheriff from Tiraspol this season and in 2014 her fate underwent significant changes. Armenian agent Valery Oganesyan helped five players of the Russian amateur team Kvazar sign contracts with the team immediately: Andrey Belomyttsev and Konstantin Morozov, Artak Aleksanyan, Gor Oganesyan and Alik Elyazyan. In general, this “Odysseus” is a group of “downed pilots” who were given another chance to revive their careers: locomotive driver Soslan Gatagov, soldier Nika Piliev, spartak Irakli Chezhia, Chelny Rustam Kalim from Shinnik, Russia. Armenian Hovhannes Goharyan, Russian Georgian Irakli Geperidze.

Valery Oganesyan himself was named owner of this group, according to another version, he was in the club trusted by Jevan Cheloyants, in the recent past a member of the board of Moscow Spartak.

In Armenia, 20-year-old Yushin played seven games, scored one goal and left home. As for Odysseus, the team was removed from the league due to suspicion of organizing and participating in rigged matches. After the dissolution of Odysseus, a large group of players returned to Russia, moving to Torpedo from Armavir. Thus, the booths of Valery Karpin, who then coached this team, played the Armenians Aleksanyan, who played back in Kvazar, and Armen Ambartsumyan, the Georgians Irakli Geperidze, Zamir Janashia, Levan Dzharkava, David Khurtsidze, Irakli Chezhia, Danila Buranov. , Konstantin Morozov, Nika Piliev, Ivan Mamahanov, Igor Paderin and the Serb Rade Dugalich. Only 13 people, but even in such an “ark” Yushin did not get. But he could return to Valery Karpin, under whose leadership, albeit indirectly, he worked at Spartak.

Usin became the top scorer in her off-season friendlies. Photo by

He played with the former coach of Rubin in Bellarousi …

But instead of Karpin, he ended up in Bobruisk, where the management of the Belshina club decided to restart, having assembled a new team. Youssef became the top scorer in off-season friendlies, scoring a goal for Krumkachi from Ghana’s Joel Fameye. As for Belshina herself, she was in seventh heaven because some Russian investors invested in her. A certain agreement was reached with Boca Juniors, which is why the Argentine trio appeared – Facudo Shamaniana, Matthias Zaragoza and Leandro Torres. There is also Diego Maradona on the horizon. However, he was stopped by Dinamo Brest neighbors, who appointed the great Argentine president of the club. Vladimir Gezhurov, who previously worked at Rubin, was appointed head coach, Sergei Novikov was in charge of the selection, who, in addition to the Argentines, attracted Cameroonian Henri Bell, Danila Buranov and S Belarus.

At the end of the season, the paths of the team and the player differed: Belshina fell into the first division with a scandal. As there was a rule in Belarus at the time that legionnaires could not play in the first division, Yushin returned to Russia and moved to the fourth amateur to play for the capital Metallurg (Kazan Rubin student Boris Shavlokhov finished his athletic career there) and the Football Youth School.

From the FSM, Yushin moved to the PFL, to the Kaluga team, where he met his old friend Anton Khodyrev, with whom he trained back at Spartak. By the way, Khodyrev escaped to Kaluga in horror from what was happening with Zelenodolsk Anzhi-Junior, where he managed to play three games. In Kaluga, he and Yushin had to face the fact that the Armenian team, Ararat-Moscow, entered the Russian championship with an incredibly strong team for the PFL: Marat Izmailov, Igor Lebedenko, Roman Pavlyuchenko, Alexei Rebko, young at the time . Ilia Samosnikov. Plus goalkeeper Yuri Shleev, with whom Yushin studied at the Spartak-1995 school. And “unexpectedly” in “Ararat” in Moscow was the whole “soup set” of the football nomads of those years. This includes the Armenian Aleksanyan, who started from Kvazar, the Georgian Khurtsidze, as well as the Russians Mamakhanov and Morozov. As a result, Ararat-Moscow won the tournament and Yushin himself moved to Novomoskovsk, playing for the local Khimik, which was previously an independent entity, and under Yushin became Tula Arsenal’s farm.

From the FSM, Yushin moved to the PFL, to the Kaluga team. Photo by

… But he opened his second visit to Puntus

But then in Belarus the legionnaires’ limit was lifted and Yushin returned to Bobruisk. The abolition of the border led to the fact that about 50 Russians participated in the national championship, including Alexei Berezin of Kazan, Ilmir Nurisov of Chelnin, Nigerian Lionel Adams, as well as Vitaly Dyakov, Amir Natkho, Alexander Salugin, Jamaldin Khodzldaniyazov, all above Youssin – He found a place only in the first category.

It is true that Yushin has already come to Bobruisk under another coach, Yuri Puntus, who had to be persuaded through surveillance. He was successful, which led to the success of the team, and in particular Youssef who scored 26 goals in 27 games. Even though they were in the first division of the Belarus championship, the FC Neftekhimik breeders were still interested.

The move to Nizhnekamsk in the winter of 2020 went almost unnoticed. Former partner of Joel Fameye, Orenburg scorer Artak Aleksanyan, played for the Armenian national team, and Ivan Mamakhanov for the youth team shone in the FNL. Ted Ntirubuza retired from football and tried to start a career as an actor and model. “Ararat-Moscow” moved to Armenia and became “Ararat-Armenia”, taking a place in the national championship, which emptied after the dissolution of “Odysseus”. And Yushin slowly settled into the FNL, gnawing at a place for himself in the heart of Neftekhimik.

In the beginning, it did not work and in the current championship he came out in the starting lineup only twice in eight games. He scored against Metallurg Lipetsk in the fourth round, but that was important only for statistics, since he actually scored in an empty home, and in the 90th minute with a score of 4: 0.

As a result, Yushin scored a double against Akron, then against Krasnodar 2 and scored two hat-tricks against Spartak and Tekstilchik. Photo by

Then he sat down on the bench again and burst through it in Zhigulevsk. At the same time, Usin is not an attacker, but a midfielder who plays well on the second floor. Only this makes his style of play similar to the actions of the attacker, since then he attempts in the penalty area. And usually Alexandros accelerates his attacks almost from the center of the field and since he has both feet to “work” and there is a shot outside the penalty area, this makes the actions of the attacking half extremely dangerous. The defenders, trying to “cover” the blow, do not know which opponent’s foot to control. How many he has already scored, scattering from the left or right side of the midfield, shifting to the center. As a result, Yushin scored a double against Akron, then against Krasnodar 2 and scored two hat-tricks against Spartak and Tekstilchik. Not only did he score against Alanya, but he also helped score twice.

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