payment for exported timber in rubles should be considered

When it comes to converting timber exports into rubles, one has to be very careful and cautious. This was stated today by the vice-president of the Arkhangelsk Regional Assembly Alexander Diatlov, who is responsible for forest management profiles and nature.

The MP commented on the proposal of the Speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

“In addition, it would be right, where it is beneficial for our country, to expand the list of goods exported for rubles: fertilizers, cereals, oil, oil, coal, metals, timber and the like. said Volodin in the morning.

In the Arkhangelsk region, where the forest industry is a budget-forming industry and is key, the initiative has resonated.

Arkhorblasobborya Vice President Alexander Dyatlov responded to a request for comment on the proposal as follows:

– If today we are talking about the transition to payment in rubles not only for natural gas, but also for timber, then, as Dmitry Peshkov rightly noted: “This is an idea that, of course, must be worked out taking into account the fact that, in fact, there are countries that show mutual interest in reciprocal settlements in national currencies.

We have to be very careful here and do very fine “coordination” in various areas. If this is not done, then, for example, in the timber industry, unfortunately, you may lose a certain market share.

We all know that during the period of the overly liberal government of the country, when the economic bloc was headed by Mr. Kudrin, the country almost completely switched to the position of selling raw materials, abandoning many technologies and buying them in the West.

As far as the timber industry is concerned, it was then that the procedures for the sale of seagoing boats began, which were recognized as unprofitable.

The fleet number was drastically reduced. If in 1987 the fleet of the Northern Shipping Company consisted of 150 ships, then in 2022 it will be only 23. The Murmansk Shipping Company is completely bankrupt, bankruptcy proceedings have been introduced.

We have practically stopped producing our own logging equipment. European certification of forest products FSC has been introduced.

In the past, the state abandoned its own certification system and imposed a supranational system on our forest complex. In addition, various quasi-environmental organizations such as Greenpeace and the WWF have begun to operate freely in Russia, which is clearly hindering the growth of the economy.

Today we all see how the situation is changing. Our country is turning to the substitution of imports in all sectors. Obviously, it is time to reconsider the agreements that have been imposed on us in the past.

But at the same time, many of our timber companies now have foreign currency loans in Russian banks, which therefore have to be repaid in foreign currency.

Due to the lack of the required number of our ships to transport goods, our export companies also have to pay in foreign currency. Transport safety for them is similar.

The same applies to the purchase of equipment and spare parts for already operating production lines and machinery for the timber industry.

Thus, businesses today will still need the currency and when payments are made in rubles, they will have to exchange it and lose it by the exchange rate difference. Now, in the short term, it is definitely important for us to keep businesses and employees.

The question also arises of the creation of our own fleet, a Russian container company and the local production of forestry machinery and equipment.

As loans are being replaced by rubles, logistics problems are being resolved, in particular the emergence of new domestic shipping companies, the need we have recently faced at the federal level, the updating of the North Sea Route and Belokomur, the emergence of home insurance and of our forest products, we will certainly be able to talk about the complete rejection of foreign exchange transactions.

But at this time, having a full understanding of the importance of the ongoing actions, it is extremely important to maintain one of the most important sectors of the country – the timber industry.

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