Rodion Gazmanov: Working with Dad is always great

“MK in St. Petersburg” spoke with Rodion when he came to our city for a tour.

“We often quarrel with Dad”

– We are waiting for the completion of the project “Two Stars. Fathers and Sons “. What is it like working in the same tent as your father? However, in your childhood, you appeared together more than once …

– It was work. (Smiles.) And I’m grateful to Channel One for the opportunity to relive forgotten feelings. Lately I rarely go up to the same tent with my father and generally we rarely meet. Thus the work “Two stars. “Fathers and Sons” allowed us to see each other more often – both on set and in rehearsals. As for the quality of these feelings… Working with Dad is always great. Although, of course, it is not without difficulties. We are both perfectionists, we strive for perfection and because sometimes we see the work differently, we often argue. However, we do it with love and respect for each other.

– Generally you are a frequent guest on TV. A few years ago, for example, they starred in another TV show – “Three Chords”. What were your thoughts on this show? Did you focus on winning or just wanted to get involved?

I think you should always be focused on winning. Otherwise it is not interesting. Behind me and before the “Three Chords” there were several competitive works, including the show “Exactly the same”, “Voice”. That is, the competitive component did not surprise me. Another thing is that then I met with incredibly strong opponents – Nonna Grishaeva, Sergey Makhovikov, Sergey Minaev, Irina Medvedeva and others. It was even more exciting for me to go on stage. I tried my best, I looked for alternative song readings, I worked on myself. And I am grateful to the work for such opponents, because in their face I accepted a kind of challenge, they were the ones who contributed to my further self-development.

– You mentioned the show “Just the same” and “Voice”. Which project do you remember the most?

– Probably, “The same”. Because it was the first such competition in my life. In the project, again, there was very serious competition. In addition, all participants had to constantly try on other artists’ masks. You know, journalists often say: “You took part in a parody show …” But “Exactly the same” is not a parody show, it is a reincarnation show! The participants faced the task not to make a parody to make the viewer laugh. The goal was completely different – it was to copy the performance style of this or that artist, his fun. To try to reincarnate in someone, you had to spend a lot of time, answering a lot of “why” – why he sang like he did, why he moved… And I’m grateful to Channel One, Red Square and the project team for this amazing experience .

“I do not want to go where everyone has already gone”

In what other TV show could you try your hand?

“I do not set such goals in advance. When offers come, I look at them. Such projects are always good. They give a specific publicity, the opportunity to work on you. But on the other hand, they take a long time. After all, if you want to do something good, you have to put your soul into it, give yourself completely. And now I have other tasks ahead of me: I intend to do my main job – to record new songs, to release albums.

– A few years ago, there was another experience in your life – you acted as a TV presenter. How comfortable were you? And why did the TV show “The Day Begins” end?

“To be honest, we still do not understand it ourselves. Obviously, there was some grid optimization. Or there were other reasons for this. But the ratings and reviews of the program were great. So it is a pity that the project is over. However, no one knows when it may suddenly start again. In addition, I accept proposals for other projects. And I look at them. Leadership is a very interesting job. Especially when you are lucky with the team, something that happens to me more often. But in general, as I said, music is my priority right now.

– However, which area do you prefer – meetings with famous guests, cooking shows, travel projects?

“I do not want to go where everyone has already gone. It is probably very difficult to say something new about areas like cooking and travel. In particular, it is difficult to compete with professionals like Konstantin Ivlev. And if you can not be the best in the field, why do it?

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“Without fresh thoughts, everything starts to rot”

By the way, about music – tell me, what inspires you to create from the beginning? How are songs born?

– Usually some shocks in my personal life inspire me. Maybe this is what has always inspired everyone. Although I try to give myself a special time when I disconnect from everything around me and think of something new. I set myself some creative tasks and I fulfill them. This is how some phrases are born, fragments, which eventually become songs. But inspiration is only the beginning. The most difficult and lengthy thing is to bring to mind the text and the music from the producer’s point of view.

– Do you like musical experiments?

– I do not just love, but I think that in music you can not experiment! After all, this is not a craft, but an art. And without fresh thoughts, everything starts to rot, to go out and nothing good comes out of it. Music is always looking for something new. Andrey Knyshev has an amazing statement: “In art, he followed in the footsteps of the great and therefore left no trace.” Very wise words. However, I personally believe that it is necessary to take the direction of the elders, but in no case should you follow the path!

“I like to stay home”

– For two years, due to the new virus, people were asked not to leave their homes. What did you do during the period of self-isolation?

– In the beginning, the whole team was in isolation – everyone at home. But from time to time they were still gathering, recording new songs. They even managed to shoot a video for the song “Udalenka”. They won more than a million views, but for some reason received a huge number of hate comments. However, as he explained to me, this is normal. First of all, if someone criticizes you, it means that you are doing what people notice. And in show business, that’s probably 80% of the success. (Smiling.)

– How did you cope with this forced conclusion?

– I like staying home. Since in normal operation I shake all over the country. Therefore, these two or three days that I manage to spend them in my native walls, I perceive them as a gift from above. So, obviously, my inner prayers were answered. But, unfortunately, they were executed on a much larger scale than I could have imagined. In any case, at that time I was resting well and doing many useful things.

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“There is no professional sport in my life”

– Rondion, tell us what you like in your free time.

– I’m trying to sleep. Because I do not have much free time. But I really have a favorite hobby – photography, or rather, self photography. I photograph cars and write columns for several editions.

– When did you get involved?

“Seven or eight years ago. And it was not so much a hobby as a necessity. Then I sold my car to use the proceeds to record an album. And I needed something to drive. Then friends advised: “Listen, why do not you write about cars? You know them well. In addition, you are a public figure, they will give you a car for testing. Take it, ride it and write. I did it. And since he liked photography at the same time, he started taking photos for his own articles. At first, he called a photographer to take a picture, watched how he did it – followed him around the car and took this “path” into service. And now they come back to me a few times to shoot this or that car. It’s nice. In addition, I like to attend a car party, attend presentations. And since then I have not bought a car, although I can afford it for a long time.

Is there a place for sports in your life?

– Like all ordinary people, I go to the gym where I work out on simulators. In addition, in the mornings I do exercises, and in the evenings I arrange a run for myself, if I have the strength for it. But there is no professional sport in my life.

Do you follow a sport as a fan?

– Definitely not. I’m not a fan at all. And all this field motion does not cause me much emotion. Strange as it may sound, because my parents are quite gamblers in this regard. But, obviously, I did not inherit this trait.

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