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The group stage match of the Russia-Switzerland Ice Hockey Olympics will take place on February 9. The meeting starts at 11:40 Moscow time. Bookmakers have already given a prediction, preferring nominal owners. You can bet on the victory of the Russian team in the regular time with a factor of 1.52, the success of the Swiss team goes to 6.05. They offer to bet on a draw for 5.60.

Where will the Russia-Switzerland match be shown?

Odds of bookmakers for the match of the Olympic Hockey Games on Ice Russia – Switzerland on February 9, 2022

Bookmakers believe that the group stage match of the Russia-Switzerland Ice Hockey Olympics on February 9 will be productive: a total of over 4.5 goals equals 1.51 and a total of goals below 4.5 – at 2.42. A goal in the first 10 minutes goes to 1.75. The probability of a series of shots was estimated by experts at 9.30.

Russia – Switzerland: prediction for the match of the Olympic Games in hockey (09.02.2022)

The Beijing Olympics are in full swing. In women’s hockey, the group stage is already coming to an end, while for men everything is just beginning. Two meetings are scheduled for February 9. The men’s tournament begins with a match between the national teams of Russia and Switzerland, which will be held on the ice of the National Stadium. The first match is at 11:40 Moscow time.

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The Russian team came to this tournament with the status of the current winner and, of course, will fight for the second gold in a row. The only pity is that there are no players from the NHL. Although without them, the composition gathered quite well. The line of goalkeepers has not changed much since Eurotour, only Alexander Samonov from SKA has been added.

Vyacheslav Voinov from Dinamo, Alexander Elesin from Lokomotiv and Nikita Nesterov from CSKA entered the defense. It will be the main fortress. There are a few more star names in the attack. They are Sergey Andronov, Mikhail Grigorenko and Sergey Plotnikov (all from CSKA), as well as Nikita Gusev, Vadim Shipachyov, Dmitry Voronkov and Artyom Anisimov.

And as soon as we started to single out the stars, there are other strong players. It is noteworthy that the Russian team has an advantage in the meetings with the Swiss. The last time the teams met in the World Cup, where the Russians won (4: 1). In the 21st century, national teams played each other 11 times in the World Cup and only once (in 2005) did the Swiss win.

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By the way, in the last Olympic Games, Alexei Zhamnov was the second coach of the national team and now he will be at the helm. This at least gives calm, because the peculiarities of the tournament are already known. There should be no problems with this. So the lineup has not changed much since the last stage of Eurotour in Moscow. This is good – there are fewer experiments, the backbone is played.

Zamnov explained why the Russian team did not play a single game before the Olympics.

On the other hand, the opponent went to Beijing with a squad consisting exclusively of players playing in the local league. The Swiss may not have suffered at all in this regard due to the NHL refusal to let their players go. They can rely on several fighters who even have experience in the North American championship.

Reto Bera, Janick Weber, Rafael Diaz, Sven Andrigeto and Christoph Bertsky have spent more than one season in the strongest league in the world, so the Swiss team should not be underestimated either. And yet, even American experts consider the Russian team one of the favorites of the event. At the expense of the most capable players, ours must seize the victory.

Although it is clear that here it is not worth talking about an easy walk. Statistics show that Switzerland can score in away games. And even now, in the absence of NHL representatives from other teams, he will probably try to prove himself. In our opinion, you can consider the bet “Win 1 + both teams will score” for 1.85. Working rate. After a long break, it will be difficult for the Russians to make no mistakes in defense. This means that the Swiss will definitely find one or two goals.

Sergey Gimaev Jr. made a prediction for the Russia-Switzerland match at the 2022 Olympic Games.

In Group B, where the Czech Republic, Denmark, Switzerland and Russia are gathered, Alexei Zhamnov’s booths are clearly favorites to qualify for the quarterfinals. There should be no particular problems. Although the first game is the most difficult, you must have time to enter. But, I believe, the more experienced composition and teamwork of the Russian team will also be important factors.

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The Russians did not have sparring with other teams before the start of the Olympic Games. However, the first meeting must be approached in a good tone. Due to the great intensity and loads, it was even decided to cancel one of the last training sessions. Freshness should not be a problem.

Russia – Switzerland: prediction and bet on the Olympic hockey match on February 9, 2022

Alexei Zhamnov’s booths have an advantage in personal meetings, but one should not expect an easy game. The first match is always the most difficult. And then there is also a strong opponent, who will not let him breathe. Although the Russian team has been assembled from the home phase of the Eurotour, there is teamwork. And in general the team is not the most difficult, everything is within our power. Russia will start with a workers’ victory.

Special offer: to score both teams + Russia to win for 1.85.

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