Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem. How to use your smartphone to the fullest


The smartphone has long been the center of the digital universe, we store on these devices a copy of our lives – photos and videos, contacts, as well as movies and books, links to interesting web pages. The volume of digital luggage is increasing every year and it is becoming more and more diverse, it is often difficult to navigate it. Not to mention that, one way or another, we share photos, music or videos with other people, we want to watch something together on the screen of our smartphone or tablet. And here the question arises how your device helps you in this, how the ecosystem created by the manufacturer is able to meet modern challenges. Let’s look at the example of the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, what we can get from the interaction of different devices.

I travel constantly between Moscow and St. Petersburg in Sapsan, I observe how people use their devices, usually listen to music or watch movies. A young couple is sitting next to me, holding hands, among them is a tablet, in which some superheroes are flashing, saving the world. Each one has a headset, the second ear is open and they hear perfectly the sound of the wheels and the voices of the others.

Everything is much simpler in the Galaxy ecosystem. No matter what you want to do together, listen to music or watch a movie, just turn on Buds Together and voila, it’s over. You watch a movie together, everyone has their own headphones and you do not need to share them. After all, headphones are as personal as a toothbrush, let it be.

The way in which different devices manage to work in the Galaxy ecosystem deserves special praise. For example, on the same train I watch a movie on the Tab S8 Plus – a huge screen, a magnificent image and the Buds Pro that cuts outside noise. Right now, someone wants to talk to me, my Galaxy smartphone starts ringing, the headset automatically switches to it. The conversation is over and you do not need to press anything, the headphones themselves are connected to the tablet and I continue to watch the movie. Simple everyday magic, which you get used to immediately and no longer pay attention to.

Usually I have two Galaxy smartphones with me (S22 Ultra and Fold3), the switching is exactly the same when the second smartphone rings and in the first I listen to music. And this is the ease with which you get used to it and you can not do without it in the first place.

One of the features of the Galaxy Buds family and the way the headphones work with smartphones is the ability to use them as an external microphone. Someone is filming you from afar on a noisy street, you videographers. But the sound quality in the video is like having a separate lavalier microphone, your headphones play their part. And this is the very combination of different devices that together give a new quality.

I always tell everyone that it is necessary to create a Samsung account on all Galaxy devices, without this magic it does not work. The headset does not switch between devices automatically and you can not search for them in the room using SmartThings. By the way, this is another feature I love. Sometimes, when I come at night, I leave my headphones somewhere on the table and do not find them. I turn on the search on SmartThings and the slight squeak of the headphones indicates their location. In much the same way you can search for many other devices, including smartphones, tablets, watches.

I always have a Galaxy Watch in my hand, they can do a lot, but they have a feature that is very nice. You can set your watch to automatically unlock your smartphone or tablet when you approach. You do not need to enter a password, put your finger on it or look at the device, it will always be unlocked when you are nearby. Move away and the device will automatically activate the lock, no one will be able to see its contents.

The Galaxy Watch4 has many different features, but one of them has always fascinated me. Ride a scooter, someone writes to you and asks you a question. The watch analyzes the question and offers templates for answers, you can answer with one touch. You do not need to take out your smartphone and answer it, although you always have this option. Even from the watch, you can control the camera on your smartphone, take photos of your loved one from quite long distances. I also like to be able to use the watch as a remote control when reading presentations somewhere.

One of the features of OneUI 4.1 is the fast upload of files to nearby devices, you can find them and send photos or videos with one touch. But there is also a Private Share feature, in which you select a specific recipient and then you can recall the photos and videos you have sent will be deleted on someone else’s device. In exactly the same way, with one touch, you can share the Wi-Fi network and access it, a person will not even need to enter a password.

In the Samsung ecosystem, all devices can work together, for example, I have a Samsung Trio 500 wireless keyboard, lets you switch between smartphone, tablet or TV screens on the go. You can enter text with this keyboard on any device, which is extremely convenient.

If it seems to you that the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem is closed only to itself, then it is not so. For example, there is a function like “Link to Windows” (Link in the windows), accessible from the Quick Access Toolbar, lets you connect your smartphone or tablet to your Windows 10 PC to send and receive messages, view notifications, and view up to 25 recent photos on your PC screen .

When I work at the office or at home, it is convenient for me not to be distracted from my smartphone, but to see notifications in a separate window and also to be able to respond quickly to messages using the computer keyboard. That is, it turns out that there is no need to switch from one device to another, which saves a lot of time.

For those who want to synchronize their data on all Galaxy devices, there are no barriers. Your data is stored in the cloud, for example, notes in Samsung Notes will be updated on each of your devices. In addition, you will notice that the Samsung keyboard learns the right word choice on each device, all data is synchronized (do not forget to activate the Samsung account everywhere).

For example, in Samsung Notes I take notes in a meeting, my writing is recognized. Later in the office, I can open the note on my tablet (with a keyboard attached to it), send these notes to everyone in the meeting, or I can do the same on my computer. That is, your information generated on a device is always and everywhere available. And it makes life very easy.

A Galaxy smartphone or tablet with DeX function can be turned into your personal computer, you can connect your device to a screen or TV, use a keyboard and mouse and your computer is ready. The biggest advantage is that such a computer is always with you. And this is really something new when you do not need to have a laptop with you, but you can arrange a workplace anywhere, even away from home.

It makes sense to dwell a little more on the SmartThings app, as it is often ignored, and completely in vain. In it, you can work wonders by combining different devices from the Samsung ecosystem, including those made by third parties. For example, if you have a smart speaker with Alice’s voice assistant, then you can integrate all the devices available in SmartThings into it and control them with your voice.

Remember the days when alarm clocks with built-in radio were popular? You woke up not from the alarm signal, but from the fact that a radio station was playing. In today’s world, radio is not as popular as television, and it is possible to set up a scenario where your smartphone alarm clock will automatically turn on any of your Samsung smart TVs. In my case, this is the TV in the kitchen. The moment I go for a morning coffee it is already on and showing the news, I do not need to light anything, press the buttons. It’s a small thing, but it shows the extra comfort you can get from the Samsung ecosystem.

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