Samsung is urgently getting rid of the letter Z on smartphone names

Samsung abandoned the Galaxy Z name in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Western experts attribute it to a Russian special operation. However, on Samsung’s Ukrainian as well as German, British and American websites, information about the Galaxy Z adorns almost every page.

The letter Z will not work

Samsung has abandoned the Galaxy Z series smartphone. According to the Android Headlines portal, this name has disappeared from the versions of the company’s websites for residents of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. All three countries are considered Eastern European. This is also indicated by the SamMobile profile resource.

The Galaxy Z is Samsung’s fashion premium smartphone line, which as of March 2022 only included devices with a foldable screen. This series was opened by the Galaxy Z Flip smartphone, which was released in February 2020. At the same time, the Fold smartphone of the February 2019 sample, the first Samsung mobile phone with a flexible screen, did not have the letter Z in the title. Currently, the most modern representatives of the series are Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, which appeared in the summer of 2021.


Samsung started launching the Z in the winter of 2020

According to the portal and experts of NotebookCheck, Samsung took this step due to the events in Ukraine. According to Android Headlines, the last letter of the Latin alphabet “became a symbol of the Russian armed forces” (the “Z” has become a symbol of the Russian armed forces).

“People in Ukraine and neighboring countries did not want to be associated with this symbol. In solidarity with the anti-Russian sentiment in the region, Samsung abandons the Z mark on its foldable smartphones. Meanwhile, at 14:00 on March 30, 2022, there were dozens of reports of both the Galaxy Z series itself and all the devices in this series on the website of the Ukrainian Samsung.

Europeans and Americans do not mind Z.

Samsung’s Russian site also contains information about Galaxy Z devices. It’s another thing that neither these nor other Korean company devices have been delivered to Russia since the beginning of March 2022. Samsung has backed this up with logistics problems and does not specify when we should expect it. the resumption of missions.

From left to right: Samsung’s German, American and British websites. Galazy Z in stock

The lack of Samsung equipment in Russia, as well as devices of other brands, is a consequence of international anti-Russian sanctions. Their largest “suppliers” are the United States and the countries of the European Union, as well as the United Kingdom excluded from its composition. However, the official Samsung websites for Germany, Britain and the United States at the time of publication of the material continued to offer visitors not only to meet, but also to buy a Galaxy Z smartphone.

Cancellation of the Latin letter

According to Android Headlines, Samsung has already started releasing new boxes for the Galaxy Z smartphones. They say the Galaxy Fold 3 and the Galaxy Flip 3. Meanwhile, the company has not yet made any announcement about this.

Russian (left) and Ukrainian locations of the Korean seller

However, NotebookCheck experts believe that in the coming days Samsung may eliminate the use of the letter Z in the names of its products across Europe. They also write that the use of the letter “Z” as a symbol is prohibited in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and remind that at the end of March 2022, the German authorities equated the use of this symbol with a criminal offense.

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It is not yet known if Samsung will abandon the Galaxy Z series altogether or somehow rename it. On the one hand he has been developing it for two years, on the other hand he already has a similar experience.

The Z shift has begun

In early 2019, the series of cheap Galaxy J mobile phones disappeared from the line of Samsung. In its place came the Galaxy M series that still exists. At the end of 2021, CNews wrote about Samsung’s readiness to close the Galaxy Note series of top business class smartphones. In early 2022, he combined it with the regular Galaxy S flagship series.

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