TOP 10 places in Primorsky Krai where you can relax in the summer of 2022

The heat has already come to Primorye, it’s time to get hiking rugs! The picture shows the island of the withering heart.

A photograph: Anton BLOCHIN

Primorye residents usually plan in advance where they will go this summer. Many people know that their homelands are full of many picturesque places. “Komsomolskaya Pravda – Vladivostok” gathered the top points for summer vacations in our area. Here everyone will find a place of their choice: these are popular and inaccessible places, capes, hills and islands, rivers and, of course, the sea. We are sure you will want to get out of the house and go to the beauties of Primorye. Visitors to the area also have plenty to choose from. So let’s go!


A wonderful place in Primorsky Krai with an incredibly romantic name is the Island of the Languishing Heart. Head to Telyakovsky Bay, the southernmost of the Far East’s marine refuge. The island itself is located about 30 meters from the west coast of the bay and is about a hundred meters long in size.

This place is located in the unprotected part of Telyakovsky Bay, so there are no problems getting there. As the island is connected to the mainland by a shallow strait from the west, you can either walk through this strait or by boat from the sea.

But the most romantic place is located in the most remote part of the island from the coast. There it got its name – a natural sea bath with a heart-shaped stone block. During a storm or storm, this stone makes a heartbeat-like sound.

Even on the island you can admire the picturesque grove of burial pines, which, incidentally, are listed in the Red Book of Russia. They are said to have healing powers. And especially successful tourists will be lucky enough to see a small mountaineering of spotted seals.


If you are tired of the sea and the beaches, then you are welcome in the Call of the Tiger National Park, where you can admire the river Milogradovka. This is one of the most important rivers in the Olginsky area of ​​Primorye. Its upper part originates from the slopes of central Sikhote-Alin. Milogradovka will not leave anyone indifferent. In some places, the seabed has a fairly steep slope, creating beautiful waterfalls. And there are 12 of them, across the river. Along the banks there are wild blueberries and lots of mushrooms, mountain ash and lemongrass, berries and red currants.

Milogradovka river.

Milogradovka river.

A photograph: Tatiana KLANOVETS


The impressive sights of the Kavalerovsky district are the “chicken” and “bottle” kekurs of Dubovaya Bay. What are kekurs? These are such cone-shaped or pillar-shaped rocks. Over time, the water transforms them, like a sculptor, into statues of unique shapes.

If you want to get to this place, be prepared for a long road. From Vladivostok to the bay, the one-way ride takes about nine hours. And it is better to choose a car with a long distance from the ground. We suggest you spend a summer night in a tent, but if you are used to relaxing in comfort, there are many cheap leisure centers in Zerkalnaya Bay.

Want even more adventure? From Dubovaya Bay you can go to the Olginsky area at Balyuzek Lighthouse. You can spend the night outdoors on the beach in Timofeevka. And on the way back, for great impressions, you can make a short detour and visit the Cape of Four Rocks.


Triozerye Bay is located southeast of Primorsky Krai, just north of Okuneva Bay. It owes its name to three freshwater lakes located on its shores. Unique sandy beaches, warm blue-green sea and the beautiful nature of Primorye are pleasantly combined here.

The business card of this place is the rock island Cruiser. And very close to Okuneva Bay, there are picturesque rocky outcrops of Feathers. In the three lakes that gave its name to the bay, the water is well heated and is much warmer than in the sea. The bottom of the lakes is muddy, so special bridges for swimming are placed on them. By the way, the big cruciform carp is found in the lakes – every fisherman’s dream.

The slopes of the hills that surround the bay are covered by dense deciduous forest rich in mushrooms and wild plants. Lovers of silence and solitude will always find a convenient place in Triozerye – there are many romantic coves with sandy beaches and granite cliffs.



A photograph: Anton BLOCHIN

Today there are many recreation centers and tents. Beaches and coves, which stretch for two kilometers, are equipped with tables, benches and barbecue. And next to them flows a key with drinking water. Extreme tourists will also find something to do. In addition to diving, here you can go windsurfing, jet skiing, kiting, paragliding and helicopter flights, boating and catamaran.

You can reach the beaches of Triozerye by bus to Nakhodka, then we changed to public transport in the village of Wrangel and then we take a local taxi.


Narva Bay Beach is located in the Khasansky district of Primorsky Krai between the villages of Bezverkhovo and Perevoznoye. Some of them are private area – travel, parking and camping – all for money only. In the area of ​​Lebyazhye lagoon, the beach is “wild” and access to this location is possible only with vehicles with all-wheel drive.

The shores are low everywhere and are bordered by a narrow sandy beach. Nearby there are low hills. Two miles from the shore, the high ground was overgrown with grass, shrubs and trees. The shallow river Narva flows into the western part of the bay, hence the name. To the east, the place is bordered by the mountainous and sometimes wooded Lomonosov Peninsula. The ground in the approach to the bay is mud and sand, and in the middle – sand and stone. Here you can not only sunbathe and swim from the heart, but also fish well. You must have firewood with you for the fire.


Balyuzek Peninsula is a picturesque place in the Olginsky region. There is a steep and rocky coastline. Getting close to the edge can be quite dangerous sometimes, especially on a windy day. The road to the lighthouse crosses the village of Vesely Yar. Balyuzek Lighthouse is still operational. The area where the lighthouse is located is closed, but you can go to the lighthouse itself along a narrow path that extends along the edge of the cape.

Baluzek Lighthouse.  Photo: Vitaly PETROV

Baluzek Lighthouse. Photo: Vitaly PETROV


Do you love turtles? On the Bruce Peninsula in the Khasan region, there is a large stone turtle that rushes into the sky. Legend has it that if you stand on her shell and make a wish, it will surely come true. From the cape of the rising turtle, a stone arch or, as it is also called, the kekur “Drinking Camel” is clearly visible. From Vladivostok, this strange reptile can be reached in just a few hours. An excellent choice for those who prefer a vacation from the category “there and then back”.


At the same picturesque Cape Bruce is the Busse Lighthouse. Since 1911 it shows the way to sailors in the waters adjacent to the village Slavyanka. The entrance to the lighthouse is forbidden, but you can admire it from afar. And you can reach the cape itself by any car, so this weekend route is available for all those who know the sea air and the beautiful landscapes. It is worth noting, however, that it will not be possible to drive directly to the cape by car, so once you reach a clearing next to the lighthouse, you will have to leave the car and walk.

Lighthouse Bus.

Lighthouse Bus.

A photograph: Anton BLOCHIN

On weekends, Cape Bruce is crowded. They walk on the rocks, take photos and just enjoy the beauty of nature. Therefore, if you want privacy, it is better to come daily. Also, do not forget that near the sea it blows a lot. It is best to dress as warmly as possible and have a blanket and hot tea with you.


The Krabbe Peninsula is a protected corner of southern Primorye, separated from the mainland by a narrow sandy spit. It is a huge and completely deserted peninsula that separates the village of Posyet from the waters of the southern part of the marine refuge of the Far East. It is his complete isolation from the civilized world that creates the halo of an incredible natural area. Agatovaya Bay – the most famous place – is rich in colorful stones, one of the natural arches is located here, which looks like a drinking duck.

Krabbe Peninsula.

Krabbe Peninsula.

A photograph: Daria NAOUMETS

The rest here will be of interest to those who love the history and local history of their homeland, who love botany and geology and just love to swim and dive.


Would you dare to see the place with the mysterious name Skull Island? Two light black caves really look like the empty niches of a skull. A monument of nature, amazing in its outlines, will excite lovers of vivid impressions with a variety of landscapes. Caves, rocky kekurs, rich underwater flora and fauna. And all this in combination with clean hot water.

To admire this wonder, you have to go to the village of Andreevka, which is located in the Khasansky area on the Gamov Peninsula. From there you can book a boat trip.

Island of the skull.

Island of the skull.

A photograph: Daria NAOUMETS

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