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The AVA restaurant, a joint work of Anton Pinsky (Pinskiy & Co), Artem Losev and Vitaly Istomin, now opens at nine in the morning to serve breakfast to all.

Oatmeal is the only tribute to the classics on the breakfast menu. In other dishes – solid experiments. Pumpkin and rice flour pancakes with lavender honey and burrata, omelette with smoked eel in unagi sauce, focaccia with pastrami, sweet potato and mustard sauce. Fried shrimp with parmesan foam, guacamole and artichokes or a bowl of quinoa, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados and Korean omelette with a whirlwind are some more breakfast dishes.

Crab donuts, which have already become a success, are replaced in the morning with donuts with cottage cheese stuffed with boiling condensed milk. There is a section with bowls and fresh green rolls with avocado, salmon and spinach on thin rice paper. The hit of the menu is the sausages with peas, which in fact are not sausages and not with peas (spoiler: it is a glazed curd). Breakfast is served daily from 09:00 until 12:00.

The next update of the menu brought new successes. It is an omelette with crab (890 rubles), benedict eggs with camembert and raspberry jam (780 rubles) and millet porridge with roasted pumpkin and seeds (340 rubles). A separate section with sandwiches is also worth noting. The menu has a selection of side dishes: turkey pastrami (650 rubles), beef with cole-slow (650 rubles), salmon rye with vegetables (710 rubles).

In the section “Sweet” appeared gnocchi from curd with cherry compote (470 rubles) and pancakes with mousse curd and raspberries (480 rubles).

An important innovation is the breakfast maker. A wide variety of food additives will appeal to those who follow a specific diet. Additives appeared in cereals: fresh berries or fruits, dried fruits and jams, vegetable milk and nuts. And also in dishes with eggs: salmon, pastrami, crab meat, avocado, tomatoes or parmesan.

With the arrival of winter, chef Timofey Sulima and pastry chef Yulia Furmanova, along with a team of chefs, updated the menu and added a dozen new seats. Bread is the head of everything, so now it is available in two versions: granules and black hemp (290 rubles), served as before with whipped caramel butter. The new appetizers include a sandwich with white fish caviar (650 rubles), airy toast brioche, sour cream, pickles and white fish caviar with grape oil. Fresh salmon tartare has been updated – now with citrus notes and fine aioli dill (820 rubles) and chicken pate served with raspberries, hazelnuts and boiled cherries (620 rubles).

The main menu has become denser – now there are more filling dishes for lunch: spicy pumpkin soup with crab (790 rubles), tagliatelle with truffle and parmesan (920 rubles), black cod steak with broccoli and spinach (1.290) risotto with pumpkin, morels, saffron and pecorino. A more festive dish is duck breast with mashed parsnip and celery root with spices and linden honey (1,190 rubles).

In the menu of sweets, Yulia Furmanova follows the principle “less sugar, more balance of taste”. Chocolate with truffle (490 rubles) consists of two textures of chocolate: a cookie, which looks more like macaroon, and baked dark chocolate ganache. Truffle petals and salt flakes enhance the composition, while lingonberry sauce and port wine add significant acidity. Candy with feijoa and fir (190 rubles) is the perfect end to dinner. Those who loved candies with nuts in their childhood will appreciate the new dessert – dried walnuts from childhood (490 rubles): a creamy taste of nuts, an acidic center of cherries on a cookie pad soaked in coffee liqueur and a chocolate tray with a waffle.

In addition to the main menu, the wine list of sommelier chef Alisa Kishchenko (former Antiquarian) was updated. From new products: Austrian top five, white and red from rare varieties from the island of Tenerife, mineral German Pinot Gris, Italian orange liqueur. California full of milk chocolate flavors, smoked pinotage and more. Large permutations in wines by the glass. Eighteen wines were added, including champagne, sects from a historic estate, Riesling petrol from South Africa, Italian chardonnay from American barrels, fine Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley and a dangerous brutal malbec.

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