We do not pay attention to the crisis, but we are just moving forward

GRILL restaurant manager Andrei Makarenko started working in the restaurant business from below and within a few years managed to achieve the highest level of professional excellence. He is happy that he managed to combine work and the main passion of his life and told the correspondent of the website go64.ru about how the only GRILL restaurant in Balakovo works and what pleasant surprises the visitors of this institution can expect this summer.

Many experts say that a certain idea, keeping a style is important for public restaurants. What is the concept and style of your restaurant?

– I completely agree with this statement. Caterers often try to combine as many directions and styles as possible, but this only worsens both the quality of the food and the level of service. To cook perfectly both fish and meat dishes at the same time, you must have many kitchens, otherwise you will end up with something indecent. That’s why we split the instructions: only fish dishes are served in the Murmansk restaurant and only meat dishes are served here. By the way, fish bring us ice from different parts of the world. Including from Sri Lanka and Australia, and at the GRILL restaurant you can also try fine marble meat from Japan.

The GRILL restaurant has taken the place of meat and I can say that we know meat very well. And we know very well how to treat guests. We have both dry aging and many other technologies for the preparation of delicious meat dishes. This is exactly our idea – to treat guests with such meat, which they have not yet tasted!

– What is your advantage over competitors?

– First, first class kitchen equipment. I have visited almost all the restaurants in Balakovo and I know they just do not have something similar. I can say that the total cost of the equipment exceeds 400 million rubles and all meet the best international standards.

Second, we teach our guests. We teach them to understand cooked meat correctly, we teach meat culture. To put it this way, we allow our guests to open up their taste buds and, in fact, enjoy meat dishes. In addition, we do all this discreetly.

Our waiters can tell you almost everything about the meat we cook. And that is another advantage of ours. Our employees are well aware that the visitor must be offered exactly what he really wants now, even if the visitor himself does not understand this. And they know how to do it.

Last but not least, we are always on trend! As for meat, we are not lagging behind in the Moscow market. We often go there and study new ideas, new trends in meat cooking and we are the first to present them in Balakovo. And only then other restaurants in the city try to repeat our dishes.

DSC06476.JPG– There is an opinion among entrepreneurs that it is better to develop their staff “from the beginning” than to hire already renowned professionals. Do you agree with that?

– I would not say that there is a universal recipe for the right choice of staff. In my opinion, everything always requires an individual approach. Of course, sometimes it is better to hire a young specialist and create him in production, but this plan does not always work. For example, a student from one of the technical schools in Balakovo worked in our office. The guy had real talent. He understood everything immediately and very quickly integrated into our plan. And when I offered him a permanent job, the young man refused. He explained that he first wanted to complete his training and then he would decide where to work. And another example is our chef, who came to work as a renowned professional, and without whom our GRILL restaurant is simply unthinkable now. So, I repeat, there is no universal way of selecting staff.

– Are you preparing pleasant surprises for the guests of the GRILL restaurant next summer?

– Of course, there will be pleasant surprises for our guests, and several, but I would not like to dwell on this in detail yet. I can say that there will be surprises in the market segment. Our GRILL menu will have both cheap and expensive sections. We decided to make this change because we have to cover the whole spectrum of visitor flow.

There will definitely be surprises for drinks. We prepare many interesting and original things. I hope they pleasantly surprise our guests. And another surprise will be the appearance of an entertainment program. We intend to make the rest of our visitors more interesting. By the way, there is an opinion among the residents of Balakovo that it is difficult to get into Izumrud, as it is located in the PhosAgro apartment. Many believe that you can only get here by passing. This is not true. Access to us is open to all residents of Balakovo and visitors to the city.

– Tell us about the development plans of the restaurant?

– We have planned the expansion of the restaurant. We will complete the construction of the kitchen, which will become more functional and convenient for the staff. The main hall of the restaurant will also be enlarged. We intend to expand it significantly and make it all-season, so that in summer our guests enjoy the cool breeze from Balakovka and in winter enjoy a comfortable view of the snowy coast. There will be another comfortable VIP banquet hall with a beautiful view, which we will place under the main hall.

And in the summer we will have a barbecue right on the street for guests to enjoy on the open terraces. There are also plans to establish a partnership with the Turbina Speed ​​Club. We intend to give the spectators the opportunity to eat delicious food right on the stage, in between the games. We are generally not going to stay on the spot.

I would like to emphasize separately that the difficulties that have arisen due to Western sanctions against Russia, of course, hinder comfortable growth, but that is not crucial. We just do not pay attention to them, but we move forward and we will continue to try to offer the best to our guests.

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