what do children feed at school?

From September 1, 2020, students in grades 1 through 4 will receive free school meals. The attention to the importance of hot meals for children was drawn by Russian President Vladimir Putin, by whose decree, from 2020, elementary school students are provided with good nutrition. The introduced support measure then opened the eyes of society to a new problem – the modern eating habits of children have changed and not for the better.

The introduction of the free breakfast is a welcome development for parents and schools are preparing to increase hot meals for their students. Here the state helped: funds were allocated for the modernization of school canteens and restaurants.

The government of Mari El provided great assistance in preparing the schools of democracy.

– Last year, 3.89 million rubles were allocated for the purchase of equipment for restaurants and inventory. In 2020 – 2.97 million rubles. “Schools bought refrigerators, stoves, ovens, dishes and more,” said Tatyana Nizamutdinova, head of the Volzhsk administration’s education department.

Do tastes differ?

It seems that everyone is happy and satisfied, but there are also problems. Many children are simply not accustomed to a healthy diet: “biting” has become the rule in the family and healthy foods have replaced semi-finished products. Well, as sweet as it is now allowed to children, they probably have never eaten. The school menu is strictly regulated according to the nutritional requirements of children in calories, nutritional value, composition of food and dishes, but does not always meet the taste preferences of modern children.

Unfortunately, modern children are not used to eating healthy food. They love sausages, pizza, sweets, their parents take care of them with trips to fast food shops. Children eat fish, liver. “Therefore, they complain to their parents that they do not always like food at school,” says Tatyana Nizamutdinova.

If you want to be healthy …

What the students really eat and what the children may not like, I decided to learn in the example of one of the schools in the city. Marina Yankovskaya, principal of school No. 4, responded to my request and introduced me to the work of the school canteen. By the way, every parent has this right. In addition, moms and dads can even try what their children are fed. To do this, contact the administration of the institution.

– In the canteen of our school not only children eat, but also teachers. The main dishes on the menu are the same. Teachers like the way cooks cook. We have delicious soups, and what rich cereals! Such houses do not come out, – says the deputy director for the educational work of school No. 4 Elena Koutserova.

On the day of my visit, elementary school students were given rice with butter and fish cake, jelly and cheese for dessert. Yes, yes, now they give to students and sweets. Often these are fruits that also modern children do not really eat. The students stood together in the distribution for their portion. The cutlets were just a feast for the eyes: juicy, fragrant, with a golden brown crust.

– Kids love cutlets, although not everyone eats fish. Fish is generally badly eaten, although it is boneless, good varieties. “Above all they love the cottage cheese casserole,” says Elmira Sergeeva, head of production at the school canteen.

Elmira Anvarovna said that the school menu is developed 10 days earlier in accordance with Rospotrebnadzor’s requirements for child nutrition. The products are selected fresh. This is also strictly controlled.

The school menu contains many different dishes of meat, cereals, vegetables, sometimes they give pasta, which the children love so much. Cutlets, meatballs, pilaf, goulash, meatballs – something new every day. In addition, for students from 1st to 4th grade and beneficiaries, all this useful tasty variety is completely free.

We always observe how the children perceive this or that dish. If we see that many have not finished eating, we try to find out why. Sometimes an ingredient can change the taste of a dish. Then we change it. In general, it is in our interest to feed the children “, says Marina Jankovskaya, principal of school No. 4.

Dinner is served

Now 750 children out of 956 students are eating at school. 450 – elementary school students. In order to be able to feed them all with freshly cooked hot food, the chefs have to come to work at 5-6 in the morning.

There are nutritional benefits for children from large families and people with disabilities who are studying in an adaptive educational program. If a child goes to primary school and belongs to one of these categories, then at school he eats twice. 180 students from 5th to 11th grade eat for a fee: incomplete or complex breakfast or lunch is paid at the expense of their parents.

On average, the cost of breakfast is from 35 to 50 rubles per day, depending on the type and composition, lunches – from 29 to 70 rubles per day. All menu information, costs are published on the “Catering” tab on the school’s website, as in all other educational institutions.

In general, what I saw in the school cafeteria touched me a lot: hot, hot, it smells like delicious food. As a student in the 90’s, it is not entirely clear to me what demands modern children can have on nutrition. We were fed thin porridge and buns, which, incidentally, we considered the most delicious in the world.

Direct speech

Tatyana Nizamutdinova, head of the training department of the Volzhsk administration:

– If parents have questions about nutrition, especially if the child is unhappy, then you should contact the class teacher or the school management. Nutrition issues are under the daily control of the heads of educational institutions.

Andrey Komarov, father of a 4th grade student at school No. 4:

– I was interested in food at school when I asked my son if he would have lunch after school. The child said he ate at school and was full. I asked him if he liked the food in the school cafeteria. Answer yes. Of course, children traditionally do not like liver and fish. The love for these products awakens at an older age. But they are still useful, so they should be on the school menu.

Elena Nikolaeva, mother of a second grade student at the Lyceum in the city of Volga:

– Eating behavior is disturbed in modern children. They refuse meat, love sandwiches and snacks, schools and kindergartens are now, perhaps, such places where children can eat healthy food. At home, unfortunately, their parents allow a lot of harmful, especially sweets – this is the number one enemy of modern children. We ourselves must think about what we feed our children at home.

Anzhelika Panfilova, mother of a first grade student of school No. 2:

– Unfortunately, our people are so ordered that they do not always appreciate what they are given. Now primary school children are fed at school at the expense of the state and we should be happy about that. For some reason, people are willing to spend a lot of money on pizza, potatoes, hamburgers and more, but they are not afraid to criticize free healthy eating at school. How to understand it? I do not know. If the child did not like something, then you should try to explain to him that you should eat at school, because it is useful. I am a mother of many children. My son has breakfast and lunch at school and I can rest assured that he is full and eats normally. At home, it is sometimes difficult to get them to eat normally, but at school they all eat together.

Earlier, “Mariyskaya Pravda” reported that two volunteers from Volzhsk received medals from Vladimir Putin.

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