4 new Moscow restaurants worth visiting this spring

Ekaterina Maslova, health nutrition consultant and restaurant critic (https://ekaterinamaslova.com) talks about the most popular discoveries of the last two months. By an interesting coincidence, 3 in 4 restaurants with Italian cuisine, but each of them displays its own special look at the gastronomic trend that is so popular in Moscow.


Folk Restaurant is a joint project of the restaurants Dmitry Romanov and Anton Pinsky and the famous chef Vladimir Chistyakov. The main idea is a combination of modern trends with local products and traditions of the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East. The interior of the new project is elegant, but full of soul – a cozy patio with a fire burning on the stove and a large stone table, in the center of the room there is a large bar with a low bar, on the right is a wine room with a cupboard that shines with dozens of bottles and a graphic panel “Caucasian ladies playing polo”. On the left there is a room with a long sofa along the wall, through which, like through old bricks, thin strips of light penetrate. An open kitchen and plenty of fire – from a stove to a barbecue and barbecue – is the basis of national cuisine and the main principle of comfort food.

The Folk menu includes an original combination of traditional dishes in the vision of the author of the famous chef Vladimir Chistyakov and chef Mark Shah Akbari. Armenian lahmatzun with olive and squid tapana (950 rubles), Abkhazian ailaj with truffles and morels (890 rubles), beef tartare with salted lemons and oil in Georgian adjika (890 rubles) and the sea bass looks like a big dolma – wrapped in vine leaves (980 rubles). Inspired by the classics of national cuisine, the chefs create a new story of well-known flavors and aromas for Folk – together they dry aromatic herbs, marinate and ferment. They cook their own narsharab, tkemali and satsebele. Even the kebabs here are not like everywhere, but minced fillet with caramelized onions and birch bark tobacco (2300 rubles), salmon with dates (950 rubles) and talagani cheese with chestnut honey (820 rubles).
Website: https://taplink.cc/folk


The new restaurant of the famous Moscow restaurant and famous chef William Lamberti (Sartoria Lamberti, Ugolёk, Uilliam’s). Lumicino is Italian for “light”. At the beginning of the idea is a personal story with an emphasis on family values ​​and traditions. The interior, designed by Lamberti himself, is dominated by plant tones, wood and touches, symbols of the Apennine Peninsula. The atmosphere of the restaurant is intertwined with details: a wooden pepper and a salt shaker with a texture similar to the chairs, like melted metal candlesticks, perfect white tablecloths, photos from little William’s birthday decorate bottles with homemade lemonade, the costume of the lemonade, the costume from Lambert’s mother’s dress.

The restaurant menu contains Italian family recipes and iconic chef dishes. Traditional Sicilian caponata, homemade handmade pasta, as made from eggs and flour by William’s grandmother, tiramisu, which is enough for the whole family … Each recipe is a story with its own drama and meaning, each dish is associated with a specific person or event in the life of a restaurant. For example, canned tuna and chiambata (980 rubles) was prepared by Vincenzo’s mother in childhood, “Linguini with mussels returned from India” (990 rubles) Lamberti dedicated to the gastronomic critic Luigi Cremona (1450 rubbing) – dear a funny reminder of how once a poisonous spider escaped to Ancona and the whole city froze at home. In order to add a touch of authentic flavor to Marches, William’s hometown, an olive oil called “Baby’s Tear” was ordered.
Website: https://www.lumicino.rest


A new Italian work for Bolshaya Dmitrovka by restaurateurs Anatoly Lyapidevsky and Evgeny Tureykis (Bardot, Monkey Izakaya Bar). The interior combines active graphic prints, brass and marble surfaces, wooden painted walls. Right at the entrance there is a bar counter, where you can try original author cocktails by the chief bartender Alexander Shevelev (Kultura, “16 tons”, “Crisis of the genre”).

A trio of famous chefs Beluga, Fahrenheit, Loro and Krasota Vyacheslav Zavodchikov and Ramil Misbakhov and the confectioner Ella Kurashova are in charge of the restaurant’s kitchen. Together they created a unique menu with a modern concept of traditional Italian dishes. The Burrata with tomatoes is seasoned with flower honey and orange juice (1,150 rubles), carpaccio scallop (1,300 rubles) flavored with a mixture of lemon, lime and orange, zucchini, shrimp and artichokes are added to the panzanella (accompanied by 1,300 rubles) romaine lettuce leaves on ice (1150 rubles). Hot dishes include grilled Florentine steak (900 rubles), sea bass aqua pazza (1200 rubles), a surprisingly generous portion of ossobuco risotto from Milan (1550 rubles) and various pasta – from squid with crab with tagli (16) (1250 rubles) and for traditional tiramisu dessert (600 rubles), delicate San Sebastian cheesecake (600 rubles) and semifreddo in fragile waffle hugs with cherry sauce (600 rubles).
Website: http://rocky-rocky.ru


If you have not seen the new GIGI mod yet, it is definitely worth repairing. The work of Dmitry Vishnyakov, Valery Yusov and Oleg Zubrinov, who created not just a restaurant, but a multifunctional space. The interior embodies a bright space for 50 seats, full of air and bright color elements. The long bar of the bar catches the eye with its relief and the luminous circle is the heart of the restaurant and lives in the rhythm of GIGI: during the day it exudes a warm light and at night it pulsates with neon shades.

Chef Nikita Ovchinnikov is in charge of the kitchen, preparing Italian dishes that Muscovites love with his own interpretation: burrata with complementary lotus dressing based on lavender honey (750 rubles), the traditional Tuscan soup caciucco made with tomato vongole mussels (670 rubles). ), and shiny pumpkin cream with mascarpone (450 rubles). The main character of the menu is the gnocchi, which can be made gluten-free upon request. There are 3 options for vegetarians – with quattro formaggi sauce (550 rubles), pesto and sun-dried tomatoes (490 rubles) and seasonal mushrooms (580 rubles), as well as gnocchi with shrimp (570 rubles), duck confetti (700 rubles) and beef cheeks and plums (650 rubles). Also highlights from the GIGI menu, along with gnocchi – a variety of homemade pasta and thin and crunchy Neapolitan wood-fired pizza, for example, with mortadella and peanuts (990 rubles), fresh tomatoes and stratsiatella (570 rubles) or parma (750 rubles.). Desserts include a homemade Basque cheesecake with ryazhenka ice cream (550 rubles), various shu with white chocolate ganache (330 rubles) and a tart with chocolate ganache, salted caramel and raspberries (470 rubles).
Website: https://gigi-restaurant.ru


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