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Disabling Apple Pay and Google Pay in Russia has led to the search for alternative contactless payment methods. Card holders, which are attached to the back of the phone or to a protective case, have become very popular. We understand how secure it is and what other contactless payment methods are available.

In recent years, we have become accustomed to paying for one-touch shopping – it is fast, convenient and secure. The phone is a gadget that is always with us and thanks to the Pay-service services that are installed in it, you do not need to have a bank card or wallet with you. The previous coronavirus pandemic also contributed to the growing popularity of mobile payment services – at the end of 2021, according to MTS Bank analysts, their share reached 31% of the total cash turnover of card transactions and the number of transactions increased by 66% during the year.

People who were accustomed to the convenience of smartphone payments, after disabling Apple Pay and Google Pay, began to look for an alternative. Among Visa and Mastercard payment card holders, the method of storing a card along with a smartphone has become popular. Some people started putting the card under the phone case, others – in special card holders that are attached to the back of the device or in a protective case.

How safe is it to store a bank card with a smartphone? The simplest example: if you lose your phone, then you lose your bank card. So you add problems to yourself, as you will not even be able to quickly block the card in your bank’s mobile app or through the call center – you will not have a phone available for this.

In addition, your phone, along with a bank card, becomes a desirable prey for pickpockets and fraudsters. You will not be saved by a complex password on your phone, fingerprint access or Face ID. Many push and SMS notifications come on the lock screen.

An attacker could also remove the SIM card from your phone, install it on another device, and easily make online purchases with your bank card in hand.

5 rules to protect yourself from losing money as much as possible:

  • If possible, keep your phone and bank card separate.

  • Do not give your bank card to anyone. For example, a waiter in a restaurant. Always apply or insert the card yourself at the payment terminal.
  • Go to your phone settings and turn off pop-up notifications on the lock screen. Just in case, leave the vibrating or audible signal.

  • Set a PIN on your SIM card so that it cannot be activated on another phone.
  • Alternatively, remove the physical SIM card and install an eSIM. It can not be removed from the smartphone, because. is built into it. ESIM also supports up to 5 numbers with different values, so it is not only safe, but also very convenient! This technology is available to MTS subscribers.

There are other alternative and secure contactless payment methods.

Mir payment system card issuance – you can download it virtually – and connect it to the MirPay app, which is analogous to Google Pay and Apple Pay for Mir cardholders. Mir also supports Samsung Pay.

Fast payment system It also allows retailers to accept payments from customers using QR codes. Many retailers and entrepreneurs are already actively applying this method. QR codes can be dynamic, generated for each specific service, as well as static – conveniently placed, for example, near the cash register. All that is required of the customer for payment is to go to the bank application, scan the QR code and confirm the charge.

Most importantly, when choosing the most convenient payment method for you, do not forget about security!

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