Agricultural burns and human factor: Altai is among the areas where the risk of forest fires is high

The fires in the forests of the Altai Territory may start as early as the first decade of April. This is the trend of recent years and meteorologists predict that suitable weather conditions will be created by now. The southern part of the region is in the special danger zone, especially the areas bordering Kazakhstan. For example, in 2010, a forest fire came from the territory of a neighboring state and destroyed the village of Altai Nikolaevka. The other day at Barnaul they have already discussed the preparations for the fire danger period.

In danger

According to the press service of Avialesookhrana, there will be high risk of fires in 17 regions of Russia. Among these issues is the Altai Territory. Last year, the start of the fire season in the area was announced on April 9. The main causes of the fires for April-May are agricultural burns and the human factor.

“In these parts of Russia, weather conditions can greatly contribute to the occurrence and spread of natural fires,” the report said.

Preparations for the firefighting season began late last year, with authorities approving a plan for major events. Also, forces have already been set up in the area, which are obliged to provide assistance to the population in case of fires. During the dangerous period, responsible specialists are on alert, on-call duty at forest fire stations are carried out around the clock. Towers, helicopters and space monitoring are used for observation. All information is sent immediately to the regional dispatch service, which operates around the clock.

One of the main tasks is the timely detection and elimination of fires in forests and agricultural areas at an early stage and the prevention of the increase of the fire area.

“To solve this problem, it is necessary to organize the work of patrol, patrol-maneuvering and maneuvering teams, to continue the interaction of the heads of rural settlements with the regional administrations, the emergency department of the city,” he said. Head of the Territorial Department of Supervisory Activities and Preventive Affairs No. 1 UND and PR of the Main Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Altai Territory Maxim Chertov. – In the Barnaul urban area, 11 settlements and 13 objects fall into the forest fire risk zone, 15 settlements fall into the landscape fire risk zone. For the Barnaul fire season, 16 patrol teams, seven patrol teams, one maneuver team and six volunteer ground firefighters have been deployed.

Warn gardeners

Maxim Chertov stressed that it is necessary to develop and approve an act of municipal readiness for a period of fire risk, passports for settlements, children’s camps, gardening, under the threat of forest and other natural fires. According to him, as of this year, the administrations of the provinces and cities have been assigned the obligation to ensure primary fire safety measures within the boundaries of urban and rural settlements.

With the introduction of the fire-fighting period, certain restrictions apply. It is currently forbidden to make fires in the forests, throw cigarette butts, burn matches, ashes from pipes, glass bottles and jars. From a certain angle, they can act as a magnifying glass, which will lead to fire. When hunting, do not use swabs made of flammable materials or materials that burn slowly. Leave materials oiled with flammable substances in the forest. Fill engine fuel tanks with defective system.

“We are obliged to carefully process each event for the preparation and passage of these periods,” he stressed. First Deputy Head of Barnaul Anatoly Voronkov.

Following the meeting, district heads and officials were instructed to organize work to clear areas under their jurisdiction from debris and dry grass, to carry out raids on land clearing, to create metal lanes and to plow fields. around settlements that are prone to threat. of fires. It is difficult to warn gardeners that it is impossible to burn dry grass on the site. In 2021, the fire season in the area was announced from April 9, in 2020 – from April 10, in 2019 – from April 5, in 2018 – from April 21.

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