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In different cultures, green is the color of life, energy and renewal. Gives a sense of security, calms, inspires self-development. This color is believed to promote career growth and financial well-being.

In ancient Egypt, green symbolized resurrection and fertility. Now we connect it with the care for the environment, the ecological cleanliness, with everything natural and natural. For example, a green tree with a check mark indicates that the paper products used come from responsibly managed forests and are certified by the environmental organization FSC.

The design in green tones is perfect for meditation, it helps you relax and immerse yourself. In such an environment, it is easy to concentrate on important tasks: the paint will not irritate and will not cause excessive work. And the green tones in the interior of the bedroom are one of the best decoration options for those who can not sleep for a long time and suffer from stress.

In blue. Reminiscent of clear skies and the serene rustle of the forest.

In white. Visually it makes the space brighter and more spacious.

Monochrome. When designing a monochrome interior, you should not violate the color temperature: warm tones look best next to warm and cold tones next to cold.

With beige. A very calm, slightly silent combination, associated, for example, with the green of the pines between the Baltic dunes.

With gray. On a neutral gray background, the soft shades of pistachio, malachite and mint look advantageous. Such combinations are often used when decorating a bedroom in green tones.

In yellow. Despite the brightness, this combination does not cause irritation. Instead, dreams of a vacation on the golden sand under palm trees can wake up.

Researchers at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom have found that looking at pictures or pictures of scenic landscapes can help you relax and recover from stress faster. Of course, painted grass will not replace being in nature. But when it’s winter and the holidays are far away, all means are well. You can decorate the rooms with floral print fabrics or use simple materials if they are related to nature.

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The most obvious way to change the color scheme of a kitchen or dining room interior is to start with the walls. But in this case, you need to take the choice of shade seriously: it should not be too bright and annoying or, conversely, too boring for you – otherwise, after a month or two, you will have to re-paste the wallpaper.

You can challenge stereotypes and change the traditional white color of the roof, making it mint or pistachio. Combined with beige walls, it would look great in a farmhouse-style dining room.

If there are no drastic changes to the designs, add colors with tones. It can be curtains, pots of herbs and even apples on the table. Small details look best on a neutral background, otherwise they may just get lost. And if you want to go further, you can buy green chair covers, a tablecloth or a rug.

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The white and green color is suitable for decorating the walls of the living room. Fresh and soft, it is rarely found in nature, but it looks natural and discreet. Saturated shades of green will allow you to place tones. Upholstery, curtains, sofa cushions are suitable. The impression that the interior will leave largely depends on the choice of tone. For example, a shade of mint is considered nobler than a shade of bottle.

Bright colors such as light green or lime are the best choice for kits salons. Such an environment will surprise and inspire people who have gathered here to discuss creative projects.

If the living room windows face south and it is often very hot, add gray-blue tones to the main range. Warm and light shades are ideal for rooms with north and west windows.

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Psychologists recommend abandoning fancy colors in the interior of the bedroom, as they can cause stress and hinder relaxation. The best idea for the interior decoration of the green bedroom is to combine pastel shades of green with beige, cream, blue, light yellow and brown.

If pastel colors look too dull, you can, for example, choose green apple wallpapers and balance them with discreet shades – gray, brown. This combination will look harmonious and at the same time original.

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To make the interior look complete, it is important to choose the right furniture. So, for an eco-style bedroom, furniture made of light or dark wood with linen wallpaper fits better. And for the style of Provence, artificially aged white wooden furniture is chosen.

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Sophisticated colors such as “marble” tiles look harmonious in the design of modern bathrooms. Pure tones are most often used in eclectic interiors, which are characterized by a mixture of different styles.

Next to the green shades, the following materials will look harmonious:

Wood. It can rarely be found in the bathroom, but a wooden cupboard under the solid wood sink is what you need. You can also complement the interior of the bathroom with cane accessories, such as wicker baskets.

Terrazzo tiles (mosaic). It looks advantageous in small rooms, suitable for highlighting individual zones.

Shaped ceramic tiles, for example in the form of scales or honeycombs.

Stone. The priority is the natural tones: black and white and gray.

A bold choice is to use green as a monochrome. In this case, a competent combination of sine is very important. The classic solution: light-colored ceiling, slightly darker walls and rich shade on the floor. And to highlight the details, you can use different textures.

For those who do not like the monochrome, it is better to use green as a base color (about 50% of the total range) or a complement (about 30%).

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The green interior is suitable for children of all ages. This color does not put extra strain on the eyesight and nervous system and also helps you fall asleep faster. All this contributes to the normal development of the child.

You can arrange a kindergarten on a specific topic. Here are some ideas:

magic forest

tree house

Jurassic Park

The green color in the interior of a boy’s bedroom can be cold with a bluish tone. Can be combined with blue, light blue, gray, brown or black. For a girl, the natural shades of fresh foliage are suitable in combination with lilac, pink, gold, coral. And if this is a room for children of different sexes, you can decorate the interior in a classic style: pastel colors, such as mint, combined with white.

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