“It simply came to our notice then. Vyacheslav Tikhonov and Nonna Mordyukova. Ice and Fire: Channel Five presents

VGIK young students Vyacheslav Tikhonov and Nonna Mordyukova got their first roles in the film “Young Guard”. At the time, no one could have guessed what role Fadeev’s novel would play in the fate of future movie stars. The beautiful brunette was immediately liked by the famous director Gerasimov. He was famous for his increased attention to young actors and the presence of his wife did not bother him at all. After each subsequent hobby, Gerasimov returned to his wife. But from the temperamental Kozaka Nona, the director literally lost his head. He talked to his friends about his feelings and even decided to get a divorce. Only now Mordyukova’s mother has rejected a possible groom. The famous director seemed very big to Irina Petrovna. But the beautiful Slava Tikhonov fell in love with her and her daughter was ordered to pay attention to him. Noyabrina did not go beyond her parental words: she resigned from the director and accepted Tikhonov’s courtship and did not notice how she fell in love with him.

When Nona announced that she was pregnant, Vyacheslav, as a decent Soviet man, immediately proposed to her. There was no such thing as marriage. The groom believed that the young family did not need extra expenses. Almost immediately, the young wife realized that this marriage was a mistake. The spouses were very different. She liked to receive guests and was bothered by her relatives who sang songs and Cossacks. He always avoided parties, retired with a book or went to museums, talked about art and excellence. And he was thinking about how to make money so that the house would not only have spiritual food.

The birth of Volodya’s son brought the couple together for some time, and they both loved him, but Nonna quickly got tired of diapers and prams. Tikhonov wanted to sit at home and bake pies, and he loved movies and attention, he rushed to the world. Tikhonov was jealous, scandals became an integral part of their family life. The sharp woman Kozakos was not shy in expressions.

In the set of the movie “A Simple Story” Mordyukova met Vasily Shukshin. There was sympathy and some special spiritual intimacy between them. Shukshin even asked her to leave her husband and she almost retreated.

It is true that Tikhonov once allowed himself to fall in love with another woman, the affair lasted four years. For a while, peace reigned in the family of actors and then Nona fell in love again. For the sake of a young handsome man, she even dyed her hair blonde. At that time, the chosen Mordyukova divorced another movie star Lyudmila Gurchenko. Tikhonov got used to his wife’s nature and was sure he would pursue another hobby. He let her go to another, without doubting that Nona would return. And he was challenged and filed for divorce. At that time, her beloved mother was no longer alive and there was no one to protect her daughter from an impulsive act.

The couple divorced violently. Nona even remembered that for 13 years Slava had never congratulated her on her birthday. Four years later, Tikhonov married a French teacher, and his dreams of an ideal family life came true. Mordyukova lived for five years with a man she provided. After another six months with an actor who was jealous of her fame and success.

While Tikhonov and Mordyukova were arranging their personal lives, their teenage son was having a hard time with his parents’ divorce. He compensated for the catastrophic lack of love from his relatives with alcohol and bad company. Drugs later appeared in his life. In moments of despair, Nona called Vyacheslav Tikhonov for help. But each time he replied that he was busy.

In 1972, Mordyukova, along with her son, starred in the film “Russian Field”. In the story, Vladimir’s hero dies. And Nonna in the role of his mother cries over the coffin of her beloved son …

Vladimir’s heart stopped at the age of 40. Tikhonov and Mordyukova, who hated each other, met at their son’s funeral for the first time since the divorce. They both blamed themselves for not saving their only child.

Were the two stars able to forgive each other before they died and what were their last words? Is it true that Mordyukova regretted leaving Tikhonov for the rest of her life? Why did the actor’s second wife call Mordyukova at night? Who became the last love of the famous Cossack? And why did Tikhonov not come to the funeral of his ex-lover?

Do not miss the premiere of the screening of the documentary “They stunned the world. Vyacheslav Tikhonov and Nonna Mordyukova. Ice and Fire “on Friday, April 1 at 00:45 on Channel Five.

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