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Ural publishers are looking for ways to deal with the shortage of paper and other material that has emerged since Western sanctions were imposed on Russia over a special military operation in Ukraine. According to them, there is no coated paper on the market, problems with offset paper have started, while the increase in the cost of books since the beginning of the year has reached 50%. They predict a drop in circulation and an increase in the final prices of books. The Russian Book Union has already sent proposals to the Russian government to support the industry. Among them are tax breaks.

Since the start of the Russian Federation’s special military operation in Ukraine and the imposition of Western sanctions on Russia, printing presses have increased prices for black and white printing by 30% and for color printing by almost 50% due to inaccessible imported materials, officials said. of the market. The shortage and consequently rising cost of coated paper started earlier: according to the Russian Book Union (RKS), paper rose by 20% in 2021 and last month some types of paper disappeared from the market.

More than 70 publishing houses and publishing houses are registered in Yekaterinburg. Among them are Armchair Scientist, Socrates, Tatlin, UrFU publishing house.

“The most unpleasant thing is that now there is not even a lack of coated paper, but a lack of the most common offset paper. We use chalk coating for covers, there are problems with it for a very long time – more than six months, so we have already adapted to this situation. Now there is not enough offset paper of the most popular density of 80 g / sq.m., But we found it in warehouses of other printing houses that we had not worked on before. “Recently, the 100 g / sq.m., Which we started using for color printing, have also disappeared from the market, as they simply disappeared from the market with high quality calender paper, which gives the brightest and clearest print.” said his production manager the publishing service told Kommersant-Ural.Ridero Maria Ryavina. The publishing service was created in 2013 in Yekaterinburg. He collaborates with freelance writers all over the country and provides e-books and print publications at the request of the author. According to Ms. Ryavina, printing accounts for about 40% of Ridero’s revenue and print book distribution – about 25%.

“We seldom print color books that require coated paper, but it is always used on inserts and covers. Everything is imported and it is still impossible to find an alternative. The printing house is dealing with this and they still do not see a solution to the problem “, said the publisher Fyodor Yeremeev (works of Armchair Scientist, Comic Book Factory). He added that at the moment only prints that had been planned for a long time, for which the materials had been purchased in advance, are coming out of the printing house. According to his estimates, they should last until May. “Since May, I can not imagine how we will publish something. “If the situation does not change dramatically, then in the summer we will hang a lot,” Eremeev explained. According to his forecasts, in the future there will be a big reduction in traffic.

Ridero has also managed to supply supplies, but the service has already increased the prices for its services by 20-30%, depending on the binding and the color. “For color printing, we had to look for an alternative. It is now offset paper with a density of 120 gr / sq.m. “We managed to buy it in bulk,” Ryavina explained.

The crisis in the printing production caused an increase in the prices of books. Thus, the director of the Piotrovsky bookstore, Konstantin Kolobov, told Kommersant-Ural that growth will continue in line with the reduction in supply, but the store’s sales have not decreased in the last month. Publishers of Armchair Scientist and Comic Factory expect book prices to rise by 20% to 30% in the near future, even if the panic that has started in the market due to lack of materials subsides.

Another problem for book publishers last month was the cessation of cooperation with the Russian market by many major foreign publishers, such as Penguin Random House, Macmillan Publishers, Simon & Schuster and the international book wholesale company Gardners. However, the “Armchair Scientist” and the “Comic Book Factory” were able to agree with foreign partners to continue the cooperation. “The Japanese partners have confirmed that all our agreements remain unchanged. Their biggest concern was whether we would pay in dollars or insist on paying in another currency. We have confirmed that we will pay in dollars. We also conducted interviews with European and American authors and publishers. “Everything is fine, we have no tragedy here,” Yeremeev said.

At a news conference on Thursday, RCU President Sergei Stepashin said that representatives of the book industry had sent a letter to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Misoustin with proposals for support for the industry. “To date, the cost of the book has increased by 50%. First of all, it is, of course, coated paper. The second is the work of printing houses, the third is the tax burden that must be reduced. “We have formulated specific support measures,” he said (quoted by Interfax). Among the measures proposed by the industry, according to Sergei Sargunov, president of the Union of Writers and Publishers of Russia, could be the introduction of a zero VAT rate for the book industry and other tax breaks. He also proposed exempting Russian writers from paying personal income tax and setting up a system of grants for them.

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