Now is the best time for cheap smartphones. Thanks for this Samsung and Google

Let’s remember what happened a while ago. A time when Samsung’s Galaxy A series was not as prosperous as it is now. Long before Google figured out how to turn its Pixel into a convenient and inexpensive solution. It was a time when affordable phones were not worth a second look after the first opportunity. They were expensive, they did not offer high performance, they were inflated with unnecessary applications, they were rarely updated … And this is not an offer to choose one thing. All of these were on these phones at the same time. We are now living in a different era – the golden age of cheap telephones. And there is evidence for that.

The Google Pixel 5a may not be sold worldwide, but it certainly had an impact on that.

Are Expensive and Cheap Phones Different?

Of course, you will still find limitations and a phone of 30,000 rubles will never be better than one that costs 100,000 rubles, no matter how many merchants and angry fans of the brand assure us of it. However, we have more and more opportunities for not too much money. And here we can say only one thing – the time has come.

With all the improvements we see in top devices, we also see them dropping favorite features. For example, the headphone jack, which is expensive for many, but is now in top units.

But many budget phones figured it out. He is still inside Samsung Galaxy A32 And Google Pixel 5a, but you will not find it in their most expensive alternatives. The same Galaxy A32 still offers a built-in microSD slot for storage expansion, which has long been absent from Samsung’s super-cool flagships.

Of course, talking about new affordable phone hardware is not just about mentioning features that the flagships leave behind. After all, they are no longer in such high demand. Instead, it’s important to look at the features that have been transferred from state-of-the-art devices to the budget department.

The Galaxy A52 last year showed how to make cheap phones.

Can a cheap phone be good?

For example, the Poco X4 Pro is a budget phone with a 120Hz OLED display and a 108MP main camera. Both of these features debuted on flagships not long ago and are now available to everyone for $ 300. Although before they had to pay 1000+ dollars. Even 67 W charging is still not available on all expensive smartphones. For example, they do not include the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Going back to the Pixel 5a or even the Pixel 4a 5G, it’s easy to understand what I mean. Both models offer the same high quality camera experience you expected from Google flagships, but without the top price. The affordability of the Pixel 5a may not stand out on its own, but the IP67 rating, large battery (for Pixel) and good build quality will make you think twice before you decide to buy the most expensive flagship in the series. . Even the Pixel 4a 5G has a relatively modern design, at least compared to the iPhone SE (2022) that still lives on the iPhone 8. Although I will somehow defend it, because it provides an alternative and somehow such a form is still convenient.

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Cheap phones are better than expensive ones

Affordable phones do not just pick out what the flagships have left out, but add previously impossible features for relatively little money. We see budget phones taking advantage of the software of their top bonds. Version One UI on Galaxy S22 is the same software you will get up to the very cheap Galaxy A13. Even if the updates do not come out so fast, the smartphone will still receive advanced features.

The Google Material You philosophy in Android 12 was not limited to the Pixel 6. The Pixel 5a received a timely software update along with other Google devices and will continue to receive it for a long time to come. That is, we see again an example of using the advantages of flagships in ordinary low-cost devices.

The Pixel 5a is incredibly cool for its price and is almost as good as the Pixel 5 in terms of basic parameters.

You would think that I only praise Google and Samsung, which are leading the way the process of reviving financial telephones. They may have launched it themselves, but globally the situation can be found among other manufacturers. For example, Poco, which was just released in 2018 as a sub-brand of Xiaomi, and then split into a separate company. This also includes Realme, which offers the same under the pretext of Oppo.

Sometimes such a close relationship leads to the fact that the sub-brand repeats a good phone, but with a different sauce. For example, the Poco F3 is almost the Redmi K40 for the global market, which in turn is essentially the Xiaomi Mi 11i. And Poco’s separation from the parent company shows the direction the industry is heading.

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How Phone Manufacturers Cheat

Sometimes design does not work and budget devices still offer a top quality feature that marketers can reach, but that’s where the innovation ends. For example, the Realme 8 Pro, despite the 108 MP main camera, offered a screen with a resolution of only 60 Hz. Other than that, it had a bad fingerprint scanner. All this, on the contrary, seemed rather boring, because now 90 Hz is already considered the norm and the coolest kids are releasing models with a frequency of 120 or even 144 Hz.

The Realme 8 Pro is a bad example for the middle class.

But there are other problems with different manufacturers (besides Google and Samsung). Realme, Poco and other companies continue to release ad-supported software that still needs to be improved. However, we have already seen how Samsung has moved from TouchWiz to One UI. Maybe the younger players in the market will one day make this discovery.

Also, companies like Poco tend to forget about the need to upgrade phones for a long time. You will probably receive two standard important updates, but there is no guarantee that they will reach your phone quickly. For example, the Poco X4 Pro, which I mentioned more than once, was released with Android 11 more than six months after the debut of Android 12.

Каким будет Google Pixel 7 и повторит ли он успех предыдущей модели.

The biggest question is how long can this software revolution last and if budget phones will miss the opportunity to be seen. So far, this has not worked for everyone.

It is undeniable that Samsung and Google have raised the bar for low-end and mid-range smartphones and ushered in a golden age where the lowest price does not have to be a compromise on quality. and series Pixel αand series Galaxy A offer good devices at more affordable prices. For users, this is good and the competition will force other companies to get involved in this process. And it will be even better for us.

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