On April 2 and 3, Expoforum will host the City of Dogs exhibition

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In St. Petersburg, on April 2 and 3, the Expoforum will host a major event for animal lovers – the “City of Dogs” exhibition. In this context, several events will take place simultaneously:

– national dog shows CAC-ChRKF classification with special status: “Spring Petersburg 2022” and “Elite-Petersburg 2022”.

– Exhibitions of single-breed dogs.

– Competitions in canine sports.

– “Wind of Change” shelter festival.

Exhibition of pet products and services for pets at SPECIAL PRICES from manufacturers.

– Large festival of shelters “Wind of Change”.

More and more people now prefer not to buy an animal, but to get it from a shelter or even from the street. Adopting a dog from a shelter is not only a bold step, but also a huge responsibility that everyone should be aware of. That’s why the Wind of Change shelter volunteers will not only help you get a pet, but will also teach you how to take care of it.

Experts will talk about the basics of animal psychology, why blood banks are important and how to help homeless animals. The project “More than Dogs” with the support of the project “Touch the History” will show service dogs in specialized uniforms and will be allowed to take a photo as a souvenir. The public dog charity “Dogs for Life” will tell you how dogs help treat humans and which animal can become a “healer”. Exciting competitions and paintings will take place in the interactive zone.

In addition, the festival workshops will host workshops on soap making, dream catcher construction, badge painting and much more. Svetlana Yakimcheeva and other artists from St. Petersburg will present the exhibition “Blockade Animals”.

– DR.PET’S BLOOD BANK is a structure that brings together specialist veterinarians in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, providing assistance to animals.

The main activity is the supply, processing, storage of donor blood and its components.

The main goals are to provide quality and safe blood products to veterinary clinics and their patients.

Being a donor means being a real hero! The four-legged heroes do not wear capes, they rest their heads peacefully in the arms of their masters, they squeeze closer and murmur.

– Exhibition of works of art with the theme: “Animal Exclusion” in the “City of Dogs”.

Svetlana Yakimcheva and other St. Petersburg artists will present an art exhibition dedicated to her and many other brave animals as part of the Shelter Festival.

In besieged Leningrad, dogs, like humans, performed miracles of heroism. The 34th special battalion, in which fluffy soldiers also served, became particularly famous. Dogs worked, for example, as porters. Dogs armed with sleds carried explosives, mines, barbed wire to the battlefield and the wounded were transported back. Sometimes the dogs carried not only ammunition but also important documents and reports. During the operation, 1,800 wounded were evacuated from the battlefield. The dogs did the job of the commanders, bringing bags with bandages to the wounded. In addition, specially trained dogs performed the work of the hoe perfectly. Dogs came to be called “miracle technology” as they found mines 5-6 times faster than a bomber with a mine detector. Because of the swordsman dogs there were over 250 thousand mines. Charitable public organization canitherapy “Dogs for life”.

Dogs have a very difficult job – this is the job as a dog helper. Such dogs treat people literally and figuratively.

Canitherapy is a method of correction and rehabilitation using specially selected and trained dogs. Canitherapy contributes to the development of mental and emotional abilities, to the improvement of motor functions and motor skills, as well as to the enhancement of the effectiveness of personality development in the correction, rehabilitation and social adaptation of children and adults. Not every dog ​​can cure humans, so help dogs go through strict selection and training.

On April 2, at 13:00, the body specialist will tell you what kind of canitherapy it is and how the dogs work and then, together with the dog handlers of the DogPark center, they will share the secret of choosing helpers and help everyone to determine if their pet can do canitherapy.

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