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Due to the increasing pressure of sanctions, many Russians are discussing whether to update the software on their smartphone or after that the device can be blocked. We present the opinion of the experts.

Experts from the Roskachestvo Project Digital Expertise Center say that despite the fears, it is still necessary to update the software of computers and smartphones, regardless of the label with which this product is Apple or Google.

Following the departure of some IT companies from Russia, users were concerned that their gadgets would be switched off after the next update. Particularly controversial is the release of a new version of iOS 15.4. Opinions of Apple equipment owners have begun to appear on the Internet that it is not worth updating their devices, otherwise there is a risk that Apple will block the gadget.

However, experts from the Center for Digital Expertise note that there have been no previous foreclosures on Apple or Google devices as a result of sanctions. In addition, both companies have so far not blocked access to their stores.

“The ‘work’ of the stores and payment systems is now done with restrictions due to the departure of Visa and MasterCard, but not with a decision of Apple and Google”, notes Roskachestvo.

If they want, they will still block

Experts say that smartphone makers have the ability to block built-in devices, regardless of what you do or do not do.

“Large companies know where their devices are located and can block them on a territorial basis. “Therefore, if the gadget has an Internet connection, in theory, companies will be able to turn it off remotely,” they explain.

Why should the operating system and basic applications be updated?

“If you stop updating your operating system and applications, it will make your device less secure. The risk of being pirated or attacked increases exponentially. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to update the device. “Especially if you use mobile banking, be sure to install an anti-virus program and do not forget to update these programs and also follow the recommendations against phishing attacks”, explains Sergey Bodrov, head of Roskachestvo Digital Specialization Center.

Therefore, if you receive a push notification asking you to update an application or operating system, you should not refuse, as this will reduce the risk of intruders being able to use the loophole in the software.

How else to protect your smartphone?

Do not use root access on a smartphone (also known as Jailbreak on iOS, ie the rights of a “superuser” with the ability to do whatever you want with the device), in terms of functionality, this action is not justified. In addition, it deprives you of the ability to inform and opens the door to cyber criminals. In addition, there is another gap for hackers – these are popular programs that often have vulnerabilities:

The first thing to look for after updating the operating system itself: antivirus software, browsers, and Adobe products, media players (especially VLC), third-party graphics processors, and other frequently used software. This is especially true for video conferencing services such as Zoom. Update first.

You can only download updates for PC programs from the manufacturer’s website, not from a banner ad blocker. This will significantly reduce the risk of virus activity.

How long can a smartphone last without updates?

Experts note that without updates, the smartphone will be able to work for a very, very long time. However, keep in mind that with software development, some versions will not be able to run on an outdated operating system.

The same goes for programs that constantly exchange data with the server.

“With an older version of the program, the server will refuse to connect. In addition, the components of the device themselves may fail in one way or another, which will not have a favorable effect on the performance of the device “, warns Roskachestvo.

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