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The weather continues to “please” us with its unpredictability and meteorologists look like tambourine shamans, who can not cope at all with the forecasts and in fact just shrug their shoulders.

The winter was very cold, the spring very late, the summer very hot. Unsurprisingly, almost all regions of Russia have already broken the temperature record more than once. For example, in St. Petersburg, even the old people here do not remember such heat. In turn, Crimea and Sochi, flooded by rain, ruined many others.

What to expect in the fall, which is already just around the corner? The meteorologists realized that the mistakes of their forecasts would not lead to good and decided to correct them, promising all kinds of horror in all parts of the country at once: from early frosts to heavy rains, unexpected heat and strong winds. To believe them or not is not yet clear, the prediction is long term, but it is necessary to be fully armed.

Weather forecast September 2021

The beginning of the first autumn month will bring cloudy weather and strong winds in Moscow. The heat that terrorized the city almost all summer will be gone, giving way to a sharp drop in temperature.

Thus, already in the first decade it will give about plus 20, and then the temperature will start to fall quickly and will quickly reach plus 14. In mid-September in the area of ​​the capital is forecast sunshine and cool and the end will bring cloudy weather again, winds and heavy rains. In general, September temperatures are expected to be 2-3 degrees lower than climate values.

In St. Petersburg, the weather in early autumn will be surprisingly warm – the whole of September is not lower than plus 17-20. There are a few cloudy days, rains too – for a city on the Neva, such an early fall, of course, is not uncommon, but it is still very hot.

Crimea will please locals and tourists alike. The hot weather will last on the peninsula until 10 – the air will be heated plus 26-28. The sea will be warm. In addition, you can walk comfortably and enjoy the nature and beauties of Crimea.

If you manage to get to the peninsula these days, then you are guaranteed a wonderful vacation. And then the weather will make another pretense and quickly change the heat to cool – it will make it colder. As early as 15, the thermometers will not show more than 20-21, the sky will start to tighten with clouds, there will be showers, thunderstorms, hurricanes, thunderstorms and in places possible hail.

In the Cuban resorts, it will gradually get colder: from plus 27-28 in early September, to plus 20-23 at the end. It is true that there is no promise of heavy rainfall here.

Weather forecast October 2021

In October, the weather will be difficult in the North Caucasus. Thus, a classic autumn climate is expected in Pyatigorsk. And if at the beginning of the month it will be relatively hot here – plus 20-22, then by 7-8 a rapid cooling will begin, which will lead to a decrease in temperatures during the day to plus 12-13. Long rains will start in the middle of the month.

October will be even cooler in Kislovodsk – no higher than plus 15 at the beginning of the month with rapid cooling to plus 10 at the end.

In the Crimea it will be relatively warm and sunny. The hottest weather is expected in October in Yalta – plus 22 at the beginning of October, plus 15-18 – towards the end.

In Moscow, according to meteorological forecasts, it is raining and cold in October. In the first decade, thermometers show plus 15, but after the 10th day, daytime temperatures will start to drop sharply – to plus 6-7. At the same time the whole month will be cloudy, stormy, heavy rainfall is forecast. In St. Petersburg, the weather in October will be similar to Moscow: partly cloudy, rapid cooling to 6-7 already in the second half of the month, frequent rains, stormy winds.

Weather forecast November 2021

November will also be difficult. According to the weather forecast, cold and frost will prevail. Snow will fall almost everywhere, the thermometers will be in the minus zone.

In Tatarstan, for example, the third autumn month will start with surprisingly warm weather for this time of year plus 14-16. Soon, however, the air will start to cool quickly and at 5-6 it is expected only plus 6-7. The end of November will be marked with a very small plus 2-3 degrees, in places the first snow will fall.

In Moscow, it will gradually get colder in November – the beginning of the month is also moderately warm, but at 6, temperatures will start to drop and after November 10, the cold front will completely cover the area of ​​the capital. Thus, the daily temperatures will drop quickly and by the end of the month will be only plus 1-2, and will probably fall below zero.

The whole month will be cloudy, probably sleet closer to December, but steady snow cover will not fall yet. In the evening there will be frosts with ice in the morning.

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