A mediocre player from the FNL ended up in Manchester City. A fantastic career development!

Andrei Kravchuk was not a leader in Torpedo and now trains next to the most promising players in the world. All thanks to Zinchenko?

Andrei Kravchuk

Back in late February, Ukrainian footballers and coaches began to leave Russian clubs en masse. Many did not go anywhere without even having offers from new teams. Leaving Russia hit his pocket hard and jeopardized his future career.

However, the Ukrainian legionnaire of the “Torpedo” of Moscow Andrei Kravtsuk issued a lucky ticket. The Ukrainian used to dust off in the FNL without much hope of promotion and today he trains next to the best players in the world.

How did Andrei end up in Manchester City?

From Donetsk to Manchester

An incredible leap in Kravchuk’s career was facilitated by the midfielder of Manchester City, Oleksandr Zinchenko. The players’ paths first crossed in 2012, when Andri moved from Dynamo Kyiv’s academy to Shakhtar Donetsk’s system. Due to the age difference – 13 and 16 years – the players were trained in different teams and did not have time to become full teammates: two years later, Alexander moved to Ufa. Andrei started his adult career at Olympique Donetsk and in 2021 also went to seek football happiness in Russia, where he became a player in Torpedo Moscow. This season, Kravchuk has played in 19 FNL games, but has only played five of them in total. He did not manage to score with effective actions, something that allows us to call him a mediocre footballer, even by FNL standards.

Now, the career paths of the two players have coincided again at one point. According to the Daily Mail, Oleksandr Zinchenko persuaded Manchester City to take Kravtsuk in their hands until the end of the season.

– Sasha and I have not seen each other for a long time, but he always helped me a lot, even when we were both in Shakhtar. “I am happy to be with him,” Kravchuk said.

Andrei Kravchuk

The 23-year-old Ukrainian says that he made the decision to leave Torpedo during the preparation with the team before the season, which took place in Turkey. The news of the termination of Kravtsuk’s cooperation with the Muscovites appeared on the club’s website on March 3. Official reason: “family circumstances”.

Leaving the club was the only possible solution. I felt really uncomfortable. “My compatriots would not understand me if I continued to play there,” Kravchuk explained.

Will there be a full transfer?

It is very difficult for a young player to find a new team at the end of the season, and here Zinchenko helped. Thanks to Alexander’s efforts, Man City provided Kravchuk with all his training equipment and allowed him to work with the reserve team.

– I would like it to happen in other circumstances, but I’m glad to meet Andrei again. I know how much football means to him. “We thank the club for giving him the opportunity to train with us,” Zinchenko thanked the authorities.

Alexander Zinchenko / Photo: © Simon Bellis / imago sportfotodienst / Global Look Press

Andrei has already arrived in England and started training: he now trains side by side with the youth team of one of the strongest clubs in the world. So far, however, the Ukrainian lives separately from his new colleagues, staying in a local hotel, but next week will move to the academy building of the “urban”.

It is important to note that Kravchuk did not sign a full contract with City, but only a temporary agreement, otherwise the agreement would not have been confirmed by the Premier League and the Football Association. The fact is that in England they refused to organize a spring transfer season for players from Russia and Ukraine, which was recently opened by FIFA. So there is no question of Andrei moving to the “citizens'” camp: a Ukrainian can only train, but he can not play for the club – whether it is his first team or a double.

In the summer, Andrei, obviously, will have to start looking for a new job. However, if Kravchuk proves to be training in Manchester, he could gain ground in England: if not in City itself, where the best players on the planet still play, then in a local double or in a simpler team. In any case, the Manchester experience will certainly not be useless for a Ukrainian.

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