Advancement in men and women, who age faster, why people age and what to do about it

Who gets older faster – women or men? 6 tips to stay young

Who gets older faster and how to change it

The average life expectancy has nothing to do with it.

Who gets older faster – men or women?

We are dealing with the doctor.

On average, women in all countries live several years longer than men. Does this mean that aging processes are sex-dependent? Not exactly that, but first and foremost.

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It is very likely that you will slow down aging if you reconsider your lifestyle and start some good habits.

Who gets older faster – women or men?

Men and women age differently. But most scientists agree that the fairer sex in this regard comes first. Because this? In the female body, there is much less hormone that slows down the aging process. The most important “hormone” of youth in men is testosterone. The equivalent in women is estrogen. Although it also keeps the body “youthful”, its production decreases faster than testosterone synthesis. In addition, in men, the skin is usually thicker and the sebaceous glands are more active. Therefore, wrinkles appear later. But this has nothing to do with longevity.


Irina: According to the World Health Organization, women in all countries live longer than men on average: 75.9 years and 70.8 years, respectively (statistics for 2020). Some studies show that the cells of the female body have the ability to resist disease more strongly and are reliably protected from stress and poor ecology. If the “male” cells do not “know how” to adapt to external stimuli, then the “female” cells adapt to the new conditions easily and do not lose their viability.

What accelerates aging?

This is a natural process, but there are things that can speed it up. And it is not always associated with gender and hormonal status. Factors that cause aging, in addition to heredity and chronic diseases, include oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. It is a protective reaction of the body during the production of free radicals that attack the healthy cells of the body and thus accelerate the aging process.


What can cause accelerated age-related changes?

  • Toxins that accumulate during life.
  • excessive intake of “fast carbohydrates” in the body.
  • the presence of chronic infection.
  • excess trans fat and omega-6;
  • stress, sleep disorders.
  • reduced testosterone / estrogen levels.
  • portliness;
  • mental, physical overwork.
  • infections, inflammatory diseases.
  • smoking, alcohol.

Irina: Among the things that cause aging, it is worth noting glycosylation, a process that occurs naturally in both the body of a child and the body of an elderly person. Occurs when sugars interact with proteins. The simple sugars that come with the bloodstream “sit” in protein molecules (mainly collagen molecules) and form crosses – damage from which the skin suffers. With age, it produces less elastin and glycosylation only accelerates the aging process.

The reason may be the “sweets” (processed sugar: both alone and as part of food and drink). When they enter the body, it is first of all reflected in the face. There is even a term – “sugar face”. Visible signs of “sugar” appear on the skin, the collagen loses its elasticity and becomes stiff.


All this leads to other unpleasant consequences:

  • the skin receives inadequate nutrition, it becomes wrinkled.
  • small vessels become brittle and fragile.
  • are there folds, wrinkles?
  • the rate of skin renewal decreases.
  • the skin becomes rough (with a tendency for oiliness) or becomes thinner (with a tendency for dryness), redness and peeling appear.
  • the skin reacts minimally to any influences (sun, water).
  • the effect of cosmetic procedures is minimal, the skin recovers badly after them.

What would you do with it;

It is very likely that you will slow down aging if you reconsider your lifestyle and start some good habits. This applies to both men and women. Your doctor will advise you to follow these rules.

  • Balanced nutrition. Avoid processed sugar and processed foods. Include in your diet foods rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients: vegetables, fruits and quality proteins (often meat on supermarket shelves only accelerates aging, as it contains hormones and antibiotics).
  • Clean water. Do not forget the drink.
  • Nutrients. To slow down aging, the body must have enough coenzyme Q10 (antioxidant), vitamin E, Omega-3. However, you should not get too carried away with fatty acid supplements, it is better to get them from natural sources: seeds and nuts, flax seeds, fish.


  • Dream. Proper healthy rest slows down aging and reduces emotional stress.
  • Physical activity. Exercising in the gym and walking in the fresh air increase energy, reduce stress levels.
  • Positive Attitude. Studies show that optimistic thinking can increase life expectancy by 15%. Those who think with hope for the best have less anxiety.

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