“Ak Bars” now plays football: Zaripov at the gate, Rizikov – coach, “legionnaire” from “Rubin” at

“What are we playing? In your ass? “

Ak Bars has completed its appearance in the Gagarin Cup, but has not yet completed the season. Until April 30, hockey players train at the club base and hold events at the same time. For example, Timur Bilialov And Dmitry Voronkov on Monday we met with the students of Ak Bars Hockey Academy. Alexander Burmistrof together with the team players and the coaching staff attended the first official sled hockey match in Kazan. And on the eve of the “leopards” held a training session at the “Rubin” stadium.

Sergey Ryzhikov / photo (hereinafter): Ak Bars Press Service


Tomorrow the Ak Bars at the Rubin Stadium at 14:00 will go out on the field to play the first amateur football match. Opponents are the Amkal team, which consists of YouTube bloggers as well as former footballers. The Kazan took this fact seriously: the previous day they held their first training session at the Rubin training base and it was held by the Kazan football legend – Sergei Rizikov. The former goalkeeper now lives in Kazan after leaving Krasava and gladly agreed to lead the team for one day.

The hockey players started the first training session without delay and misleading: they did a warm-up on their own and after meeting Ryzhikov, they already heard the training plan. As soon as the Ak Bars players realized that there was an opportunity for an official football match, they did not refuse. We created a roster that in addition to the players of the main team (Christian Henkel, Nikita Lyamkin, Artyom LukoyanovBurmistrov, Voronkov, Danis Zaripov, Kirill Adamchuk, Daniil Zhuravlev And Dmitry Yudin) included hockey players from the club system – Vladimir Mosin, Emil Galiaskarov, Adel Bulatov.

Hockey players do not need to learn football: they play it during the warm-up before the games. Lukoyanov made his PFL debut in April 2019 as part of KAMAZ. Of course, the level of players and players in Amkal is incomparable, but is it necessary to talk about it when it comes to passion and sporting interest?


By the time it was set for training, the players were already running on the pitch – they remembered what it was like to warm up with the ball and not with the elf. “They saw the balls and threw them like a flock,” Artyom joked. From a distance, it was possible to identify Ryzhikov himself, who, with the words: “All the kids, ran”, completed the warm-up and sent the hockey players to run. After that, standard soccer drills were used.

Barça was divided into two teams – older and younger players. Initially, Ryzhikov let them play “square”, and after that the team practiced the game in the penalty area. It was difficult to recognize the goalkeeper, dressed in uniform. And he was the leader of the team – Zaripov. The players cheered the veteran on the goal throughout the training, calling him “grandfather”. And he in turn tried to repel as many blows as possible to his target. And, of course, there were some branded jokes because Zaripov was entrusted with a place at the gate: “Obviously, to run less.”

Danis Zaripov

After a while, another hockey player appeared in training – Cyril Petrof. But he will not play in tomorrow’s match – the striker is still recovering from an injury he received after gaining strength from Alexey Emelina. As a result, the striker acted as a support team the day before and was assisted by the general manager of Ak Bars. Marat Valiulin, who also showed up for a short workout. “We have to look for a new goalkeeper, what if Zarya gets tired?” said one of the hockey players to Valiullin.

“Sing, I will probably go to football,” Lukoyanov shared with Petrov. He did not despair saying “Come, come” with a smile on his face. Artyom, as the most experienced footballer, instructed novice players. “Run for now, Raven,” Artyom said Dmitry Voronkovjust getting acquainted with football.


Barsov to be reinforced by Rubin’s coach in Saturday’s match – Oleg Kuzmin, who agreed to play for Kazan. It will be difficult without professionals, the hockey players say, and therefore they had to resort to the help of the “legionnaires”, especially because some of the hockey players will remain in reserve. Specifically, Voronkov himself.

“Raven, that’s why you’re not on the team,” Dmitri listened throughout the training session. The hockey player is not yet very different in technique and in hitting the ball, and therefore you need to hear “lots” in your direction more than once. He defended as best he could, sometimes answering that he was defensive and did not need equipment. But the joint slips “between the legs” worsened the situation on the field again and Voronkov once again heard jokes about a place in the reserve.

Dmitry Voronkov

At the same time, Voronkov himself did not forget to joke. “What are we playing? In your ass? “The 21-year-old hockey player asked before the start of the two-way game. The answer did not take long to come.” To whom? Yours? ” Burmistrov asked him.

The friendly atmosphere did not subside throughout the training session, although I had to hear some insults and parting words from Zaripov. “Come on, let’s not relax,” shouted the captain from the gate. However, the veteran himself had to suck, who did not escape and was “shot” constantly with a shot at the goal.

According to the rules, the teams will play two halves of 35 minutes, although they initially thought of three halves of 30 minutes. After the regular time, the teams will execute football shots, with which Lukoyanov was obviously unhappy. “What spheres? He is out with us in hockey. Do not be fooled! ” Artiom was indignant for several minutes and found a compromise. “Let’s do other basketball shots, volleyball!” she said with a smile on her face. But it is clear that football shots will be the biggest spectacle and opportunity for victory. Still, the skill of the “Amkalovites” is one step higher.

After the match, Lukoyanov joked that Amkal was a good team and the team had already discussed all the tactics at the table. It will be a new experience for hockey players to play a semi-professional match – however shifts will be less frequent and longer, but Petrov and Lukoyanov assure that the team will face this phenomenon.

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