Poster with the most interesting events in the swarms of the Moon for the coming weekend

Poster with the most interesting events in the swarms of the Moon for the coming weekend.

April 1 – Vavilov Loft

The Norma Taste School will host a spontaneous (yeast-free) fermentation beer tasting.

At the event, participants will taste eight spontaneously fermented beers. Everyone is waiting for perfumes and a bright, easy-to-read bouquet. There will be a variety of wild Belgian and English breweries, as well as old Falamande beers.

The tasting will be directed by Andrey Gavrikov, beer sommelier and Sidorova.

The cost is 1500 rubles.

Starting at 20:00

April 1 – Wing

Nidal Abu-Ghazaleh will appear at the Stage StandUp Club.

Nidal Abu-Ghazaleh is one of the organizers of the stand-up movement in St. Petersburg, the creator and host of the Abu Show, a participant in the Comedy Battle on TNT and also the best among improvisers according to the Stage StandUp Club.

Entrance – 18:00, start – 19:00

April 1 – Vavilov Loft

BanDeSpiel will appear in the Noble Rot studio

The band continues the traditions of cheerful fun jazz, which Louis Armstrong proclaimed at the beginning of the last century. ⠀⠀

Starting at 21:00

April 1 – Vavilov Loft

SambaDurakParty will take place at the “Modern” rhythmic development club.

A real carnival samba, the live sound of the drums will convey the atmosphere of a Brazilian procession.

Starting at 19:00

April 2 – House of Culture

The play “The Wonderful Doll” will be screened at the Dramatic Improvisation Theater.

What is a woman in love capable of? How many humiliations and sufferings can she go through just to heal her beloved from the doubts that torment his soul?

What will Bruno and Stella’s crazy love turn into – true love or real madness? The production of the Theater of Dramatic Improvisations will try to give answers to these questions.

Starting at 19:30

April 2 – Vavilov Loft

A French breakfast will be served at Café Vse Klassno.

Guests are waiting for a large beautiful table with hot croissants, butter, jam, glasses of sparkling wine, aromatic coffee to choose from and real pasta.

Also, everyone will be immersed in the atmosphere of France, they will meet, communicate and take beautiful photos.

From 10:00 to 12:00

the cost of one part is 1500 rubles.

April 3 – Vavilov Loft

There will be a photo meeting at 8.24studio.

At the event, a full download of the model will be made using all the possibilities of the space.

You must have a camera (digital, film or telephone) with you.

The meeting aims to develop creative possibilities. The main task is to bring together novice and professional photographers, models and all those who are interested in the world of photography. There will also be photo quizzes for participants.

The cost of participation is 2000 rubles.

Starting at 14:00.


April 2nd & Cider will host a brunch with seafood and cider + bonus: wine from the port.

For each visitor – a set of three types of live seafood: oysters with red caviar, sea urchin and scallop with ponzu sauce and cucumber tartare.

5 cider:

  1. Dried classic card from Leningrad 2020 area
  2. Dried cider aged in the Terroir wine sludge from the apples of the monastery near Volkhov 2020
  3. Dried cider aged in Terroir wine lees from apples in the Kirov region of Leningrad Oblast
  4. Blade Runner 2019 – dry pink cider with aging of wine sludge and soaking in grape pulp
  5. Dried cider with plum Captain Plum – the winner of the Moscow Cider Days contest

For dessert – handmade chocolate gorgonzola truffles + port wine

The cost of participation is 1700 rubles.

Starting at 14:00

April 3 & Cider will host a farmer brunch with unlimited cider.

Various farmhouse appetizers for each visitor: baked turkey roll, village sausage, baby cachotta cheese with tomatoes, semi-hard cheese with triangle, parsley gouda with washed peel, soft cheese with washed peel, langouche cheese with fringe, French fringe with meringue.

Unlimited varieties of cider 6:

  1. Semi-sweet cider with mango
  2. Semi-sweet cider with raspberries and mint
  3. Semi-sweet raspberry cider
  4. Semi-sweet cider with banana
  5. Semi-sweet cider with grapefruit and rosemary
  6. Dried classic Decard cider from apples LO

The cost of participation is 1500 rubles.

Starting at 14:00

April 3 – Vavilov Loft

The “Mayak” art club will host a group stress class.

At the event there will be practices “the same osteopath” to relieve tension, will be presented special breathing techniques and yoga therapy exercises for relaxation.

Top Elizaveta Polovchenya – osteopath with 13 years of experience, yoga therapist, clinical psychologist. For the past year and a half, she has been actively and successfully dealing with stress herself and helping others. It works gently and carefully with the body, as well as through the body – with the conscious and the unconscious sphere.

Starting at 18:00

Cost: 1500 rubles.

“Display” exhibition at the Vavilov loft

The Vavilov-loft creatine complex will host an exhibition by artist A. Yudzhin “Show”. The event is dedicated to the re-examination of the public display: in this case it is a dialogue between the artist and the viewer about the ways of communication through art.

“You get into graffiti when you’re young, you don’t just want to paint in your room, you want as many people as possible to see your art. It is to work in front of people and to have a dialogue. The artist feels the need to exhibit, it can be compared to a feeling of hunger or thirst. The exhibition is food for both the artist and the viewer. In his works, the artist creates a “new image”, the viewer can accept it or not. “Tastes can be different and there is an audience for each artist.”

A. Eugene, also known as Evgeny Politov, comes from the Politov family of artists, whose works are presented both in international exhibitions and in private collections in Russia, the USA and Finland. In November 2021, A.Yujin organized the Supermarket exhibition in the public space of Linii. In 2022 he was the organizer and curator of the Street Chat exhibition at the ETAGI Loft Project.

Venue: 1st floor, main building.

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