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Sanctions and vegetable prices have made Amur residents remember ducks and vegetable gardens. Photo: Pavel Zhirnov

The earth will be nourished

For the first time in a long time, many Amur residents will spend the May holidays not at a barbecue, but at work at their holiday home. Traditionally, during this period, the planting of potatoes begins, without which it is impossible to imagine the diet of the average Russian. After planting the second bread, the enthusiasm of the workers will spread to other crops – tomatoes, eggplants, carrots, peppers, cucumbers.

The sugar that disappeared from the shelves, the tomatoes soared, and other fears about the food pushed the residents of Amur to “insure” and take matters into their own hands. That is, to start growing potatoes and vegetables on their own for their families. “You never know what other sanctions will be imposed on us and how they will affect the economy, the main thing is to be sure that you can feed the children,” our compatriots reasonably claim.

An unprecedented wave of interest in gardening in the Amur region began with the arrival of spring. The locals started to restore their old dachas, as well as to buy new land. Extensive preparations for the gardening season were also observed by employees of garden shops. Within a few working days, the variety of garden tools, seeds, fertilizers and soil has thinned considerably.

Boom for tomatoes and peppers

Shelves in garden stores are increasingly filled with customers, many shelves are already just empty. With shopping carts full, people do not move to the checkout, but continue to wander between the rows, looking at the merchandise with their own eyes. A diverse flow of customers completely dispels the myth that gardening is the lot of retirees. Most summer residents are young and middle-aged.

– The demand for goods is huge: a real advertising campaign! For 16 years of working in this organization, I see this for the first time “, shared the remarks of the head of one of the supermarkets Blagoveshchensk Dom Dacha. – Left without pepper seeds – this has never happened. Everything was exhausted. Tomatoes have also almost disappeared. Cucumbers are already being harvested, although usually the greens are left at the end.

According to the online store Wildberries, in the spring of 2022, the demand for garden tools and accessories for holiday homes increased by more than 200%, reports the newspaper Izvestia.

This year, the organization expanded the range of seeds. Added to the previous number of many new shelves. And even with that in mind, instead of the names of many popular crop varieties, buyers are already seeing empty commercial hooks.

Also at the top of the markets this spring are the large universal soil packages.

– And the prices for holiday homes have gone up! “Many people in our team were interested in the land this year,” added the head of the supermarket. “I recently bought a plot of land for myself. I’m going to plant a garden too! Just to get it cheaper, you do not need to look for brokers or Avito, but go to the residences yourself and find out the phone numbers of the owners. That’s how I found my place.

Six acres of hope

Evangelists Fyodor and Galina Ryutin used the same search method and did not lose. Through acquaintances, they found the owner of a small abandoned plot of land in the area of ​​the bus route of the 16th line: he walks to the end of Lenina Street, turning to garden clubs. From Ryutin Downtown to the location – just 10 minutes by car. The young couple managed to buy these six acres on credit at a favorable rate.

A lot of work had to be done in the new place: the site was overgrown with elms and wild bushes. The new residents of the summer cut off the unnecessary vegetation, erected a fence and a greenhouse. “Soon we will be processing pears and plums so that the bugs do not separate: this is done at the first constant positive temperatures,” says Galina with knowledge of the subject.

At home, on the windowsill, tomato, pepper and flower seedlings have already grown well. Seeds of cucumbers, carrots, beets, herbs, eggplants, zucchini have been ordered and are waiting on the wings. There is space on six acres for family pets – watermelons, melons, strawberries, currants and honeysuckle. It is hard to believe that the girl is doing all this for the first time in her life.

“I became a subscriber to garden bloggers on social networks who share their experience and tips,” Galina admitted. – I read them all the time, and it does not get so scary: the eyes are scared, but the hands do.

family business

When the couple signed the contract of sale, they did not even have a shovel. Today, in the arsenal of summer residents there are various types of shovels, rakes, forks, trolley, puzzle and saw. Soon the head of the family, Fedor, will have to work with the plank – to build beds.

Above all, the little daughters of the Ryutins rejoice in acquiring the dacha. Ten-year-old Lilia has already learned how to handle a shovel and a garden trolley. And four-year-old Alena is her mother’s first aid in planting seeds for seedlings.

“For the sake of the children, we went on this adventure with the dacha,” the couple admits. – We decided to grow our own vegetables and berries so that the children can eat healthy food. We know that working on the ground is very difficult, but it is worth it.

“We decided to grow our own vegetables and berries so that the children can eat healthy food. “We know it’s very difficult to work on earth, but it’s worth it.”

In connection with the next crisis in the country, the Ryutins do not rule out that the dacha will become their main feeder. Considering rising food prices, the couple is already planning to make additional plantings that were not initially considered. “They certainly did not want to plant potatoes here, but obviously they should at least have some support and confidence in the future,” Fedor added.

In the depths of his soul, the man hopes that he will be able to realize his most beloved dream in this place – to build a house. It is true that in the next five years, judging by the economic forecasts, world construction is not expected here. They have already taken the main step towards their dream today – they have invested in land.

Valentina Kulaga, broker of the real estate agency “Useful People”

– Every spring, the people of Amur wake up with a seasonal interest in garden plots. But if in the past people were just looking for a cheaper piece of land exclusively for gardening, now they are choosing more carefully. It is important to have a bus stop nearby and at least some infrastructure. Before buying, they became more interested in whether it was a profitable investment. People started investing in holiday homes. We had items that were not sold for many years. And this year they divorced.

There are many offers. The most popular locations today are in the Plodopitomnik area, along the Ignatievsky highway, along the 16-line bus route and in Verkhneblagoveshchensky near the monument to the Cossack pioneers. This place is at the top and does not fall into the flood zone, so the townspeople like it. By the way, the sections along the 16th line are a real blast! People have learned that a road is planned to be built along Nagornaya Street, which will connect this part of the city with the small area. Everyone understands the perspective and throws money at it. The plots are selected in size from 6 to 10 acres, so that later it can be used for construction.

Meanwhile, prices for plots in the same area of ​​the 16th line have almost doubled! Last year, an item cost an average of 300-350 thousand rubles, this year its price reached 500-550 thousand rubles. Real estate during this period has risen in all prices, but here the unprecedented demand also played a role. I succumbed to the temptation and bought myself a plot of land. Seedlings of peaches, pears, apricots, plums, cherries have already been ordered. For the first time in my life I will plant.

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