In the forest near Yekaterinburg was found a site for a new landfill – News

The government of the Sverdlovsk region is considering installing a new landfill in the Berezovsky urban area. According to a source in 66.RU, Nikolai Smirnov, Minister of Energy and Housing and Public Utilities of the Sverdlovsk Oblast, has already held at least two meetings on this issue. The last one took place in the beginning of March. Representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, the Berezovsky District, the Ministry of Defense, the Department of Forests and others participated. It is reported that Alexei Pyankov, former head of MUGISO, participated in the discussions via video link.

Nikolai Smirnov refused to speak to the 66.RU reporter by telephone, citing the fact that he had a “working day” and offered to send all questions in writing. At the time of publication, the draft did not receive a response from the ministry.

Authorities in the Sverdlovsk region have long been looking for a site for a landfill in the Yekaterinburg area, but everywhere they are facing protests from locals. The new landfill has not yet appeared anywhere and the Ministry of Energy and Housing and Utilities has become as closed as possible on this issue. Possible options for placing the object now prefer not to advertise.

In February 2022, Deputy Governor Sergei Shvindt announced that the government had signed a concession agreement for the construction of a waste sorting plant and a “Yekaterinburg-South” solid waste landfill. At the same time, neither the deputy governor himself, nor the information department of the district began to clarify with which company the contract was signed and where the landfill will be located.

In a meeting he had in early March with the Minister of Energy and Housing, the option of placing a landfill on a plot of 2.5 thousand square meters was discussed. m, located on the territory of the former military unit. According to the public cadastral map, the permitted use of this space is for the needs of the military unit. The section itself has long since been demolished, now there is a forest, an old concrete road and rubbish.

This site has been used in the past for waste disposal. True, illegal. In May 2017, the Sverdlovsk District Arbitration Court recovered LLC “NPTD” Clean city “in favor of the regional Ministry of Natural Resources 105.7 million rubles. The company’s subcontractor removed 3.6 thousand cubic meters of waste from the sewage treatment plant of the MUE Vodokanal South Ventilation Station there.

The head of the Berezovsky district, Yevgeny Pistsov, in an interview with a journalist of 66.RU, confirmed that in a meeting with the minister they discussed the possibility of placing a “garbage facility” on this land, but could not determine what just would be – a landfill, a landfill or something. .

According to Pisov, there is no discussion about the placement yet, only such a possibility is being considered. Now “information is being collected for analysis and further decision making”. The municipality, the foresters, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Defense and MUGISO should give their assessment. The problem with this site is that it is not clear who it belongs to.

– There is a discrepancy in the information. It seems that, on the one hand, [земля] the Ministry of Defense, on the other hand the State Forest Fund. And you have to understand which side the ball is on, how to unfold it. There is also the category “Areas of the forest fund of the Ministry of Defense”. There, in my opinion, even the entries are mutually exclusive in different registers. Here it must be settled.

The head of the district says that if everything is safe and the tests confirm the possibility of placing a landfill in the Berezovsky area, then “it can and should appear”.

Another issue that needs to be addressed before we talk about the placement of the landfill, notes the head of Berezovsky, is the source of funding – “whether it will be a budget, a concession or a private investor.”

If it was one of the business representatives in the meeting with the minister, Yevgeny Pistsov could not answer. According to a source familiar with the situation, Holder, a company owned by Nikolai Burachevsky, who is considered to be Sergei Maisel’s man, could become one of the stakeholders in the landfill project.

According to the SPARK-Interfax system, businessman Sergei Maizel is not associated with this company, however, he is associated with Nikolai Burachevsky with at least three legal entities.

Both Pisov and Meizel were reportedly on the guest list for a meeting with Minister Nikolai Smirnov. However, in a telephone conversation with a 66.RU reporter, Sergei Meizel said he knew nothing about it.

When choosing a site for a new landfill for Yekaterinburg, regional authorities are constantly confronted with protests from locals. In June 2019, it became known that the new landfill would be located in the south, near the border of the Sysert area. The idea of ​​accommodation did not like the locals and they began to actively oppose such a neighborhood. In the fall, activists were assured that no one would build the landfill without their consent. The protests subsided, but erupted again after it became clear that the new Master Plan project already had a landfill – a 46.2-hectare landfill plot had been set aside in the village of Shabrovsky.

The issue was raised in December 2019, when the Minister of Housing and Public Services, Nikolai Smirnov, publicly stated that this option is no longer being considered: it is not currently being considered. We know that there is a dense growth around Yekaterinburg, it is difficult to find the optimal plot, but I am sure that in the first quarter of 2020 the locations will be determined “.

Later, the option of staying in Degtyarsk was considered. The head of Yekaterinburg, Alexander Vysokinsky, spoke about him. However, the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities hastened to state that this decision is not final either.

In November 2019, 500 residents of the village of Malysheva came to the rally, who learned that a landfill with a capacity of 100 thousand tons per year would appear in the area. They collected 3,000 signatures following an appeal to the governor, wrote to State Duma deputy Dmitry Ionin, to President Vladimir Putin, and even wanted to hold a referendum on the issue.

The problem of garbage is exacerbated by the fact that now the capital of the region is served only by a landfill – the “North”. Previously, waste from Yekaterinburg was also transported to the Shirokorechensky landfill (southwest of Yekaterinburg). However, in August 2015, this landfill was closed. Now all the garbage in the city is being transported to Severny. However, its resource expires in 2024, which means that by this time at least one new solid waste landfill should appear near Yekaterinburg.

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