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That’s why she is always behind her. the first move, says the head of the agricultural enterprise. Altynsarin Boris KNYAZEV, echoing the words of the famous Soviet agronomist Terenty Semenovich Maltsev. We asked Boris Pavlovich a series of questions and here is his detailed answer.

Forecasts are a daunting task

It is not an easy task to say in early April how the situation will develop until the start of the sowing campaign. We still have snow in the fields, so it is definitely impossible to judge the moisture charge.

Today marks 53 years since I participated in the sowing campaign. And believe me it’s my experience – none of this was the same in terms of content. There are many layers that do not depend on farmers. You can not copy your own experience. In addition to weather conditions, there are conditions of the human factor, organizational to transnational.

Last year, the normal course of events was broken by the coronavirus pandemic and this year, the negative events in Ukraine have complicated trade and economic ties. Example: we need herbicides, especially glyphosate, without which it is unthinkable today to cultivate arable land before sowing. Thus, canisters for pouring glyphosate-containing mixtures were constructed in Kharkov. Today these boxes are offered from Italy. And this is different logistics, different price, delivery difficulties. It is possible, of course, to return the growers to pre-seed cultivation, but at the same time we will lose the productivity of labor and, having mechanically turned the soil, we will reduce the water load. In the conditions of the Kostanay region, humidity is perhaps the main indicator of how the seedlings will grow in the coming months.

Let’s take last year’s experience, when it did not rain for three months in the Kamystinsky area. But the spring moisture supply that winter left us saturated the soil very well, which then made it possible to harvest. However, there were years when it snowed a lot, but the floods swept it away from the fields so fast that by May we were already immersed in anxious expectations, looking at the weather reports.

What’s in the arsenal?

– For me, there is no question how ready we are for the sowing season. Any villager who has connected his life with the land goes out into the field under any circumstances. There can be no defeat here. A series of reciprocal moves in this endless chess puzzle is important here. What’s in the arsenal? Of course, our people are motivated to achieve their goals. I will not talk now about salaries and social support measures – this has been said and written many times.

Move on. The assets of the economy are the market structure of relationships that has developed over the last 15 years. For the current volume of field work, we have a set of equipment, crop rotations, storage capacity and most importantly, we have regular customers to whom we sell our products. In fact, it is a close cooperation with those who not only seek their marginalization, but also participate in the agricultural enterprise as a partner. For example, in one of the last weak years, I faced a lack of funds. The new sowing campaign should have started with bank loans. And that is an interest, that is material dependence. So my co-workers gave me a lot of money for sowing even without a legal contract. Is not this an indicator of the highest level of trust and mutual cooperation?

Specifically for sowing. It will employ 84 sowing units located in seven brigades. Add here 42 soil preparation units, dozens of filling machines. We have complex logistics – one of the brigades is more than 104 km, the other 94. Therefore, to cross all the brigades, I have to do up to 500 km in a day. Nothing, let’s do it.

The sowing program of course includes livestock crops, which are planted on 8,000 acres. Among them is corn, which is quite unusual for the arid Kamystinsky area, but we also have one-year-old children producing productive bookmarks for grass and silage. This is helped by the collaboration with one of the democratic microbiology research institutes, which provides us with the appropriate start-up cultures. This applies to the 5,000 animal heads at our bases.

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