Rumors of death: what they say about Ukrainian football

In recent days, several statements have been made that sharpen the pessimism about the immediate prospects of Ukrainian football, which are already extremely vague. “Terrikon” understands this news and statements …

Let’s start with the prediction of Oleg Fedorchuk – a well-known football specialist, who is always distinguished by the sharpness of the crises and the clarity of the ratings. He spoke of the immediate prospects: “At best we can go back to the games in mid-May or even at the end of this month. “As far as I can remember, it should end on May 21. In a word, I see no reason for the second part of the tournament to be held in any of the tournaments.”

Fedorchuk says this about the most distant prospects: “Next season we will have a major overhaul of all national football. All leagues – not just the UPL. All the rules and regulations will have to be broken – the situation is very unusual. “We will have championships left, but there will be far fewer teams in each of them. It is important.”

Kharkov “Metalist” vice-president Yevgeny Krasnikov expressed well-known skepticism. Speaking about the possible completion of at least the Ukrainian Cup, he noted: “I would end up playing everywhere, but I do not know how prosperous the Premier League clubs are now. It is clear with Shakhtar and Dinamo, but what about the rest? Desna “exists now or not?

The issue of the death of Ukrainian clubs was continued by the well-known journalist Igor Tsyganyk, who predicted the imminent end of the Lugansk Zorya project: “For a while it was a business project. So far, it will be very difficult” A lot of money to raise this the football. Therefore, I do not rule out that Zorya may cease to exist. ”

It is true that a rebuttal has already been heard at the last point. The following text appeared on the club’s official social media pages: “There is no reason for the fans to worry. Zoria was, is and will be. We plan to continue playing in the Ukrainian championship.”

But, by the way, not everything sounded so pessimistic with Tsyganyk. After a sad prediction for Zorya, he said: “I believe that many clubs may disappear. But it does not matter, new ones will appear. And these people who have kept their love for football will not go anywhere. And that will be the main victory. ”

Here is the leitmotif we heard in the summer of 2014. The situation then was much easier for the country, but the revealing moods were still in the air. And then it also seemed that the country was not at the height of football, that football was dying, or at least had been reduced. As if to confirm these fears, some legionnaires tried to “go into denial”. But nothing – it all worked out, over time we managed to find organizational and financial support. Football took a deep breath – and moved on again.

Now the situation is much more serious, on a larger scale. However, in essence, it is very similar to what we experienced in 2014. Of course, Tsyganyk sees the root. Ukrainian football is essentially oligarchic, or, to put it mildly, personal. Every big club is a work of a person with money, he needs it first of all and it is based on his prosperity and ambitions. What can happen when a project becomes unnecessary for its owner, we saw in the example of Igor Kolomoisky and his Dnipro, as well as Petr Dyminsky and his Karpaty (technically the situation is different, but the essence is the same).

Therefore, forecasts for the future of Ukrainian football should be based on forecasts for the future of club owners. And yet, there is complete uncertainty. The only thing you can be sure of is that as long as people like Rinat Akhmetov, the Surkis brothers or Alexander Yaroslavsky have even the slightest chance of continuing the football business, they will continue.

In fact, this is already happening. We wrote about how Metalist tries to live the other day. “Dinamo” with “Shakhtar” received permission to hold a series of charity matches abroad. Thus, the backbone of the national football is preserved, on which the necessary “meat” can then be developed. Talk about how much all this is needed at such a difficult time for Ukraine, let alone it – a lot has been said about it. And for football as a manifestation of social optimism, and for the fact that it is one of the brightest manifestations of patriotism and so on.

We can agree with Fedorchuk’s prediction that not everyone will survive and that there will be fewer teams in the Ukrainian leagues than before the war. Although it is also a question of who exactly will die and who will remain, to stubbornness of the enemy. Take the same “Desna”, the future of which Krasnikov is not sure. During the bombing of Chernihiv, the club’s stadium and base were completely destroyed. It seems that their restoration is an impossible task for the club, which until February 24 did not go in the most brilliant way. But no! In an official statement, Desna promises that it will be able to rebuild everything and become “only stronger and better”. In any case, the Chernihiv club is not going to die.

In a word, the rumors about the death of Ukrainian football are very exaggerated. We will still have. There will also be football.

Vadim Samoilov, especially for “Spoil heap”

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