Scandinavian winter: Moscow weather forecast for New Year’s Eve and January 2021 – Pronunciations – reports and details

The icy and sunny “Martian” weather, which came to the Moscow region in early December, was replaced by cloudy skies and snowfall on Sunday. According to meteorological forecasts, on New Year’s Eve and in January, the heating trend will continue: the winter in Moscow and the region will become even milder and reminiscent of Scandinavian. How long can the residents of the Moscow region wait for the winter of 2020-2021 and on New Year’s Eve, meteorologists told RIAMO.

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The frosts are leaving

As the phobos meteorologist Mikhail Leus told RIAMO, the anticyclone that determined last week’s “icy” trend went to Siberia, giving way to an atmospheric front: the weather became cloudy, it was cloudy and light. temperature returned to climatic limits. On Sunday afternoon the temperature up to minus 4-6 degrees in the capital and minus 3-8 degrees in the suburbs.

“Early in the new week, the capital will be affected by a cyclone approaching from the southwest,” said Mikhail Leus.

Cloudy weather with snow patients is expected in the area of ​​the capital on Monday and Tuesday, December 14-15. At the same time, on Monday it will snow very little, and on Tuesday a little more. On Monday afternoon the thermometers will show 3-5 degrees of frost in Moscow and from 2 to 7 degrees of frost in the region.

Tuesday afternoon will be even hotter: minus 2-4 degrees in Moscow and minus 1-6 in the Moscow region. However, at night it will still be frosty: 6-8 degrees below zero in Moscow and 5-10 in the Moscow region.

“As for the atmospheric pressure, which is now significantly higher than normal, it will gradually decrease, although it will not approach normal,” the RIAMO interlocutor noted.

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New Year’s heat

According to the forecast of the Meteorological Center of Phobos, in the second decade of December, an anticyclone will begin to liberate Central Russia and the cyclones will bring unstable temperatures with them.

Colds will be quickly replaced by heat waves. One of them is just expected for the new year 2021.

Generally the temperature in December is expected to be 1-1.5 degrees above the norm.

According to preliminary data from the Gismeteo gate, closer to the New Year, thawing will come in the Moscow region. Thus, on December 23 the thermometers will rise to plus 4 degrees. In the near future, the sun is unlikely to appear due to clouds. Rainfall is expected mainly in the form of snow. And on December 21-23, it can even rain.

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New Year’s night

The main question that concerns everyone today is what will be the weather on New Year’s Eve that many will spend at home due to the pandemic.

According to preliminary data from Gismeteo, the weather forecast for the new year is disappointing – on December 31 and January 1, snow and rain are expected in the Moscow region.

On the last day of 2020, the temperature will be around plus 2 degrees, and on the first day of the new year 2021, it will be only one degree lower.

On New Year’s Eve, there is still hope for a little frost – thermometers will show minus 1 degree below zero.

As Gismeteo’s top meteorologist Leonid Starkov points out, this picture is just one possible scenario.

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We look forward to the Scandinavian winter

Website of the Mayor of Moscow

According to Phobos, January 2021 is forecast to be very hot and humid: the average temperature will exceed the norm by 4-5 degrees.

For example, during the day on January 3-4, Gismeteo predicts outside the window up to 4 degrees with a plus sign, at night – about plus 3 degrees.

If there is a lack of rainfall in Moscow in December, then in January it is expected to be 20% more than normal. The height of the snow cover can reach at least 15-20 cm.

However, the weather of the first month of 2021 will be unstable: both thaws and real frosts of the Epiphany are possible.

Although the positive temperature deviation from the norm will decrease in February, the end of winter is still expected to be three degrees warmer than normal. The amount of rain in the last winter month, according to forecasts, will be in accordance with the rule and the height of the avalanches will exceed 20-25 cm.

According to meteorologists in Phobos, the winter of 2020-2021 can be called “Scandinavian”: the average forecast air temperature in Moscow will be about 4.5 degrees below zero, with a rule of minus 7.7 degrees.

Similar long-term temperature values ​​are recorded in Oslo and Helsinki. The Nordic countries are characterized by a mild and humid climate due to the warm influence of the Gulf Stream.

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