The 10 best parks in the Moscow region for leisure, sports and walking

Yolochki Park

The address: Domodedovo, Kashirskoe Highway, 107

Contacts: +7 (925) 827-74-37


A park with an area of ​​27 hectares is located in a pine forest in the town of Domodedovo. Here everyone will find rest for themselves – quiet walking paths, children’s attractions, recreation areas, a square for public events, cafes. Also in the territory of the park is the church of Peter and Febronia, the Alley of the newlyweds, a leisure center and a dance and concert hall.

Sestroretsky Park

The address: Klin, Mira Street, 21B

Contacts: +7 (496) 243-21-79



A park has one down and one up (“Waltz of Flowers”) platforms located on two banks of the picturesque river Sestra. In its territory there is an air cushion with a three-level jumping tower (the only one in the Moscow region), a skate park with a pump track, an extreme park with rope, slides for all seasons with brush coating and tube rental, a children’s snowboard park for all seasons, ping pong tables with equipment rental. For those who love a quiet and relaxing holiday, there are chess tables and bookcrossing. A water tent is located on the Sestra River – there are outdoor concerts.

Ivanovskie Prudy Park

The address: Krasnogorsk, Ivanovskie Lakes Culture and Recreation Park

Contacts: +7 (499) 707-97-79



IN park are equipped children’s and sports areas, areas for walking and training dogs, bike path, navigation system, observation deck with railing, areas for cultural and entertainment events, kiosk rotundas and fountains lit in different colors at night.

Pekhorka Park

The address: Balashikha, Parkovaya street, occupation 4

Contacts: +7 (498) 660-84-04



This a park is considered one of the best in the Moscow region. Here you can take a walk on the beautiful embankment or in the shady alleys or you can go for active recreation – all the necessary infrastructure has been created for this. The Pekhorka has playgrounds and playgrounds, a dog walking area, grocery stores, bookcrossing, a boat station and sports equipment rental. The park often hosts concerts, promotions, festivals, as well as sports training.

Pestovsky Park

The address: Balashikha urban area, Pestovsky park


Pestovsky Park in Balashikha

Pestovsky Park is one of the favorite resting places of the inhabitants of Balashikha. Mostly coniferous trees grow there, there are berry bushes. Squirrels live in the forest, which are common to humans and are not afraid to come for delicacies. The main pedestrian street of the park connects the Zheleznodorozhny micro-district with the village of Pestovo. The park is equipped with children’s and sports areas, a dining area, an amphitheater, benches and hiking trails.

Park on the Krivyakino estate

The address: Voskresensk, Lermontov Street, 5

Contacts: +7 (496) 442-66-75

Website: http: //usadbakrivyakino.rf/

Park on the Krivyakino estate in Voskresensk

The park on the Krivyakino estate, located in the city center, is very much loved by the locals. Over the course of its long history, the territory of the estate has changed several times; at the beginning of the 21st century, the park had practically lost its historic appearance and needed renovation. Today it has been renovated at a historic pace, referring to the prosperity of the estate.

Malevich Park

The address: Odintsovo urban area, the village of Razdory

Contacts: +7 (495) 592-79-17


Malevich Park in the Odintsovo area

Malevich Park in the urban area of ​​Odintsovo recently opened, but has already become popular with both locals and visitors. The huge space has everything you need for a pleasant stay. There are sidewalks, bike paths, sports fields, cafes and much more.

The art object, which is also the entrance group, was created by sculptor Grigory Orekhov based on the “Black Square” painting. The cube split in half is covered with mirrors – entering it, you are in an endless corridor of reflections. An unusual object makes interesting images.

Solnechnogorsk municipal park

The address: Solnechnogorsk, Municipal Park of Culture and Recreation

Contacts: +7 (496) 264-46-96


Solnechnogorsk municipal park

The city park in Solnechnogorsk is considered one of the most picturesque places in the Moscow region. Most of the territory is occupied by a quiet recreation area: paths, benches, paths, lawns. For active recreation, there are bike paths and table tennis tables. The park area is located next to the embankment of Lake Senezh. There, guests will find a beach equipped with white quartz sand.

Park of the 30th anniversary of the Victory

The address: Orekhovo-Zuevo, Madonskaya street, house 2


Park of the 30th Anniversary of the Victory in Orekhovo-Zuevo

A large-scale reconstruction took place here in 2017 and since park of the 30th anniversary of the Victory is the most popular holiday destination for residents and visitors to the city. In winter, you can ride an ice rink, a slide and a banana. In summer, cycling, basketball, volleyball, training, table tennis, chess, yoga, streetball, skateboard are available. For younger visitors to the park, there are two playgrounds. A dog walk area has been created for animal lovers. For photo sessions and walks, a pier is equipped, which is popular with locals.

Skitsky Ponds Park

The address: Sergiev Posad, οδός Vifanskaya, vl. 151

Contacts: +7 (496) 552-24-89


Skitsky Ponds Park in Sergiev Posad

Comfortable natural Skitskie Ponds Park designed for families. The centuries-old trees and a waterfall of ponds create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Near the park are the Chernigov Hermitage (Gethsemane) and the Monastery of Bethany. The park has many large playgrounds for children, a large rope park, a skate park and a training area.

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