The Germans began to supply firewood 04/04/2022, InoSMI

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As gas prices continue to rise in Europe, Germans are supplied with firewood to prepare for heating their homes next winter. The publication also states that the demand for wood stoves has increased sharply in Germany.

According to CCTV News on April 3, gas prices in Europe are currently on the rise. Concerned about the lack of gas, the Germans began supplying firewood to prepare for the heating of their homes the following winter. In addition, German wood stoves suddenly became so in demand that suppliers “cut off all telephones”. Timber traders said that due to limited supply, it is currently difficult to meet the demand of the population. Earlier, the German government said that the rate of gas storage had been reduced to 25%, urging companies and the public to “save as much gas as possible”.


780814776: What about carbon emissions? Green energy; Have you forgotten all this?

Qin Xuja (佳 秦 绪 佳) in response to 780814776: An anecdote came to mind: The Indians asked the new leader if it would be cold this winter. As the new leader never learned to communicate with his ancestors and ask about the weather, he ran to call the National Meteorological Service, leaving his subordinates to collect firewood.

Will this winter be bad? asked the leader.

“It seems,” said the meteorological service.

Therefore, the leader asked his people to collect more firewood. One week later, he called the National Meteorological Service again:

Are you sure it will be cold this winter?

“I tell you, this year will be the coldest winter in history.

– How do you know?

“Because the Indians are frantically picking firewood.

Normal Aladdin (平平 无 奇阿拉丁): Burning wood is not environmentally friendly, so you should not burn it.

Short ^ _ ^ stay (^ ^ _ ^ 呆): They started burning wood again. A few decades ago, every house had a fireplace. At that time, most Germans used firewood for heating in winter. A slightly more modern version is a diesel boiler. Western countries have never had the idea of ​​protecting the environment, they are the people of “justice” who use it simply to deceive people.

Generally with white coat (白袍 小将): Air pollution will increase until next winter.

User_Guancha_722437 (观察者 用户 用户 _722437): Europe and the US are just “first class”. We have food. They accumulate in yards. Like cattle …

Guan Wu 77777 (光武 77777): The chance of carbon monoxide poisoning will increase, medicines should also be prepared in advance.

123: At first we were not allowed to use disposable wooden sticks and now you are burning wood!

Wind and Waves (大风 小 浪): After decades of hard work, you suddenly returned to the state you were in after the war.

xxx9988: Ordinary people live a real life: at the age of 8 they learn to cut wood and cook on the stove.

guan_16016232241452: Europeans are burning firewood and Russia is bad! Russia exports gas, why do you need firewood? European carbon emissions will be launched in Russia.

Under the Sky (普天之下): Mustache: I did not expect that, more than 70 years after my death, people in Germany would still be warming themselves with firewood.

Departure (起航): It is not environmentally friendly. Coal briquettes with honeycomb are better than cutting trees. We will bring you a batch of honeycomb carbon briquettes for ovens and gas cylinders.

Great Potato vs Potato Battle (土豆 大战 马铃薯): It is terribly unsustainable, how dare you!

Da Ling (大林): After the Greens entered the government, they proposed to start burning wood. Magically!

Xueming Ice Hook Battle (吴 钩 霜雪 明): Vladimir Putin: But firewood means going to Siberia …

Try throwing a brick (扔 块 砖头 试试看): Only they do not know yet: there are most forests in Russia.

xinyuan888: Sometimes I despise the so-called “theorists” and the high-ranking self-serving and self-righteous politicians. Poor countries want to develop, developing countries want to modernize and are angry, arrogant, imposing sanctions and bombing. The rich hooded men want to enjoy life, the robbers want to hang out and they all lick each other’s heels and hit drums in the name of “cleansing the planet”. What is power and prestige? It’s an iron fist! What is justice and equality? Another punch! What is peace and development? only punches! Otherwise, others will not even allow you to have your own land! For example, the Indians are a living example, and now the counter-example is the Germans.

Minister in white (卿相 卿相): Then they learned that the firewood was Russian and the stoves were Chinese.

Liamao: Will wood be imported from Russia as well?

Agricultural Takuya (农村 拓哉): Air pollution is unforgivable!

Convenience (得心应手): In the past we were quarreled over wooden sticks and the destruction of the environment. Now wood stoves are also heating up. Dirt on their body is as thick as their skin.

Shi Xun (释 逊): The Amazon rainforest is about to smoke … Not that, they will be destroyed …

Longbow: Where are those Germans who prefer to freeze to death rather than cut down trees and burn them after World War II? Was it wrapped in oil glue and rinsed in the drain?

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