The secrets of the ancient mountain

Man has always been worried about the future, so his eyes are more often on tomorrow.

But does he know how to appreciate what has been preserved in the past, what has come out of the depths of the centuries?

… I spend my school holidays in the Davlekanovsky district in the village of Mikyashevo. The village is surrounded by mountains, which attract the eyes of those who pass by, being a favorite vacation spot for tourists. Mysterious and beautiful Ozon-tau – Mikyashevskaya mountain with steep slopes. Climbing before a long journey, sharing plans for the future is a long tradition of Mikyashevo villagers. According to the ancients, during the war, before being sent to the front, soldiers came to the mountain. In those years, the inscription “We will win!” appeared on its steepest slope. Nowadays, the slogan “Great Victory”, which has been beautifully spread by the villagers from white stones, is seen from afar by visitors and tourists. And recently, Mikyashevskaya Gora has become a favorite holiday destination for paragliders.

My country is rich in various legends, fairy tales, mystical stories. Baskir’s famous epic “Zayatulyak and Khuukhylyu” was born here. And few know the legend of two neighboring mountains, but my grandfather, Rais Nigmatullovich Gaizullin, told me. It is narrated how every spring the batiks of the neighboring villages made archery competitions on the tops of the mountains. Their happy voices were heard throughout the neighborhood: “Our mountain is Bire-tau, yours is Arya-tau!” On the opposite side they replied: “Bire-tau is our mountain, Ary-tau is yours!” The bathers alternately fired arrows from their bows, which rarely reached the top of the mountain. Batyr Kandyrgol has always been the winner. Once upon a time a young batyr Asyl participated in the competition. His arrows flew to the top. Heard around: “Ary-tau!”

Together the batirs congratulated the young archer admiring his skill. However, the jealous boastful Kandyrgol decided to find out where the winner got the unusual arrows and bow.

Asylum once went on a long journey on a horse. Cadirgol followed him imperceptibly. The young archer stopped his horse on an amazing mountain where strange trees were growing. Asylum bowed to the tallest tree, from which the glamorous girl Tabiga appeared.

Asylum began making arrows and a bow from materials that appeared on the girl’s cotton. When everything was ready, Asylum thanked the girl and got ready to go. Tabiga reminded him: “Do not look back until you come down from the mountain and out of the forest!” The young man, taking the horse by the bridle, hurried down the path. Cantirgol attacked him from behind, hitting him with a stone on the head. The mortally wounded Asylum looked back at the enemy. Tabiga screamed. Asil’s arrows pierced Cantirol, carried him to thirty mountains, and threw him to the ground. It is said that Lake Kandyrgul (Kandrykul) was formed there. Tabiga decided to hide the unusual trees from people. The forest mountain turned and descended, forming a beautiful Lake Aslykul in this place. The water in it is clear and transparent, only slightly salty. They say, from the tears of the beautiful Tabiga. Surprisingly, to this day some people seem to hear cries coming from the water. She is the mistress of the lake who cries, people say.

… My grandfather’s love for my mountains is over. Unfortunately he is no longer alive. And I continue to collect stories and legends related to the mountains. Here is another for the Mikyashevsky mountain cave. The locals call it a cave of horse thieves. Hundreds of years ago, in the inaccessible gorge of Mikashtau, there was a deep cave, which was a resting place for robbers who drove stolen horses to the steppes of Kazakhstan and Orenburg. Now one can guess what its dimensions were, if it is said that the robbers hid inside it together with the horses.

The locals have always considered the cave a vicious and unclean place. Unexpected for everyone was the story of a naughty boy named Azamat. This happened in the late 1990s. Azamat, my mother’s classmate, took a rifle and went to the mountains. The police searched for the young man for a long time, but did not find him. Azamat was hiding in the same cave. Classmates visited the fugitive daily, bringing food. Some even went down to the cave. According to their memories, it was no longer than five meters with irregular recesses in different directions.

Nature did not spare the cave – in the spring, stormy mountain streams covered it with mud and sand. Then they decided to fill a dangerous place with boulders and closed the entrance there.

Do we appreciate today what nature has given us? Towers rise in the ancient mountains, unique vegetation dies. The pine trees have disappeared, their rare specimens growing on the banks of the Aslykul in the post-war years have not survived to this day. Fantastic landscapes disappear forever from the face of the earth. Will people be able to make up for lost time?

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