Waiting for the fire: how the Tver region is preparing for the fire season

The regional Central Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations explained whether it is possible to burn dry grass in holiday homes and fry kebabs in nature.

Once the snow has melted from the fields and adjacent areas, Tver residents rush to the yards and gardens to prepare the ground and tidy it up. From the dry vegetation, as a rule, people get rid of the fire, completely without thinking about the consequences. Meanwhile, wildfires often spread to homes, forests, and even death.

How are the preparations for the fire danger period in the Tver region continuing and what threatens the dead wood incendiaries – the correspondent of Tverigrad.ru spoke about the deputy head of the department of supervisory activities and preventive work of the main directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Tver region, Colonel of the Internal Service Alexander Evdokimov and head of the department of organization of firefighting and rescue operations by Colonel Alexander Zhukov.

Officially, the fire season in our area starts on April 10 and will last until September 30. During this period, residents are advised not to set fire to forests, but there is no strict ban. Restrictions on visiting forests and causing fires are only introduced under a special fire regime.

Last year, such a scheme was announced a few weeks after the start of the firefighting season – before the May holidays.

According to experts, April and May traditionally remain the hottest months for firefighters. The same thing always happens every spring. Last year’s grass burning custom has turned into some kind of paranoid rage among people. And no arguments and disasters stop them. A raging flame is difficult to stop and not only the property can suffer, but also the arsonist himself or people who happen to be nearby. There are cases where the burning of dry grass led to the most serious consequences – death.

According to Alexander Evdokimov, in 2021 it was liquidated 783 landscape fires in an area around thousands of hectares. And almost everything happened in April.

Also last summer was rich in forest fires. The fire was destroyed 65 hectares of forest. This is significantly higher than 2020. The peak of fires always falls on the weekend, when residents and visitors to the Upper Volga region go out into the woods or on the river bank to relax. According to experts, the most anxious summer months for the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are June and July.

– In 2021 it happened 24 forest fires. Mainly – in the Kalininsky and Vyshnevolotsky areas – 6 fires each. There were 4 fires in the Nelidovsky urban area. And all this in almost one day. There were 3 fires in the Bologovsky area, but they were the biggest. There was a fire in the areas of Bezhetsky, Vesyegonsky, Kalyazinsky, Sandovsky and Firovsky,

– Alexander Evdokimov mentioned the data.

Neither dry grass nor forest will catch fire on their own. Any fire starts with a small source of fire. The natural cause of the fire is lightning. However, it represents a negligible percentage of fires. As the experts said, 96% all natural and local fires are caused by humans. And these, as a rule, are not some bad arsonists, but ourselves. The flame ignites from an ordinary fire, a discarded cigarette butt, the burning grass, from discarded bottles and broken glasses, which become “lenses”. With such seemingly small things, natural fires begin.

The fire brigade is carrying out work to locate the perpetrators in each case. So, in the last goal, it started 17 criminal cases – This 2.5 times morecompared to 2020. In addition, it was done 280 administrative protocols.

Remember that Tver residents may be fined for violating fire safety requirements. up to 4 thousand rubles. If the fire is lit at the wrong time by an employee, then the amount of punishment will be up to 30 thousand rubles. The maximum penalty for legal entities can be reached 400 thousand rubles.

In particularly serious cases, arsonists face not only administrative but also criminal liability.

Alexander Evdokimov noted that most of the time offenders come down with warnings: inspectors go to meet them halfway. “Understand, our job is not to punish violations, but to prevent them. We carry out preventive work with the population, explain the fire safety requirements, talk to the heads of local governments and attract volunteers. “All forces are focused on reducing the risk of fires,” said Alexander Evdokimov.

The officials of the Ministry of Emergency Situations will check all the settlements for their readiness for a period of fire danger. Schedules of inspections have already been developed, Alexander Zhukov said. According to experts, not all villages in the Tver area have license plates. Because of this, they are difficult to find.

– We will check the condition of the roads, cleaning. Its width must be at least 10 meters. In the villages, bells, signs for the location of fire tanks should be placed. The situation with the fires is complicated by the garbage. Local authorities should organize and hold subbotniks in settlements,

– says Alexander Evdokimov.

In the Tver region, the list of settlements threatened by forest and landscape fires has grown. The number of such villages and hamlets has increased from 165 to 213. All the settlements surrounded by forests have arrived here. This means that special attention will be paid to their protection. They must be notified of the warning system, up-to-date mining lanes and fire breaks, for which the municipalities make funds in advance.

The list of non-profit horticultural, horticultural and dacha associations exposed to the threat of fires has also been updated. If last year there were such organizations 36then in 2022 they were made 73. It is also included in the list 24 children’s health camps.

On Tuesday, April 5, the regional Central Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations will organize equipment inspection and exercises before the start of the fire risk period.

Our equipment is updated every year. In addition, the equipment of the Ministry of Forests is updated. The department is plowing the edges of the forest, cutting down clearings to prevent the fire from spreading, – explained Alexander Zhukov, head of the department of firefighting and emergency rescue operations.

Experts once again reminded residents: burning grass, even under close supervision, is strictly prohibited. To get rid of last year’s grass, you need to uproot it and, ideally, throw it in the compost pit.

– In general, the owner must make sure that his arable land is not overgrown with weeds. It is necessary to mow the grass in time and clean it. This should be done in advance and not think later about how to burn the grass,

– said Alexander Evdokimov.

To fry kebabs in your area, you must meet a number of requirements. Thus, the barbecue can be located at least 5 meters from the buildings, the fire – 50 meters. If you are frying kebabs not in the country, but simply in the forest, then there should be at least 100 meters from the coniferous trees. In deciduous – at least 30 meters. At the same time, dry branches, leaves, flammable materials must be removed within a radius of 10 meters around the barbecue.

On how to fry a barbecue and not face a fine, the portal Tverigrad.ru wrote earlier. Read the details in our article.

In any case, you should always use common sense and watch the weather. In dry, hot weather, as well as in windy weather, there should be no fires, as this will lead to fire. Such cases happen very often, – added Alexander Evdokimov, Deputy Head of the Supervision and Prevention Department of the Central Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Tver region, at the end of the conversation.

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