Altaiskaya Pravda, like other Soviet newspapers, always received a huge amount of correspondence.

The letters went into bags. The press was both a “vest”, and a tribune, and an instrument for solving personal and social problems. The reader’s letter was a strictly accountable document. He registered, was transferred to work, sent to the authorities to take action. Journalists were not allowed to take vacations until their letter quota was set. Those who stopped this business were deprived of bonuses.

He moved on the sanctuary

One of my colleagues, a young journalist, once got drunk and started throwing letters from readers out the window. They circled slowly and lay down smoothly on the white snow. One fell under the feet of the author who led up to the building. The young journalist was punished as follows – he was transported from the front of the queue to an apartment in the queue itself. It was possible. Resigned.

What have readers written in the past?

The bridge at Staraya Barda is about to collapse.

In Old Barda – against corn.

On the state farm – a thief caretaker and an irresponsible president.

Lack of public toilets in Rubtsovsk.

Holidays with lighting in Biysk.

New homes with imperfections for engine room workers.

Disgusting food in Barnaul canteens:

“The food in Leninsky’s dining room is almost ungrateful,” L. Novikov wrote to the publisher. – Sour cabbage soup, cutlets that did not overnight the meat, disgusting compote. It seems that we have forgotten what is delicious and healthy food… “.

About the tone, the worms and the rudeness

The readers vigilantly guarded the ideological and moral purity and the high cultural level of the educational work in the rural clubs. Citizen Sinitskaya from the Biysk region was outraged by the songs that were heard at the concert in honor of May 1 and mentioned many things:

“Peggy had a funny worm, she knew how to get out when she whistled. Oh, what a funny worm – let’s dance Peggy, dance! “Peggy had a tone, but she reached … the end. Oh, what a pity for the tone. “Let’s dance, Peggy, let’s dance!”

Later, in the aftermath of the letter, the authors reported that the head of the club was punished for poor control of the repertoire. The newspapers, by the way, were still taking care of their publications.

In the Pankrushikhinsky district, the salesman of a farm shop is not only anxious, but also sells last year’s calendars and even a pile of sugar.

About great and pure love

“A young journalist came to our village several years ago. I immediately realized that he did not understand anything about the rural economy, but it was not bad at all. So, to be honest, it was a strong desire not to talk about the problems of the economy, but to get it right away.

“The day Natalia buried her husband, the hearse driver” looked “at her and the next day he moved to live with her. That same afternoon, she received a call from the bank and was offered a premium service. Only then did the young woman finally realize that the black streak in her life was in the past… »

About teachers and small businesses

“When we are with our former classmates, we warmly remember our first teacher Anna Petrovna. Sometimes he hit us with a ruler on the forehead and our hands, called us idiots, forced us to cut our nails and even wash our ears right in the classroom, and sent some people three circles around Lenin’s monument. But we, the wise, now understand that this is not humiliation, but love for us and a desire to make us a little better.

“I see with regret that in society the habit of reading smart books, and every book, disappears quickly! Crowds of degenerate beer bottles roam the suffocating city. And this instead of “drinking” the ancient wisdom of books and becoming sloppy with happiness!

“When some complain about life, others do not give up. Many people in our village are trying their hand at small businesses, and some are doing well. Open butchers, hairdressers. And Nikolai got a sewer truck and provides services to fellow villagers. So far, it does not “smell” big profits, but there is job satisfaction… “.

For “domestic tourism” and the prosecution

“The doctor sent me five times for an ultrasound, then for an x-ray, suggesting who knows what wounds. As a result, for two months he did not deal with the treatment, but with some kind of domestic tourism through my organs. “There were kidney stones, but I already knew about them.”

“Our former boss, who regularly withheld salaries, explained it in such a way that, they say, the clerk must be slightly angry and upset, like that frog that struck his feet and took out the butter. But in the end, we hit the oil, through the prosecutor we managed to put a stirrer in our leader in the ass!

Oleg Kupchinsky read letters from readers.

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