Best person! Barcelona punished Real for being too confident in the Clasico

Whatever the situation of Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​their personal meeting always attracts the attention of everyone. It is difficult to imagine a fight with more principles. And although in the Spanish league table the difference between the teams was 12 points, no one doubted that we were in a very serious cut.

Unfortunately, only one team had the right attitude towards the game. “Barcelona” bit every ball and dismantled the enemy defense in front of the Madrid crowd. Real Madrid believed too much in themselves and forgot that Barça is not some kind of Osasuna that can be defeated in the category. And not even PSG.

The Royal Club should have paid less attention to narcissism and more to tactics. Maybe then the score was not so terrible.

But there is a positive in defeat!

Real Madrid did not know what to do from the beginning

Before the match, Carlo Ancelotti said with confidence that Real Madrid could win the Clasico even without Karim Benzema, who lost the match due to injury. As a result, Rodrigo and Vinicius Jr. came out in front of the Madrid team, which seemed completely naughty. Even Luka Modric could not understand it. Benzema was very much missing in the attack. Without their edge, Real just did not know what to do.

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Barcelona seemed more specific and more intense. The Catalans’ attacking players regularly created opportunities at the gates of Thibaut Courtois – and after half an hour the quantity turned into quality. Pierre-Emerick Obameyang responded to Usman Dembele’s cross and hit the ball with all his might into the net. The Gabonese striker is not tired of working for a full contract with Barça, but the Catalans should keep in mind the sad experience of Arsenal. Having good conditions in the long run, Aubameyang looks very different than in a stressful situation.

And then the defender excelled. Ronald Araούjo headed the ball after a cross by Dembele from a corner and Courtois again could not help his team in any way. Yes, this is the new Barcelona! He is not ashamed to ride and count in set phases. But it can do more than that.

After the break, things got worse.

It seemed that for the second half, Real Madrid had to concentrate. But the Madrid defense, it seems, lost heart and just scored for what is happening. Ferran Torres initially miraculously did not score when going one-on-one, but after a few minutes he corrected and made the score indecent after the transfer of Obamayang with the heel. 0: 3 at the Santiago Bernabeu – Real Madrid has not experienced such shame in a long time. However, that was not the end…

Aubameyang did not want to stop. For those who last saw Gabonese in games against Arsenal and now saw him months later in Spain, his transformation must have been a shock. The forward was simply unrecognizable. He ran, played perfectly with his teammates and, of course, scored. Four minutes after his goal, Torres returned the favor to Obamayang and brought his partner one-on-one with Courtois. Pierre-Emerick did not lose his head and threw the ball mockingly over the Belgian keeper.

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After that, Aubameyang had a few more moments – including one hundred percent. However, implementation failed. In another situation, the striker could be sued for such exaggeration, but until then no one had any doubts about the outcome of the match. Barcelona ruined Real Madrid – and rightly so. Xavi, on the other hand, pushed his team forward throughout the match, even when it was already four goals ahead. This is the difference.

It is better to dishonor yourself now

To many, Real Madrid seemed to be the Clasico favorite, especially since Real Madrid faced Paris Saint-Germain with great style in the Champions League. Apparently the “creamy” themselves believed in their power unnecessarily. Carlo Ancelotti’s words that it is possible to win without Benzema only added false courage to the players. I had the impression that they came out in the most important match of the season with the thought: “What, we will not defeat this collective farm?”

The players were relaxed and lethargic, as if they were going to fully cope with Barça. It’s even weird that such an experienced team could do so much wrong! Do not these players know that there are no favorites in a derby? Seeing Madrid’s attitude to the case, I wanted to shout Victor Gancharenko’s famous call: “A simpler person!”

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“Real” is absolutely rightly punished for being overconfident. This will be a good lesson for the team. Maybe it was better for her to squander now – in an important but not decisive tournament match. If Ancelotti draws the right conclusions and transfers them to his wards, then Real Madrid will no longer be a hostage of its own pride. And he will not make fatal mistakes, for example, in the Champions League. And you just have to live this glorious night.

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