Fantastic newspaper Marat – Orenburg

He started cycling in 2018 and a year later went to the Crimea with it.

It took me almost a month to get back to the sea shore. And all would be well, but only he has a healthy leg. The second is not up to the knee.

1000 kilometers in 20 days

Marat Kostin has had a titanium prosthesis since 2nd grade, following a horrific accident. However, he does not consider himself disabled, he says he is capable of many, especially after the conquest of Crimea.

“I started cycling four years ago. I bought an old one for five thousand and started training. “It seemed like a miracle of engineering to me then, with all these speed switches,” laughs Marat.

At first, he could not stop properly.

– I fastened the prosthesis to the bike with a special tape. But then, when I had to go down, I had to stop on a healthy foot and fall. After a while, I learned to drive with a contact pedal. This way the foot does not hang, so it is easier to cover long distances. Well, forced falls are a thing of the past.

Marat is an adult man, he has a strong, gray beard, a serious look. And the eyes are boyish, sly and cheerful. Imagine how he learns to drive and falls. How again and again the intention flies to the ground. It just does not stop.

The very first summer, Marat travels alone from Orenburg to Sol-Iletsk. Further more.

– Already at the end of the first cycling season, I decided to go to the Crimea. I suddenly realized that I want to learn how to live in a tent, to make a fire, to cook on the fire. In the spring of 2019, I went on a trip around the world to Tolyatti (a massive 250km bike ride along the Samara bow). I talked to the kids there. What to take with you, because it is better to refuse.

He was about to leave and suddenly he was confused – his bike was stolen. It was necessary to decide something urgently, because he could no longer abandon the idea of ​​Crimea.

– Then I was convinced how many likeable people there are. I sent a cry for help on social media. There was a man who paid for the bike. They raised money for a ticket to Anapa. Friends and those I did not even know were thrown out. My children destroyed their piggy banks. And I went, inspired by this universal help!

It covered about 1000 kilometers in more than twenty days. New life during and after.

“I suddenly realized that, as it turns out, I can do a lot. “That he is able not only to make money, but also to benefit himself and his loved ones,” says Marat. He admits: – Now I want to live more and more.

When asked what prompted him to make all these changes – from trying to tame an iron horse to an adventure with a cycling marathon, he answers quickly and simply:

“It simply came to our notice then. Suddenly, I realized that something in my life needed to change urgently. Before that, I was obsessed with work, career, kids. And the question is – did I really enjoy something, with all my might? .. Now yes. I enjoy what I see: my nature, my abilities when I transcend myself and the knowledge of people.

Salesman, homeless, traveler

Marat is not one to say much. She does not brag, she does not show off and she is not honest. Leaving the train by bicycle in Anapa, he took his own power first to Simferopol and then visited every city in the Crimea.

“I was driving almost lightly. How much did the bags weigh? Not much, maybe thirty kilos. He was carrying a tent, a sleeping bag, food, water, burners, pots and other things. I cooked by myself. I did not buy anything anywhere. Therefore, this trip took thirty thousand, no more. Did you communicate a lot? No. That said, I am introverted by nature. But there were a lot of people in my way. The fruit seller was the first to meet on the street. He told me where to go and what to see. He repeated several times that every day at this time he spends here and if something happens to me, it will always help. This man is so hospitable and kind that even a stranger on the street was like his to him. The other turned out to be a homeless wanderer. Travel to the Crimea with a bag. And without money, documents. As I understood from the conversation, his wife left him because he abused alcohol. To my question: “What are your plans for life?” – he replied that he lives for today, that it is enough for him to do work for someone and to have food and shelter for it. They do not need more. This man did not complain, he did not beg. You know, he seemed to have lost a lot, but he did not. Well, my third acquaintance was with a cyclist from Ukraine. We crossed the Kerch Strait with him. A very friendly, open man in his sixties. I liked that we did not talk about politics or faith with him. Only for bicycles, travel. They asked each other who went where and where else they want to go.

Heading to Uzbekistan

It’s been a week since Marat got back on the bike. He gathers friends again for walks, he takes deep breaths. In recent years he has been dreaming of … Uzbekistan.

– I have already printed a map. My dream is to travel all over this country! I also want to see how people live in cities and villages. Compare with what we have here.

You listen to Marat and you understand, since he has set such a goal for himself, he will surely achieve his goal.

In the conversation he said:

– It all depends on how you behave. If something happened to you and you decided for yourself that you are disabled, then indeed your life will be limited. It will only get worse by the day. If you are positive, then the limits will be deleted!

Such is the philosophy of an accountant-economist, busy with many jobs, father, husband, thinking traveler, who loves greedily every second of life.

Direct speech:

Marat Kostin:

I was 9 years old when I first went to school with prosthetics. Everyone was looking at me. Someone was joking, laughing. Someone regretted, looked. It is OK. How else? I did not consider myself special then. I did not consider myself a person with a disability. He went to physical education, learned to ski. He went up to the roofs with the boys.

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