Geotags will allow you to track animals from your smartphone

In the suburban farms of Yakutsk, there is an increase in the number of deaths of cattle and according to the results of biochemical research samples, there is an increase in glucose, creatinine and bilirubin. The main reason is the violation of nutrition, weak supplements of vitamins and minerals, reports the press service of the Duma of the city of Yakutsk to YSIA.

These and other issues were discussed on March 29 in the Standing Committee on Suburban Development and the Duma agro-industrial complex in Yakutsk. The Commission examined the results of the work of the Yakutsk Veterinary Department for 2021, as well as the plans of MCU Glavstroy for 2022.

Pedigree cattle are imported to the democracy mainly from other regions, they are more demanding for conservation and feeding conditions. Last year, due to the drought, the succulent fodder was not prepared in the required volume and the animals had not yet acclimatized.

Larissa MakarovaHead of the State Financial Institution of Veterinary Administration of the Republic of Saha (Yakutsk) of Yakutsk spoke about the work of the veterinary service, the prevention and elimination of quarantine and particularly dangerous animal diseases and the protection of the population from food.

In cattle, there has been a reduction in infectious diseases and an absence of diseases in the last two years. In horses, rabbits and birds, no infections have been reported in the past year. In pigs and dogs, the infection is detected annually.

77 heads died in “Baharakh” LLC, which accounted for 63.1% of all cases. Compared to 2020, the case has increased by 30 heads.

In OOO Ecofarm “Tuymaada” 40 heads died, which corresponded to 32.7% of all cases. Compared to 2020, the case has increased by 1 head.

The Yakutsk Veterinary Administration received 2,974 marks for cattle and 6,114 marks for dogs from the Democratic budget. The work for the cutting of pets and farm animals, with their introduction in the REGAgro information system, started in August 2020. At present, 2964 heads of cattle have been chipped.

Among the problematic issues, he stressed that there are no legislative acts that require the chipping of animals, especially dogs and cats. Therefore, it is not advisable to program it: the cutting is done on request.

The advantage of the microchip is that if the animal is lost, it can be scanned and information about the owner can be found. And geolocation brands will allow you to track horses on their own from a smartphone.

According to her, the low level of wages is the reason for the dismissal of many workers of working age and hence the “aging” of the workforce. The problem of attracting new staff remains extremely acute due to low salaries and lack of housing.

Larisa Ivanovna noted the reluctance of young people to work in the Veterinary Department. Of the 2021 graduates, only 3 are employed.

In the second issue, the committee considered plans to improve suburban areas for this year. Alexei VarlamovThe director of MKU “Glavstroy” spoke about the planned works for the improvement of the yards, the arrangement of the sports facilities, the repair of the roads and the construction of social facilities.

As he announced, the construction of a sports hall is planned, and design estimates are being prepared for the Children’s Art School of the village. Hatassy, ​​Recreation Center in Prigorodny, Reconstruction of Shakhtar Sports Hall in Kangalassy Village. High school No. 1 will be renovated in Marke.

There are also plans to put into operation an extension to the Khatassy High School in Prigorodnoye, to date, all developers have received a construction permit: these funds are protected, the project will be implemented. The only thing is that the cost of the contract is expected to increase due to rising prices for building materials.

The deputies expressed concern about a possible confiscation of the local budget. Chairman of the Commission Paraskovya Kozlova expressed the hope that the planned workload for the development of suburban areas will not be reduced and by the end of the construction period, contractors will be pleased with the good results.



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