How to study English effectively on your own

English is used in all areas of business and cultural life, and this is an indisputable fact. Realizing that knowing the language of international communication can be useful at any time, many learn it on their own.

A busy schedule of daily tasks does not allow you to devote much time to self-teaching, however, you can choose the time for this purpose, avoiding damage to your main tasks.


Examine the options for methods suitable for achieving the goal – teaching English yourself.

First of all, you should pay attention to the video lesson for teaching English. The list of such courses is quite extensive and it is worth choosing exactly the course that corresponds to the level of knowledge of the student. These lessons can start with a basic study of the alphabet, grammar, correct pronunciation and then move on to more complex tasks, with continuous vocabulary replenishment.

If the English studied is not defined by a highly specialized field of application, a general education course is perfect. Putting the correct pronunciation on your own is an impossible task and communicating with a native speaker or other language learners is simply essential.

To achieve the highest learning outcomes, the on-the-job language learning method is perfect.

When planning a working day, you should choose time for short, but most importantly – regular (15 – 20 minutes each) language lessons. Usually, this time is set in the second half of the working day.

This helps you deal with the main work tasks and after a lunch break, start learning. The best option would be to coordinate such actions directly with the authorities in advance, saying that they need 15 minutes a day for training. Language learning is usually encouraged, so there should be no problems.

A variant of self-teaching is described, with which language lessons are planned for the afternoon. Regular classes, at the end of which the body receives a motivational bonus (a delicious meal), develop a reflex. Without a language learning session, food literally does not climb into the throat.

Of course, you should not experiment with yourself, but the fact that such a method was used is a fact.

It is great if there are like-minded people in the group who are also learning foreign languages. Learning a foreign language in a group is a very effective and efficient method. Remember school – if something was not clear, you could always rely on a hint.

And direct communication in English will allow you to improve your pronunciation and learn many new words. Simple conversations in English (about health, weather, hobbies, etc.) expand over time to a wider range, supplementing vocabulary with new phrases and helping to smooth spoken English.

A great advantage can be the fact that colleagues will help to explain incomprehensible parts of the lesson or listen to the missing material from another student, who will at the same time consolidate his knowledge with an additional repetition of what he has gone through.

Having specific terminology in a particular field of activity, the current turns of the speech will definitely help in the development of the career.

This is also facilitated by special English audio courses for a career. The advantage of recordings is that you can study at any time – on the way to work and back home, while driving a car or subway car.

Combining morning running with training is also not difficult. A flexible and popular learning method is available in the most unexpected places and does not interfere with others.

A teaching technique based on the method of reading literature published in the original language is widely used. The special text is divided into blocks and columns, with a translation into Russian. After reading the text, the student learns and remembers incomprehensible words, and proceeds

Such training requires the concentration and attention of the student. The effectiveness and availability of this technique is confirmed by practical use.

The main thing in the learning process is not the number of courses completed per day, but the regularity of the planned training and the full understanding of the course that is heard.

But seriously – everyone has to choose their own way to learn the lessons taught, there can be no universal solution.

The main motivation to start learning English is the desire not to be left behind in business life, to learn business etiquette and to significantly improve the current CV in case of a job change.

Developed by professional linguists, the various video and audio courses offer teaching methods and techniques appropriate to the educational goal and tailored to each student’s level of knowledge. Audiobooks, in turn, allow you to learn the correct construction of phrases by expanding the vocabulary of foreign words.

Direct communication with business partners in professional English, independent improvement of language skills will definitely lead to positive changes in your favorite job.

It is important to remember that learning English is a requirement of the modern world, determination and diligence with regular training will definitely give tangible results.

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