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On September 12, 1998, at the Zvezda Stadium in Perm, the 1/16 final of the Russian Cup was held, in which the local Amkar hosted Spartak Moscow. The provincial team of the second championship, created three years ago, against the five-time champion of the country, who also reached the very combative team. It seems, what doubts can there be about the outcome of the match?

The visitors had an overwhelming advantage, but in the first half the opportunities were created to a minimum. The Spartacists got to work in the second half of the match, but the ball did not stubbornly enter the gates of the Permians who had overcome the riots before the match. The visitors hit all the beams, did not leave the beam in their attention and the goalkeeper of Amkar Igor Uralev caught the courage.

In the 83rd minute, he saved the goal from an inevitable goal once again after the shot of Maxim Buznikin, Amkar escaped unexpectedly in a counterattack, which was completed by Vladimir Benetsky with a well-aimed shot in the far corner. Spartacus directed a volume, but the owners were a wall. The final whistle drowned out the roar of the crowded stadium.

Remember Konstantin Paramonov, the legendary Perm striker who scored more than two hundred goals for Zvezda and Amkar, now the coach of Zvezda Perm:

“It’s very difficult to gain popularity. Everyone had Zvezda in their blood, but did not notice Amkar – they believed that Zvezda was dissolved due to the fact that Amkar took its players and sponsors from it. This, of course, is not true. Amkar is a separate club with its own sources of funding. But people also said: “It would be better to help Zvezda than to build a new club.” They started to gain popularity through games – in the second league they were in first place, people started walking. And for the first time they gathered a full stadium in a cup match against Spartak in 1998.

“Spartak” that day sat at our gates for 90 minutes, but the ball did not want to fly towards us. They deprived us of the ball, but the pitch was of poor quality and that prevented them from playing a pass. Their moments were funny. The ball did not reach the goal – whether it was thrown or hit someone, licked all the beams. Our poor goalkeeper was wandering like a fish in the water. Fun too. They give me a pass, I run – and there are four defenders against me. I try to do something, they cover me, they turn and we all stand in the middle of them and look at me. It was something. I ran so hard that at the end of the game my legs tightened, I had to change. Fresh Rybakov came out, caught the ball in the penalty area, threw it to Benetsky and he hit the rolling ball. 1: 0. After that, not only were we defending in our own half, we were already literally sitting on our own penalty kick – we set up a wall at the gate and counterattacked. Then the whole city celebrated for at least a week.

Team leader Grebenyuk and President Tsuprakov discussed the bonuses before the match. Grebenuk said: “Promise them at least 10 thousand dollars – again they will not win.” As a result, we had triple bonuses. But then we were in the lead in the second league, we knew we were going to the first, we were winning all the time, so we made good money and we did not need extra money.

By the way, 20-year-old Konstantin Zyryanov played for Amkar and 90 minutes in that match. Everyone knows about his future football destiny, but the sporting future of the protagonist of the match, the author of the historic goal Vladimir Benetsky, did not come out.

Benedsky once went for a walk in the park with his wife, children and other football players. On their return to the bus, the two approached the wife of one of the players. Vladimir intervened and he was stabbed. Operation, hospital. The club did not leave him, he helped at work – the former footballer got a job as a customs officer in Domodedovo.

And Perm “Amkar” with the feelings of victory finished the season and won a ticket to the first division. Spartak, a few days after the defeat in Perm, lost to CSKA with a score of 1: 4, but made a great start in the group of the Champions League, defeating Sturm away (2: 0) and gaining a victory with a strong will over Real. Madrid (2: one).

The red and white match with the current winner of the Champions League in Perm was watched with special emotions: in the end, if Spartak wins the best club in Europe and Amkar beats Spartak, then it turns out that Amkar is the strongest Europe;

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